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BIO: Tira'ridala

Postby RossDeSethos » Fri Sep 29, 2006 9:02 am

Name: Tira'ridala
Position: Security officer
Ship: USS Zealous
Rank: Ensign

Race: Andorian/Human
Gender: Shen (Female)
Age: 42 (Earth Years)
: 23 (Andorian Years)
Place of Birth: Harbortown, Main Island Andoria
Date of Birth: 22/5/2337
Height: 6”1’
Weight: 154 lbs.
Hair Color: Brown- Long
Eye Color: brown
Skin Color: blue
Distinguishing Marks: Has brown hair (uncharacteristic for Andorians), set of emerald studs on left shoulder in shape of a star, Andorian ritual tattoos over torso and legs
Interests: Andorian Art and History, Security, Clansmanship
Likes: Company of those she trusts
Dislikes: racial prejudice
Marital Status: Widowed
Accent: Andorian

Family Data
Keth (Clan): Aldin
Primary Spouse: Hyuhfara (deceased)
Other Spouses: Theel'zhiin
Children: (Is infertile from hybrid Birth)
Father: Cmdr. Kieran Ridgeway (alive USS Forrestal)
Mother: Lt. Com Shalas’Aldin (Alive USS Alpha Centauri)
Brothers: none
Sisters: none

High School and Location: Keth-Aldin Warrior Academy Andoria
University/College: Andorian Warrior Academy Andoria
Starfleet Academy Major: Security
Starfleet Academy Minor: Strategic Warfare
Starfleet Academy Minor: Combined Unit Tactics
Starfleet Academy Minor: Unorthodox Combat Implementations
Starfleet Academy Position in Class: 2nd in class of 275
Graduate Schools: Starfleet Security Officers Academy
Courses: Advanced Strategic Warfare, Masters Combined Unit Tactics, Advanced weapons Training, Special Forces Training, Marksman Training, Advanced Unorthodox Combat Implementations

Starfleet Information

Dominion War Medal
Purple Heart
Chin’Toka Service Medal
Andorian Defense Fleet Medallion

Starfleet Career:
Sergeant at Arms 2355-2356 Andorian Imperial Guard vessel Khuafno Weapons officer
Cadet First Class 2356-2357 Starfleet Academy Cadet
Cadet Second Class 2357-2358 Starfleet Academy Cadet
Cadet Third Class 2358-2359 USS Aristotle Cadet Trainee
Cadet Fourth Class 2359-2360 Starfleet Academy Cadet
Ensign 2369-2379 USS Renegade Security Officer
Ensign 2379-PRES USS Zealous Security Officer

Officers Personal File

Medical History:
Being half Human, half Andorian, Tira is often at risk of contracting a wide range of race specific diseases due to her impaired immune system, and her Cobalt based blood, laced with human DNA makes it incompatible to other species with Cobalt based blood ie Bolians.
Other than this Tira has no further medical problems

Psychological Profile:
While growing up pure Andorian despite being half-caste, she was taught to be very proud of herself. However, being half human, she has discovered over time, that compassion was a quality that she could possess, and given her the ability to sympathize and as such has a knack of being able to diffuse tense situation’s. Also despite her Andorian Heritage, Tira is somewhat pacifistic and will rarely if ever anger over any issue. Due to loosing her husband in a time of war, and lacking the other two members of an Andorian Family unit, Tira was never properly able to perform certain Andorian Funerary rituals, nor was she able to fully mourn for her loss.

Personal History:
Even from a very young age, Tira knew that she was different from other Andorians in her Keth, or the clans that Andorians belong to, other than the obvious mass of brown hair that she possessed, she also had made known to her at a young age that she was half caste. While on other Federation worlds, such a notion wouldn't have caused many problems, but on Andoria, the notion of a Half blooded Andorian was unthinkable.
As a result of this, she found it hard to fit into average Keth life, due to mainly the ridicule and torment from the others in the Clan's litter, coupled with the anonymity of her father. Tira’ridala as she was known at the time, was intent on locating her father, when all she knew was that he had served in Starfleet with her mother.

