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Department: Science

Postby Zania Jaarda » Mon Nov 29, 2004 9:50 am

This thread will hold all of the bios, including NPCs, for a specific department on the Zealous.

This thread is locked, so only the Zealous Command Staff (Captain Ja'arda, Jake Sjet, or Alex Ducane) can update the information within it. Post your changes or updates to your character bio on the boards, and we will update the bio in the threads for you!
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Postby Zania Jaarda » Mon Nov 29, 2004 9:51 am

Name: Joy Robinson
Rank: Ensign
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Age: 25
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Blue
Other distinguishing features: none

Place of birth: Newcastle, England, Earth
Parents: Joy and David Robinson
Siblings: Melissa Robinson


Waverley High School Newcastle
Starfleet Academy Major in Science.

Particular interest in scientific advances developed from technology from newly discovered races. In final year at academy was particularly interested in the technology brought back by Voyager.

Current Assignment

Joy's first assignment is as an Ensign in the Science Department on the USS Zealous. She feels she is becoming part of the team and settling in well.


Enjoys reading (except for the romantic drivel her sister writes) and playing the flute (for her own pleasure and hardly ever in public), enjoys skiing and windsurfing prefering the real thing to the holodeck stating that the powder is never quite right in the holodeck.


Parents run the first Klingon resteraunt in Newcastle. Joy used to help out in the resteraunt and was interested by the tales the klingons told about their adventures and the enemies they had defeated. This does perhaps give her quite a warped idea of life in space sometimes. Joy tries to counter this by being keen to try new things and be willing to lend a hand where she can. Joy has a very close relationship with her father, slightly less so with her mother and does not get on at all well with her sister. Joy feels her sister is wasting her life and not contributing in any way. Joy detests the type of novel Melissa writes.

Personal profile

Joy is hard working and keen to learn. She was very excited about her first commission but a little apprehensive too as she sometimes finds it hard to make friends but once she does make a friend they are a friend for life. She prefers working in a team. She is sometimes over sensitive and a little quick to critisise her own work.


Chocolate deserts, Klingon Coffee, dogs and people who speak their mind.


Brussel Sprouts (even the non replicated variety), and people who are two faced.
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Postby Zania Jaarda » Mon Nov 29, 2004 9:53 am

Name: Karen Stanton
NPC Created By: Zane Dillard
Rank: Lt.
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'3
Weight: 124
Age: 25
Place of Birth: Utopia Planitia
Ship/Posting: USS Zealous, Science department

Starfleet Academy, Earth.
Majored in Theoretical astrophysics, stasis technology, and holo technology
Minored in biology and exobiology

Biography: Born on Utopia Planitia. Both or her parents are Starfleet engineers. Upon graduation from Starfleet Academy was assigned to Starfleet Temporal Research. While at STR she was assigned to a research team trying to create a controlled time dilation filed. While the project failed, Stanton distinguished herself in the filed of astropphsics. After the project was ended she requested a transfer to a starship, saying working at a planatary facility was too boring. While Starfleet didn't like her reasons for requesting a transfer, it was approved and she was transfered to the USS Zealous.

Hobbies: Chess, designing holo programs, swimming
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Postby Zania Jaarda » Mon Nov 29, 2004 9:55 am

Name: Scott Jarrold, T
Rank: Ensign
DOB: Stardate 58202.20
Age: 21
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 210 lbs.
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Blonde (Naturally Brown)
Marital Status: Single
Next of Kin: Admiral Frances Scott , Father (Starfleet Intelligence)
Other Family: Captain Aumira Scott, Mother (USS Righteous)
Lieutenant Commander Angelo McNamiera, Cousin (USS Avenger)
Major Peter Yamagoshi, Cousin (SFMC)

Birthplace: New Orleans, Louisiana
North America, Earth
Current Address: N/A


Starfleet Academy:

Daystrom Institute:
Quantum Physics
Quantum Mechanics
Interstellar Phenomena

Zephram Cochrane Institute:
Warp Theory
Applied Warp Mechanics


Current Assignment:
USS Zealous NCC-59653

Previous Assignments:
USS Trailblazer NCC-22511
USS Zealous NCC-59653
Starfleet Engineering Corps
Various Locations


Gold Palm Leaf (Details withheld per orders of Admiral Johanson, Starfleet Engineering Corps.)
Star Cross
Legion of Merit




Jarrold was born on Earth in the city of New Orleans. Many people find him a rather odd site when they first see him. He appears to be Asian (his mother is Japanese) but also has a slight point to his ear betraying his vulcan heritage (his paternal great grandfather was Vulcan). The thing people find most odd is his strong Cajun accent which totally seems out of place with his strong Asian features.

Jarrold spent most of his life traveling aboard Starships as his parents were both Starfleet Officers. His was a Captain and CO of the USS Righteous and his mother was the ships Ops Officer. It would not be until his fathers promotion to Admiral and transfer to Starfleet Headquarters that Jarrold would make his decision to enter the academy. This decision would stem from the fact the his mother was promoted to Captain and stayed to oversee the refit and relaunch of the Righteous.

Jarrold had no siblings and wasn't sure if he wanted to stay with his mother or go back to Earth with his father so he made a decision that shocked both of them and took the Starfleet Academy Entrance Exam. He passed on his first try, scoring in the top 99.8% of the cadets and being given his choice of courses. Naturally he did what most cadets his age did and applied to command school. After only 3 weeks he found that it was not to his liking and changed course to Operations, thinking that he would later move back to command school. As his secondary course he entered Starfleet Medical and studied counseling.

