Ripley 'Rip' Stargrazer Bio - Helm - NPC

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Ripley 'Rip' Stargrazer Bio - Helm - NPC

Postby Rusty Hemd » Mon Jan 10, 2005 8:15 pm

Rip Stargrazer Bio - USS Zealous


I'm offering my character Ensign Ripley "Rip" Stargazer as an NPC. The Captain and Murdock and bridge crew when Ripley is on duty there have control over this character. You're welcome to use Ripley for any 'off duty' activities, but please check in with the Captain before you write him in.

Basic Information:

Name: Ripley Anders Herbert Stargrazer
Rank: Ensign
Species: Human
Homeworld: Mars
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Blonde with a touch of premature gray
Eye Color: Light Blue
Age: 34
Height: 6 foot, 4 inch
Weight: 275
D.O.B: 5/1/2345
P.O.B: New Hope, Utopia Planitia, Mars, Sol

Background Information:

Education: 4 yrs, Starfleet Academy; 2 yrs, Starfleet Astrogation Course
Interests: Reading, Tinkering, Skiing, Hiking, Flying
Hobbies: Poking around shipboard junk piles salvaging and fiddling with flight components.
Special Abilities: Trouble magnet


Parents: Father- Anders Frank Martin Stargrazer, Mother-Jolie Nicole Paris Herbert
Siblings: Corey Banes Herbert Stargrazer
Spouse(s): None
Children: None

Personal Background:

Rip Stargrazer was born the 'spare' to the heir of the Stargrazer Shipping Consortium fortune. Family current net worth estimated to be in the 14 quadrillions.

Aware early that he'd live in high style without knowing anything, he was a restless child whose sole delight was tormenting his older brother. He grew up feckless, athletic, well coordinated and quite handsome.

To the embarrassment of his family, Ripley's initial adult pursuits were modeling for a scandalous sports cologne company and being the least paid member of a booze-cruise "star tour" company. Somewhere along the cruising, Ripley learned to pilot ships.

After working the ship lanes and taking numerous piloting courses, he came to Starfleet Academy. He showed talent for flying and mechanical engineering. He also received several demerits for lack of decorum, unexplained absences, and insubordination.

Personality Profile:

Rip is his own man, given to too much drink, and too boisterous a nature. He can be a fine officer for extended periods of time, but seems to stumble hard. He has been demoted twice. The most recent demotion stems from repairing a shot-up Federation runabout's flight controls by vaporizing a water condenser that was in the way. He and the crew went thirsty for 3 days before they could return to base. His transfer to the USS Zealous is considered politically motivated by constituents loyal to his family.

Career History:

2363.0-2364.5 - Civilian - Male Model for Blue Steel Cologne
2366.0-2366.75 - Civilian - Cruise Director - Boron Star Hustler
2367-2373 - Cadet, Star Fleet Academy
2374.5-2376 - Ensign, USS DeGraaf (achieved rank Lt. 1st Class)
2377-2377.5 - Ensign, USS Pelican (achieved rank Lt. JG)
2379-Present - Ensign, USS Zealous
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Ensign Ripley 'Rip' Stargrazer
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