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Postby Zania Jaarda » Mon Nov 29, 2004 11:25 am

This thread will hold all of the bios, including NPCs, for a specific department on the Zealous.

This thread is locked, so only the Zealous Command Staff (Captain Ja'arda, Jake Sjet, or Alex Ducane) can update the information within it. Post your changes or updates to your character bio on the boards, and we will update the bio in the threads for you!
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Postby Zania Jaarda » Mon Nov 29, 2004 11:26 am

Name: Vin'Ti
NPC Created By: Sherwood (former Zealous host)
Age: 52
Rank: Civilian
Position: Cook, Mess Hall attendant
Race: Koropian

Physical Description: White long hair with tips black and violet eyes. He stands out and likes it that way. He's about 5'10 with a pot belly and freckled skin.
Traits: Very talkative, sometimes too energetic.

How he came to the Zealous: His brother, Narimer, serves on Betazed as a chef, and when visiting him one day, learned he had a passion for cooking as well. He applied to many culinary schools and after learning the art of cooking for seven years, Vin'Ti was lucky enough to be offered a job at a Starbase. It wasn't wonderful only because people came and went so often that he never made a friend for a long time. At the age of 45, he tired of the Starbase environment and looked into serving onboard a ship where the people he saw everyday never changed. After talking to a Captain who visited the Starbase, a good word was placed for him. With the applications sent out, Vin'Ti waited until he heard he was accepted as the cook onboard a Starship. He was thrilled and arrived on the Zealous two days before it set out on its journey.
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Postby Zania Jaarda » Mon Nov 29, 2004 11:27 am

Name: Aurianne Hope Tailae Kaemada Siersou/Xternal (simply called Quamada)
Nicknames: Q, Quam, Quammy, Kae
Species: Rinaryn
Age: 19
Place of Birth: Rinara
Sex: Female
Height: 5'0
Weight: 90 lbs

Physical description: Golden waves cascade like liquid sunrise down her back, shining with a life all their own. Shorter golden bangs are swept to either side across a short forehead, their bright sheen contrasting with the deep tan of her skin. Dark eyebrows crown deeply set eyes, the large eyes set wide apart from each other. They are the deep bright blue of sapphires, their gaze wide and innocent, but knowing, pulling in those who look into them, windows to her soul. Her nose is wide and straight, her mouth small with lips the soft red of a rose bud. Her face is wide and round, her jawline strong and stubborn. Her build is muscular, but small, her fingers small and delicately made, but with a hidden strength found throughout the whole of her.

Clothing: Quamada prefers loose, comfortable clothing and would rather wear shirt and pants over a dress, although she will wear dresses when needed or expected. She likes soft, smooth, light, flowing fabric and prefers to wear sandals when not going barefoot.

Interests: Quamada loves music and animals. She listens raptly to stories, and loves to sing and dance. She is nearly always up for something new and exciting to try, and is always ready to meet new people and different races.

Likes: Swimming, sailing, dancing, kind people, holidays, and much more.
Dislikes: Rude people, Klingon food, and people that think they know it all.
Marital Status: Single

Father: Imre Dirk Teagan Afarei Siersou - presumed dead
Mother: Korah Saless Tarih Lyna Meelah Siersou - dead
Siblings: Adalai Moral Devon Kikuyu Siersou - dead at age 20
Aurelia Serenity Tirsha Siri Siersou Layen - dead at age 19
Dion Zakari Yitsak Taunous Siersou - alive, age 23
Zesiro Adler Durand Porkan Siersou - dead at age 10
Banji Drake Ayensli Belos Siersou - dead at age 10
Dominik Zev Eben Biran Siersou/Xternal - dead at age 10
Elohlusa True Kayli Palon Siersou - alive, age 12
Dahlia Alyn Tamika Maurae Siersou - dead at age 2
Zara Kelilae Talia Sibi Siersou - dead at age 2

Pets: Sheathe (Sheh-ah-theh)- a large male dark gray wolf.
Tsorinn (T-sore-in) - a female toelfa. Toelfas are creatures from Quammy's homeworld of Rinara, about the size and looks of a cougar, but with a very long tail armed with a poisonous retractable barb at the very end and a ruff around the neck like a short lion's mane. Tsorinn is brown with black tiger stripes.

