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Department: Medical

Postby Zania Jaarda » Mon Nov 29, 2004 9:59 am

This thread will hold all of the bios, including NPCs, for a specific department on the Zealous.

This thread is locked, so only the Zealous Command Staff (Captain Ja'arda, Jake Sjet, or Alex Ducane) can update the information within it. Post your changes or updates to your character bio on the boards, and we will update the bio in the threads for you!
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Postby Zania Jaarda » Mon Nov 29, 2004 10:00 am

Name: Alexander (Alex) Ducane
Rank: Lieutenant First Class
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Green
Age: 24
Place of Birth: United Kingdom
Ship/Posting: USS Zealous, Medical Staff

Starfleet Academy, Earth.
Majored in Ships operations and minored in Medical.

Has a very good sense of humour, feels that humour helps his patients during diagnosis, treatment and recovery. Known for the occasional practical joke, but never crosses "the line". Very Intelligent and focused on whatever task he is assigned. Always provides suggestions, when appropriate. Very interested in temporal mechanics/sciences.

Skilled in ships operations and as a medic.

He is a medical doctor, but prefers to be called by his rank, rather than Doctor Ducane.

Commended for work regarding a virus that infected the USS Zealous. He found the cure.

Enjoys a good temporal paradox to study, builds model tractor beams to move things round his quarters. Likes to research into using temporal technology for treating patients.

Very interested in transporter technology aswell. Studies transporters in great detail, and has more than a chief engineers knowledge of them.

He has actually been through a temporal anomaly, to the 21st century, but was quickly returned. Furthur details would be a violation of the Temporal Prime Directive.

He would love to become the CMO on his ship, and will work hard to achieve his goal.
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Postby Zania Jaarda » Mon Nov 29, 2004 10:01 am

Name: Zuub
Race: Andorian
Skin Color: Blue
Rank: Ensign
Age: 23 Standard Years
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair Color: White
Marital Status: Single
Next of Kin: Pung, Father and Geh, Mother
Other Family: 15 siblings: Teed, male (1st litter, 10 months older than Zuub); Liph, female (1st litter); Thaam, male (1st litter); Zuukh, male (1st litter); Khoozh, female (1st litter); Theeng, male (1st litter); Phaam, female (1st litter); Zhaam, male (1st litter); Toot, female (2nd litter); Khag, female (2nd litter); Eeb, female (2nd litter); Teegh, female (2nd litter); Pramhar, female (2nd litter); Ashklar, female (2nd litter); Teeghar, male (2nd litter).

Birthplace: Andor, Andoria

Education: Starfleet Academy: Medical


Current Assignment:
USS Zealous NCC-59653

Previous Assignments: None.

Awards: None.

Reprimands: None.



Zuub was born to what was a typical Andorian family. She was in the second and what was to be the final litter of children, with all her siblings as listed above. Unfortunately, after her litter, Geh became sterile from a rare Andorian disease called Hlasha’s Curse. Of course, typical to all Andorians, her parents did not know of her sex until her first puberty at 13 standard years old and gave her a gender non-specific name. During this time, living in the capital, she became fascinated with the outsiders that occasionally came to discuss the universe. At the same time, she had a burning desire to cure her mother, as the shame of having the Curse was costing her clan the ability to keep their lands safe. Any casualties for her clan’s side could possibly spell the end of her clan’s line.

So, after a day filled with frivolity, Zuub decided to go to the new democratic government (The reign of dictators had ended due to a Captain Picard’s efforts.) house to listen to what happened there. There were the pink skins. Her memory said that these people were humans. For some reason they seemed to have superior medical knowledge, or at least she surmised as much due to the discussions taking place. At that moment, she decided she would have to go to their Academy to learn all that she could about the Curse to cure her mother.

