bio of Ensign Elissar

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bio of Ensign Elissar

Postby zeppelin144 » Thu Feb 15, 2007 7:23 am

Name .Elissar
Age Unknown
Species Unknown
Gender Male
Rank Ensign
Assignment Tactical
Post U.S.S Zealous
Height 6'6
Weight 305lbs

Bckground I was found on an abandoned unknown vessel floating adrift near the Federation/Breen border by the U.S.S Titan just under 4 years ago. I have no recolection of my life before this event i have no idea who i am, where i am from how old i am, absolutely nothing. All i know is that i have a gift for military tactics and hand to hand combat. This was demonstrated hours i was found. The Titan was ambushed by 3 Breen cruisers the ship was boarded and i single handedly defended the medical room were i was. I proceeded to the bridge and within seconds of seeing the tactical situtation i told the captain a way of destroying 2 of cruisers and escaping at the same time despite the Titans severe damage. We escaped and the captain allowed me limited access to the computer to learn more of the federation it was at this point i decided to enlist. I entered the acadmay and showed a flair in tactical and command i was fast tracked through the acadamy at the beheast of Admiral Haynes. i graduated top of my class after just 2 years in the acadamy. My first post was on the newly re-arrived U.S.S Voyager after 1 year i was posted to my current position on board the Zealous.
during medical scans on me it was discovered that i am basically human but my D.N.A is 3 times more dense and complex and i use 25% more of my brain than humans which they believe accounts for ability to analyse and learn more quicly than normal humans. I also have telepathic capabiliites but not on the same level as a Betaziod

Other info my physical appearance is that of a human all be it a large one i have long black hair and a beard but with the cheeks and neck clean shaven. I am stronger then most species encountered by the fedration with the execption of androids, but i am stronger than Klingons, humans, Jem Hadar and Borg drones (something to do with my D.N.A). Although i have no memory of who i am, i am haunted by dreams of a terrible battle that do not appear to take place in this quadrant indeed maybe not this galaxy. When i was found my body was full of charged Chronoton particles it has been suggested that i may be a time traveller and that leads to the possiblilty of my D.N.A being genetically engineered if this is the case it is above and beyond what is currently capable. As for the ship i was found on that exploded seconds after i beamed myself out, the Titans sensors couldnt penetrate the ship so it was a bit of a suprise when i arrived in their sick bay.
Personnality I am a fun loving person easy to get along with, i have a love of food and drink with a mighty toloerance of alcohol. i love coming up with new fighting techniques and combat manouvers. i am also an intellectual and am currently lerning all i can about the history of all the species in the federation and others this is maily due to my blank canvas memory that i am trying to fill. When it comes to work or fighting then i am all business. I train hard everyday to keep in tip top physical condition. I am also having sessions with the counsellor in order to try and remember who i am and why the dream haunts me.

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