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Ens.Winchester's Bio

Postby Ens.Winchester » Sun Nov 12, 2006 10:33 pm

Dean Winchester

Date of Birth: 2355

Race: Batazoid

Place of Birth: St. John's NL Canada

Father: Captain John Winchester, deceased
Mother: Dr. F. Winchester, deceased
Sipplings: Ens.Andrew Winchester, Lt.John Winchester Jr.

Playing Flute
3-d chess
Collecting 20th centrey holographic weapons.

Tactical scenarios on holodeck

St. John's High School
Starfleet Academy

Service Record:
Tactical Officer, USS Mason. Assistant Tactical Officer
Tactical Officer, USS Rolands, Assistant Tactical Officer
Tactical Officer, USS Zealous, Assistant Tactical Officer

Dean Winchester was born on April 14, 2355. His parents were killed in 2367 When Dean was only 15. His parents were killed at the battle of Wolf 359 By the Borg. He joined Starfleet academy when he was 16. 2 years after he joined Starfleet, he was awarded a medal for saving his teacher during a holodeck simulation where the holodeck malfunctioned and the safeties were turned off. When he graduated from Starfleet, he was first posted on the U.S.S. Mason as the assistant tactical officer. He spent a year on the mason. Then he was transferred to the U.S.S. Rolands as the assistant tactical officer for a year and a half. After the incident that lead to his transfer, he came on board the U.S.S Zealous in time to help with the dragon teeth.
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Cadet 3rd Year
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