As a member of Keth Aldin, a warrior class clan, Tira'ridala was brought up with all the military knowledge of her Andorian ancestry, which more often than not, however, even these teachings proclaimed her unnatural or an abomination. However instead of becoming a recluse, Tira'ridala benefited from such harsh treatment, and excelled in the grueling tasks set before her, and could quite easily hold her own with a Chak Hramdal, or an Andorian Honor blade which she had to repeatedly defend herself with, which she still carries with her.
At the human age of 18, once Tira'ridala had finished her studies, and joined the Andorian Imperial Guard as per the custom, and served with distinction aboard the Andorian Cruiser Khuafno apart of the Andorian Defense Force, which worked in connection with the Federation Fifth Fleet tasked with hunting down piracy in the Federation. It was this connection to the Fleet, that Tira'ridala discovered the existence of her father, Commander Kieran Ridgeway who served as an Executive officer aboard one of the Ships in the Fifth Fleet, the USS Forrestal. From this interaction with both the fleet and her father, she began to accept her mixed heritage, and human ancestry.

: According to her father, he committed a cultural taboo by bonding with an Andorian resulting in pregnancy and Tira's existence, as a result her father was barred from visiting the planets surface, or contacting either his Andorian wife, or blended daughter. Also as punishment, Tira's mother Shalas-Aldin was sterilized, a great dishonor in a family orientated society:

While also in the ADF, Tira met a brash Lt Colonel named Hyuhfara who commanded a smaller picket destroyer and the two sparked a romance as Hyuhfara was more accepting than the average Andorian due to his involvement as and officer in the ADF. The two had a whirlwind engagement and were married within the year, as was the tradition on Andoria of marrying young, however, due to the fact that no other Andorians would dare associate themselves with Tira, the two became what could be called a humanized Andorian relationship.

Once Tira's (who by this point had taken her fathers last name in addition to her Andorian Name) tenure in the Imperial Guard ended, she enrolled with her fathers recommendation in Starfleet Academy. While there she met a brilliant senior Command cadet by the name of Eugene Maxwell, a Betazoid with intense telepathic abilities. Tira was impressed by this pinkskins abilities and often-brash confidence, due to her own Andorian stubbornness, the two quickly became an inseparable pair.
As it would seem, her Keth, and her past on Andoria that she would often prefer to forget, would influence her in the future, as she would serve in the Security branch of Starfleet. Tira's first posting following graduation was the Aegean class Frigate USS Renegade as a Security officer. Tira settled rather quickly into shipboard life thanks in part to her tenure aboard the Khuafno, and also in part to the fact that serving as the ships Helm officer was a young Eugene Maxwell.
This posting would strengthen the bond already shared by these two, as Tira, would often at times, act as Eugene's conscience and advisor, the two were also known to ‘throw down’ every so often.

It was mid way through Tira's second deployment aboard the Renegade, that Tira's world came crashing around her, as she received word from Imperial High Command, that the Picket Destroyer Jufaryne had been destroyed in a pirate raid, taking with it its CO Hyuhfara.
As this event occurred during the Dominion War, Tira did not have time to properly grieve, as his death coincided with the attack on the Chin'Toka System, in which the Renegade was heavily damaged and several officers were killed including the ships Chief Security Officer, Tira quickly assumed this position in an intermittent role, and served at it for the duration of the war until someone of higher rank was assigned. While there she retained her rank of Ensign.

Some time following the War, Eugene was accepted into the Department of Temporal Investigations, and assigned to the Temporal Observation craft USS Equinox, Tira remained with the fleet, and subsequently returned to her role as a Security officer aboard the USS Zealous.

Tira owns a Peregrine Falcon who goes by the name of Archimedes that resides in her quarters, and has been the only constant in her life. Also while at the Academy, Tira was the lead guitarist/vocals in a Metal band named Azure Lightning, but due to the band being billeted on other vessels it was dissolved

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