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Ma'riel Gine Bio Update

Postby Mariel » Tue Dec 28, 2004 5:32 pm

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Name: Ma'riel Gine
Position: Engineering
Rank: Lt. Junior Grade
Ship: USS Zealous

Race: Changeling
Gender: Assumed Female Form
Age: Unknown
Place of Birth: Found in the outer regions of the Alpha Quadrant
Height: 5' 6" (normally)
Hair Color: Black - Length: Cropped Short
Eye Color: Green
Skin Color: Light Skinned
Identifying Characteristics: Slightly Smoothed Facial Features

Not much is known about Ma'riel. She was found in the outer regions of the Alpha Quadrant when the extended research vessel, the USS Baltimore, came upon the wreckage of an unidentified ship. Ma'riel was originally thought as simply living liquid and taken for study as the ship continued its voyage.

Overtime the lead scientist assigned to the "living liquid," Lt. Brenda Corvier, noticed simple movements and eventually the ability for the liquid to mimic her shape. These discoveries lead to the realization that the liquid was a species all its own. Later, information was presented to the USS Baltimore that another such “creature” was currently stationed on Deep Space Nine working with the Bajoran Government. Brenda worked with the liquid and eventually named it Ma'riel. Ma'riel grew and became quite adept at changing forms of the items that was given her to test and she was even able to represent a very flattering female form, though sometimes her facial features lack the defining nature and appear smoothed over.

Studies would have continued if not for an attacking vessel that closely resembled the one that Ma'riel was retrieved from. The vessel was eventually destroyed but not after heavy losses to the crew of the USS Baltimore. More than three quarters of the crew were dead and the rest were severely wounded. With the help of Ma'riel, the crew was able to get back to Federation space. Brenda was one of only seven surviving crew members of which later most succumbed to their wounds and died. Ma'riel was sent to Starfleet for further testing.

Little is discussed about the tests that she went through or the time that she actually spent with Starfleet Intelligence. She seems to have repressed these memories or will not talk about them if asked. Odo, the changeling serving on Deep Space Nine, upon hearing inside information about her existence rallied to have her released.

Upon her release she talked with Odo and eventually made the decision to join Starfleet Academy as an honor and tribute to her friend and teacher Lt. Brenda Corvier. She graduated top of her class in the Engineering field and was given the assignment to the USS Zealous after heavy opposition from ranking members of Starfleet. The idea behind her placement she later came to understand was the thought that she wouldn’t last long on the Zealous. She has since made the determination to outlive their expectations.

Current Progress:
After being stationed on the Zealous for less than a month she was given the option to undertake a covert mission. Using the techniques she had learned in mimicking the Tarmon Ay she was able to infiltrate their ranks and pose as a maintenance scrub gathering needful data and reporting back to Starfleet Intelligence.

After many months away the Zealous crew returned to the area and Ma’riel saw her opportunity to return to Starfleet. Causing a core meltdown of the ship she was on she managed to escape in a pod which the Zealous later picked up. Returning to duty she learned of her promotion to Lt. JG.

She continues to help maintain and support the engineering crew aboard the USS Zealous.

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