After what was a heated discussion with her parents, they agreed to allow her to go to Starfleet Academy. There, she was an adequate student. However, due to all the new sensations, people and races, Zuub found herself getting very distracted. She even obtained a reputation on campus as being sexually loose. Of course, few people understood that for an Andorian neuter (being between first and second stage puberty) that sexual exploration/play with anyone or anything that struck an Andorian’s fancy was normal. When she was not distracted, Zuub was a tireless worker and spent extra hours attempting to research a cure, which she has not found yet. Despite her adequate academic record, Zuub started seeking a position on a starship. Her theory was that by some exploration that she might run into a new culture or species that would have the answer to her problem. She was a bit shocked, yet ver pleased that the prestigious Zealous accepted her application and she immediately accepted her commission there.

Andorian abilities: Despite the fact that Zuub may look slender and/or fragile, she can easily lift twice her weight. Similar to any Andorian, she has her antennae which allow her greater hearing to have greater sensitivity than her humanoid ears would allow her. The antennae also permit her to have long distance heat-sensing abilities, detect the following: electrical fields, changes in air density, temperature, adrenaline or teptaline, and permit her to have empathic and minor telepathic abilities. Whenever she does bond, the telepathic abilities with her spouse will be complete.

Medical Background: Perfect health.

Allergies: None.

Drug Interactions: No known bad drug interactions
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Name: Zerek Tor
Gender: Male
Species: Trill - Beta Type Host
- Host: 30 years
- Symbiont: 480 years
Height: 1.8 meters
Weight: 102 kilograms
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue

Biography - Zerek:

Zerek was born on the Trill home world. Not much is actually known about his life prior to his joining with the Tor symbiont. What is known is that both of his parents died when he was very young.

Biography - Tor:

Tor is a fairly well known symbiont, but not always for good reasons. During Tor's nearly 5 centuries of existence, it has joined with six hosts including its current host, Zerek.

The first host of the Tor symbiont was Jaren, a man of medicine. Tor was joined with Jaren for 101 years before he died. Jaren was an extremely intelligent man, and never really found time for friends or a mate. The next host who would join with Tor was a pilot named Tirk. Tirk was almost the exact opposite of Tor's former host. He was a very social man, who enjoyed many partners, but never really bothered forming any lasting relationships. Tor would only remain joined with Tirk for 79 years before he would die.

The next host of Tor was a female named Edel who was a Starfleet Tactical Officer. Edel was the first and last host so far to be married. She was married to a fellow officer who served in Engineering. However, no more than a year after the two married, Edel's husband was killed when the shuttle craft he was on was destroyed. Edel would suffer a severe emotional distress, and was almost forced to be separated from Tor, but her will to stay joined was what would ultimately keep the two together for 105 years before her death. Tor would now be turned over to another female host, Aeon, a Starfleet Linguist. Aeon was a strong woman, who at first, did not wish to join with Tor. She eventually caved into the pressure, and joined with the symbiont. She would, like the majority of Tor's hosts, would remain single up until her death after 90 years of symbiosis.

Tor would join with a male next, a diplomat named Hulas. Hulas was a very outgoing man, and although he wasn't the most intelligent of the previous hosts, he was very committed to making Tor's life joined with him very enjoyable. Hulas left his diplomatic job soon after joining to traverse the starts instead. Tor would remain with Hulas for 98 years.

Tor would next join with Zerek, a young man who was on his way to join Starfleet Academy.

Biography - Zerek Tor:

After Tor joined with the Zerek host, the newly created Zerek Tor joined Starfleet Medical Academy. Zerek excelled in all subjects, probably from his predecessor host, Jaren who was a doctor. He received many commendations from his professors, and even had some of his research published.

He graduated the Academy with honors, and even stayed another two years for additional studies. When he finally left the Academy, he was posted on a Starbase. He severed there for over a year before leaving to join the medical staff of an Akira vessel where he severed up until his newest transfer to the USS Zealous.

Like most joined Trill, Zerek has a complicated personality. Still retaining the memories of his predecessors, it can make life more difficult; however, to deal with this, Zerek has begun to study Vulcan meditation techniques. He will often be found doing this in his free time. He is more social and outgoing than he was prior to joining, but he still retains some of his reserved personality when around new people or in a new environment.
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Postby Zania Jaarda » Mon Nov 29, 2004 10:04 am

Missing Bio!

NPC: Jennifer (EMH)
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