His high intelligence combined with his preexisting knowledge of ship operation granted him an accelerated move through Operations school. He had his degree in Starship Operations in just over a year. Even though he had earned a degree at the Academy he had grown to love counseling and was still just entering his second academy year. Needing to have another minor he opted to enter the Engineering school. This is where his focus would lay until his graduation.

Jarrold soon discovered that he loved engineering and applied for the Engineering Corp, which was glad to accept him. He would serve in the Engineering Corp for just six months before he would receive new orders to report to the USS Zealous as a member of that ships counseling team.

Only weeks after being assigned to the USS Zealous Jarrold recieved orders that he would be going on temporary assignment to the USS Trailblazer, a Nova class starship set to explore the newly discovered ruins of an ancient civilization thought by most cultures in the area to predate the Dominion. The assignment lasted longer than anticipated and the Zealous was eventually forced to ask for a new counselor. Jarrold was given his choice off assignments upon his return, including the opportunity to be stationed aboard the USS Rigtheous under the command of his mother or the USS Enterprise under the command of Captain Jean Luc Picard. He requested a return to the Zealous and was granted his request albeit as a member of the science team.

One little known fact about Jarrold is that he is a touch telepath. While this ability is not strong it has proven helpful while counseling his patients. He never reads them without their permission. The only thing that he asks in return it that they don't reveal that he has this ability.

Jarrold has also studied various martial arts and fancies himself as sort of a modern Samurai. He has learned to integrate several Vulcan techniques into his form and loves to put people out with the Vulcan Nerve Pinch. He would rather do this than carry a phaser. He will not kill unless he absolutely has to. This actually saved his team on an away mission (Details Sealed per Admiral Johanson, Starfleet Engineering Corp).

Medical Background: Broken Arm (treated)
Radiation Poisoning (treated)
Third Degree Burn to Face (treated)

Allergies: Jarrold has no known allergies.

Drug Interactions: No known bad drug interactions
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Postby Zania Jaarda » Mon Nov 29, 2004 9:57 am

Personnel File---VT

Full Name: VT Avastam Rehu
Meaning of name: hell fire/flame, dragon (house meaning)

Rank: Ensign
Serial number: S797-389SP
Department: Science officer

Age: 27
Birth date: October 31
Birthplace: unknown world in Avastam or Triangle area
Species: half Vulacn and half Romulan

Physical Characteristics:
Sex: female
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 135 lbs
Hair: light brown, boy like short bull cut
Eyes: bold jade green, with a look that can kill
Other: 2 hidden tattoos, one on left shoulder-blade of a heart w/ little blue wings, other one on upper left arm of a gothic cross, house brand on right forarm, lager cut like wounds across her arms from past battles and training

Personal history:

upon her fathers' wishs she was grow up as a Romulcan child only if Tie, mom's brother train her in the vulcan was... But when her mother and father died on trip back to Vulcan, that lefted her to raise her sisters. At 18, she joined the Vulcan Academy.
She trained her mind as a soclar as her mother would liked, and trained her body as a warrior her father would liked. She wants to Earth on a quest of self-discovery after T’Sarita, her little sister, joined the Vulcan Academy.
With in a year she joined Starfleet… she studied hard in her class and major in Science and minor in Engineering, she was joined buy her little sister at the Academy and was told about T’Nailo, her twin sister, becoming a High Master.
VT is the oldest and eldest female of her family line and her Romulan noble house. Before her mother’s died she was named as eri’hfirh or heir of house, and trained to rule the house one day, after her died she was named hru’hfirh or ‘Lord’ head of house. VT rules her house with honor, extreme pride, fairness, and courtesy. She displays her house banner and crest in her quarters and her home lands on Vulcan.
Her father did live at Nn’Verih on Ch’Rihan. He was the last of his line and believed in Spock’s reunitfartion, he lefted the Empire to join Starfleet and help Spock with his knowledge of the Empire.
She is very proud of her line and all that she and her sisters had done to honor their line and house. She uses her Vulcan training of logic and control with her humor on duty. Most of the time you can find her on the holodeck playing d&d or shadow of darkness RPG… or reading old hard cover books some where on the ship.
She is use the Vulcan way of only using the first name and her house name is only for recode, she will only be address as hru’hfirh Rehu on Vulcan, Romulas or by her sisters.

Pet: a black cat named Jhu

Favorite color: dark red so dark it’s almost black
Favorite food: chocolate, pizza, breadsticks, buffalo wings, pound cake
Favorite drinks: (alcohol drinks) Romulan Ale, red wine
(non-alcohol drinks) water, Green tea, coca-cola, sprite

Education History:
--at 2 Sohk-Pak
--at 3 pli'lasasam
began on Romulas by Roiv(captian) Hheil of the Solar Gaurd
--at 5 vulcan sruvial training
1st to start the training in her age group
--at 10 entier the Solar gaurd as erei'Arrain at Ch’Rihan
--at 16 enrolled in Vulcan Academy of Sciences
Studied science and engineering
--at 20 enrolled in Starfleet Academy
Studied engineering and science
in top 10 of class

Family History:
Mother- doctor T'Shiarrael (died)
Father- Voltan, hfihar Rehu (died)
was rion (captain) in Romulan Star Empire, Lt in Starfleet
Twin sister- T'Nailo 'Nightbreeze', hfihar Rehu
High Master at Mt. Gol (younger by 5 mins)
Little sister- T'Sarita 'little angel', hfihar Rehu
she is Ensign is Starfleet (younger my 6yrs)
married to Jack M. McSky of Earth

Husband- none
Children- none
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