Bio: Ensign Sirus Velena

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Bio: Ensign Sirus Velena

Postby Sirus Velena » Tue Feb 12, 2008 9:21 am

Name: Sirus Velena
Rank: Ensign
Assignment: Acting Chief Operations Officer, USS Zealous
Species: Human
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 21st June 2357
Place of Birth: Belfast, Ireland, Earth
Height: 5'8
Weight: 145lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Distinguishing Features: Large Celtic Dragon tattoo slieve all the way up one arm and over shoulder can be hidden by uniform.
Interests: Starship Design, Holographics, Positronics, and Blowing things up.
Likes: Dogs, Real Alcohol
Dislikes: Cats, Synthohol

In the Ulster Hospital, Belfast, Ireland, Sirus Velena was born to Gerry and Katie Velena on the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, 21st June 2357. The next year, only 5 days after his 1st birthday, Sirus got a brother, Damion.

Together they were raised in the family bar, owned by his father’s family for over 300 years. Like any Irish village, the pub is the center of the universe, in this day and age most of the world had replaced real Alcohol with Synthohol, but telling the Irish not to drink would be like asking a Klingon to say sorry, it just would not happen!

Sirus father was a very likable, very eccentric character, one of those people who knew everyone, and everyone knew him. Sirus quickly followed in his fathers footsteps as a practical joker and used his love of holograms for many funny antics. At age 6 Sirus walked a remote control holographic cow into the middle of a group of Andorian tourists, thinking that it was a real cow they moved in for a closer look at one of earths creatures, as they did Sirus smacked a big red button on the remote and the cow exploded, spraying holographic blood and guts all over the Andorians, even though there was no mess after it was deactivated, the Andorians were not too pleased, when they returned him to his father and told him what Sirus had done, his father simply laughed uncontrollably "That’s me boy" he said.

At age 8 Sirus returned home from school with Damion to find the bar empty, their father was sitting on his own in the corner with an empty and a half empty bottle of Bushmills Whiskey on the table, this was not really that strange for them, what was strange was that he was not smiling, Sirus had never known his father not to smile, he knew straight away that something was wrong. His mother had been killed in a shuttle accident while visiting her sister in Amsterdam. Sirus did not get upset, he did not want his wee brother to see him cry, he helped his dad up the stairs to his bed to sleep of the bottle and a half of Whiskey and helped Damion with his homework, completely blanking out what had happened.

By the time he was 16 Sirus had decided what he wanted to do with his life, he wanted to join Starfleet. His father had always wanted him to take over running the bar, but having worked there for a few years now he knew that was not the life for him. For years he had been building model Starships, although he never followed the instructions, sometimes using bits from 4 or 5 different models he designed his own ships, designs that he thought were better than what they should be, At 17 he left Ireland for Starfleet Academy to study Starship Operations and Starship Design, he could not wait to start his career and become one of the fleets top Starship Designers.

Only a few months into the Academy his dream was shattered, his father became very ill and his brother could not manage his studies and running the bar at the same time, Sirus dropped out of the Academy and headed home to Ireland. Selling the bar was just not an option for him and he told himself that maybe he was just not meant to be in Starfleet. For the next year and a half he took on his father’s job as land-lord, he had been working for his dad since he was very young but didn’t realize just how much work it was to run a bar, rather than just work in it.

On his death bed, his father told him to go back to Starfleet but he just did not have it in him to go. Thousands of people turned up for the funeral, Sirus knew that his father knew everyone, but didn’t expect a turnout like there was. After the service everyone returned to the bar and did exactly what his father would have wanted "Drinks are on me da!" he shouted to the crowd of 200 or so that had crammed into every space possible.

After a few hours, calmly pushing his way through the crowd came a well built bearded man that Sirus had never seen before, he was carrying a parcel and was wearing a Starfleet Uniform. As he got closer Sirus noticed the gold piping down the front and round the neck, not to mention the three gold pins inside a black box with gold outline on each collar. The mysterious Admiral did not introduce himself, he simply looked at the vodka that Sirus was drinking "can I get one of those son?". They sat and drank quietly for an hour or so before the Admiral finally spoke again "you know, I used to get the shuttle here every weekend back when I was a cadet, for the real booze you know? … long before you were born” he paused for a moment and added “your father was a good man", the Admiral downed what was left in the glass of vodka and stood up "he had plans for you Sirus, and I don’t mean running this bar", he set the parcel on the bar in front of Sirus and walked out of the bar.

Later that night when everyone had left Damion asked why he had not opened the parcel, something told Sirus that Damion knew a bit more than he was letting on. He lifted the parcel down of the bar and set it on the table in front of him, he opened it to see cadets uniform neatly folded up inside, Sirus looked round at his brother who only had one word for him ... "go"

Knowing his brother was finished school now and was more than happy to run the bar in his place, Sirus took his advice, packed up his stuff and headed off to the Academy to pickup where he had left off nearly 2 years earlier. He quickly got back into the swing of things at the Academy and after what seemed like no time at all he had graduated and was looking forward to really starting his Career with Starfleet.

After taking the advice of one of his lecturers from the Academy, Sirus decided that serving as an Operations Officer on an Active Vessel would be the best first move towards becoming a great Starship Designer, this would allow him to gain a greater understanding of all aspects of the running of a ship. He applied for positions on a few ships and to his surprise, he was assigned aboard the USS Zealous to serve on the Operations team of Lieutenant Commander Ti'anna Sullivan.

Sirus was still getting used to the fact that he had got such a saught after assignment when he was made the Acting Chief of Operations aboard the Zealous following the premotion of Commander Sullivan to Executive Officer. Only months out of the Academy Sirus was now serving as a member of the Senior Staff on one of the most advanced ships in the fleet, he could only but wonder what adventures lay ahead...
Ensign Sirus Velena,
Chief Operations Officer,
USS Zealous

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Sirus Velena
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