Personality: Quamada has this innocence about her that convinces many that she is but a child, and younger than her 19 years. She tries to take the best view possible on people and their motives, and so is very trusting and loyal. She's very optimistic and somewhat stubborn. Quammy likes to help people, and often lets her emotions sway her judgement. She can be fierce, but she is also very forgiving and merciful, inclined to take people at their word despite their history. Wearing her heart on her shoulder, she can be easily hurt.

Background: Quamada was raised in a small village with her 7 brothers and sisters and her parents. Her family was nearly completely wiped out in a raid when she was about 13, however, and that was when she began to travel. She had been trained in the primitive warfare of her people, but because of injuries, was forced to switch focus onto the mind. Adopted into the Xternal family after most of her own family died in the raid, she was soon after seperated from them. Not without friends, Quamada developed her skills as a psion and began to travel extensively about her homeworld of Terra, meeting new peoples and keeping her own race's existence a secret.
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Postby Zania Jaarda » Mon Nov 29, 2004 11:29 am

Name: Jake Sjet
Rank: Lt. Cmdr.
Current Position: Medical

Race: Human/Iconian/Nanological
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Birthplace: Olympia City, Mars

Physical Description: A tall man with blue glowing skin covered from head to toe with white energetic lines like those found on a circuit board. His eyes are that of pure azure blue, no iris or pupil just a solid orb of blue crystal.
When angered or confronted by enemies he turns into the Iconian weapon systems the Construct was designed to control. A three-meter tall reptilian monster with little or no self control over its destructive tendencies. Spikes rise from its back, its four glowing eyes seek out prey from a razor teeth toothed snot and its four arms (Two scythe like limb’s and the other two taken up with clawed fists.) are more than enough to ensure complete victory.

Build: Muscular, chiselled features
Weight: 169
Height: 6”1’
Eyes: Sapphire
Hair: Bowen

Family: Mother Sara Sjet
Father Andrew Sjet (Deceased-USS Lexington Battle of Wolf 359)
Sister Lia Sjet (Xeno Archaeologist)

Talents: Is well versed in Xenobiology, archaeology and Nanology.

Strengths: His strength when angered is something seen in the tombs of the ancient Greeks when they spoke of the mighty Titans. Yet his kind heart on occasion has been able to battle its away through the hate, and the anger to find hope and restore him to his humanity.

Limitations: His anger is his down fall, his hatred unlocks a door to which an ancient evil (the downfall of the mighty Iconian empire).
The Construct was a computer program designed to control the reaction the nano bots had with biological systems. But it evolved and became faulty, turning on its master who created it when it realised they were not willing to make the sacrifices needed for total victory.

Likes: Rock climbing, reading and his experiments into creating a serum to combat the changes within his body that he knows will one day turn him full into the Beast with in with no return to his human form.

Dislikes: Evil in all its form and anyone who wishes to turn him into a science experiment like the true Federation, the old Iconian Science Directorate and various other Institutes

Quirks: He rants, with a vengeance. Set him off on a tangent and he’ll stop when he hits a wall. Get him angered while doing this and he’ll crash through that wall.

Hobbies: Philosophy and his continued research into the human condition and a thing called Humanity, not the race but the sense of belonging it entails.

Personal History: When Jakes father died during The Battle of Wolf 359 his mother band him from joining Starfleet. But he grew up with out a father he looked for a figure to look up to, and the might Federation captains who frequented the Utopia Planitia work spaces of Mars were those figures. And with bad water between his mother and his sister Jake left Mars for Earth.
After training at Starfleet Academy and Starfleet medical he graduated close to the top of his class. His first assignment was on the USS Zealous where he was accidentally exposed to a long dormant Iconian Weapons system known as the Nano Cell. The nano cell’s computer AI tried to quash Sjet’s mind, driving him to the edge of sanity and driving himself into the side of two suicides.
Where he learned a rather startling and worrying fact.
He couldn’t die.
Each time his body shut don be it by massive electrical discharge or the cold heartless void of space the nano cells with his body regenerated him, repairing any damage and altering his DNA to fit. The same goes for aging.
His driving force s revenge, revenge for the lives he believes he has killed by the shared memories of the AI’s blood lust spanning 255,000 years of history. That and the fact he was abandoned for six day to the rigours of a torture session of the terrorist network the True Federation, who upon learning of his regenerative abilities used this to great effect.
He has come to realise it is who he is now, and he cannot change the fact he is truly along in the universe.
He fights no more, forever no longer.
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