Ensign Andrew Duncan's bio

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Ensign Andrew Duncan's bio

Postby Andrew Dillon » Sun Aug 20, 2006 2:37 pm

Andrew Duncan is 22 years old. He grew up in Nashville, TN and has lived there all his life.

As a child he was an excellent student in every subject. He excelled in the sciences and in mathematics. His love for adventure started when he entered high school. He attended an after school program featuring Lt. Commander Data. He was so fascinated he decided then he wanted to join Starfleet and become an officer. With some of the tales of adventure Data had told, it made Andrew thirst to become a part of the action.

His parents encouraged young Andrew to set his sights high in whatever he wanted out of life. They taught him he was able to do anything he set his mind to do. They also prepared him for disappointment. When his grandfather died when Andrew was 12 years old, he took it very hard. His parents were able to get him through it by telling him that this was all part of living; that one day they would die as well. Not only that, but he would die, too. This didn’t discourage Andrew, to the contrary. This made him that much more determined to live life like there would be no tomorrow. His parents taught him love and compassion, and when to fight and more importantly when not to fight. They instilled in him compassion and understanding. They wanted him to be well rounded and well suitable for whatever he decided to do with his life.

While in Starfleet Academy he studied hard and played hard. He made the highest marks in his class. He was a part of Bravo Squadron his second year at the academy. He loved to pilot a ship. This only compounded his love for adventure. Even though he loved to pilot he could keep from wanting more. He decided to lean more about the Starfleet Operation courses for it offered more than just being a pilot. He wanted to know about tactics, security and engineering. Of course this would make the work load in the Academy much harder, he felt a need to do it. He felt like it was his destiny to become a Starfleet Chief of Operations officer. Also, while in school he was the captain of his Parrises squares team. In his senior year they won the champion ship. When asked about how he managed to pull off a victory he simply said, “I didn’t pull off a victory, the team pulled off a victory.” He worked out like a man on a mission. He was on the track team and though he wasn’t the fastest in the 24th century, he would’ve been in the 21st century. He also was an avid mountain climber which also made him love to hike and camp in the great outdoors.

Andrew makes friends with everyone of all the different races and cultures he has come across to date. His CO at the Academy believes he would make a great negotiator after he has been out in the “real world”. Young Andrew has a knack for learning how to work communications like no other in Starfleet Academy history, except his mentor Data. With being a great communicator and pilot he is sure to make his next assignment Commander most thankful he/she was able to get him on their ship/station.

Even though Andrew is an excellent person to have around, he isn’t without his faults. He sometimes gets so involved with his work he tends to neglect meeting up with his friends to enjoy life. He always says that work is more important because he thinks every job he does may save a live. That’s good and bad. He needs to learn that every thing he does doesn’t always have to deal with life or death. In the same breath he needs to learn to let loose, and have fun with his friends. It will be his next CO to ensure that Andrew doesn’t work all the time. This is a lot easier said than done.
Andrew Dillon

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