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Ensign Usum's bio

Postby Usum » Mon Sep 03, 2007 7:06 pm

My character (Usum h'Emveeba Di ch'Than na ah Huit) is of the Aenar sub-species of the Andorians. He is blind with acute telepathic abilities. He is more sociable than most Andorians with not near as much of a warrior mentality either. As most know, the Aenar are pacifist, but Usum (as most people call him) decided at a very early age to seek a way to protect his kind by joining Starfleet, although his people tried to prevent him from doing so. That said, don't be fooled by his more calm demeanor, he still has Andorian blood and isn't afraid to voice his opinions or exert his muscle, even if his opinion(s) aren't accepted by his captain, or anyone else for that matter.

Usum’s family is very complex, especially when it comes to the Andorians’ mating rituals and his betrothed. Needless to say, his spouses are in great turmoil over his decision to join Starfleet. They only relented after Usum gave his solemn oath to return when it came time for them to reproduce. The only reason he decided to do this is his deep loyalty to his people. If not for the fact that the Andorians are a dying race with a serious possibilities of extinction, Usum would not have swore to his mates that he would return when the time comes.

At age 26, he is somewhat tall, standing just shy of two meters, with an almost stocky physique, which he has hardly any fat on his body anywhere due to his rigorous work out schedule. Usum is quite handsome for an "albino" Andorian; with an extremely formidable appearance, even if he has been told by a few that he looks like a big teddy bear (but only by the very few of his closest "human" friends). Of course, he is bald with very light colored skin, in contrast to the more popular Andorians.

Stationed on Star Base 138 since he graduated the Academy, Usum has learned all he can in his present position and worked extremely hard to work his way up the ranks as fast as possible. About a month ago, Usum received orders to join his first Starfleet Vessel without even putting in for the transfer. Evidently, his present supervisor requested that his reassignment occur, sooner rather than later, to a starship due to his hard work and relentless effort to better himself. He now hopes someday to become the Head of Tactical/Security onboard the USS Zealous, his newest assignment.

Usum's personal goals are to become a captain of a Federation Starship at an earlier age than any other Andorians in history since becoming part of the Federation. His hobbies include reading (actually listening since he is blind), and any sports activities that he can possibly discover (even without vision he can perceive people and objects whereabouts better than most people can that do have sight, by means of an uncanny ability to seemingly predict movement), and be pretty much the best at each of them. Even though he is mostly a loner, he has been working hard to overcome the stigma that Andorians are unsociable or even prudish.

Usum's greatest weakness is his spontaneous urge to take matters into his own hands, regardless of orders and/or protocol. On the other hand, his greatest strength is that he comprehends nuances of other races and species probably better than Betazeds, which is probably due to his heighten telepathic abilities.

(First off, I want to say hello to all! Now let me get business out of the way first. I know that I have been a little vague on my character's weaknesses, and even strengths for that matter. I really want to develop this character by how the rest of you react to him. I have usually had more of an idea on what I wanted from my characters in the past, but I decided this time around that I would just "see where he goes". I am hoping that I'm not making a mistake by doing this, and if I see that things aren't working out, I assure you all that I will be coming back to this page to revamp Usum lightning fast. One thing that no sim needs is a character that doesn't know his you know what from a hole in the ground...LOL!)

(I look forward to working with all of you, and if anyone has any "words of wisdom" to help me get started and to fill me in on some of the more secretive underlining sub-plots, I'm all ears. I think that everyone will find that I'm a very easygoing person, but I strive hard to sound as professional as possible. With that said, don't let my writing style fool anyone, for I'm just an ordinary person that loves to write and have fun reading what all of you write, and just as importantly to be a part of a Star Trek based story. I hope to talk to every one on a more personal basis soon [I love to do joint post…hint, hint, wink, wink], but until then, let's have some fun!)
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