Bio--Commander Zane Dillard

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Bio--Commander Zane Dillard

Postby Jacob Verne » Mon Jun 19, 2006 12:41 pm

Name: Zane Dillard
Rank: Commander
Current Position: Starfleet Intelligence, Acting Director, Department of Temporal Investigations (Overall ninth in charge of Starfleet Intelligence) (Note: Only a few people know of his work with temporal investigations. He is known to work with Starfleet Intelligence, however his department and rank within the organization are not commonly known.)
Age: 27
Height: 6'1
Weight: 169
Species: Trill (joined)
From: Trill
Family: Mother--Kim Dillard (deceased)
Father--Todd Dillard (deceased)
Current Ship: U.S.S. Zealous

Academy History:

Dillard entered the academy taking various courses mostly focusing in the field of Security. In addition to the security courses, Zane took classes in the sciences. In addition to becoming a field medic, he studied astrophysics, stellar cartography, temporal mechanics, and tactical operations. When compared to all of his test scores his best subject was temporal mechanics and astrophysics. Several professors also noted his aptitude and interest toward criminal investigations. All things taken into account, his academic counselor urged him to pursue a career in a scientific field, specifically Forensics. However, Zane declined and became a traditional security officer.

Starfleet Career:

Dillard started his career in Starfleet as a security officer assigned to the Zealous. After several months of duty he was promoted to Lt. jg. During an emergency, Dillard joined with a symbiote to keep it alive after the previous host died. Shortly after, Dillard transferred to engineering. There he used the knowledge of the previous hosts to become the assistant chief of engineering. After many months, Dillard was promoted to Lt. and made chief engineer. However, Dillard held this post for a very short time, as due to unusual circumstances, he was given a promotion to Lt. Com. and made the ships temporary first officer after only a few weeks. Due to an emergency situation, Zane took the Zealous on a Search and Resque mission without a CO. AAs it turned out an Admiral and the Zealous's new CO, were captured by DaiMon Latek, a rouge Ferangi. After the resulting incident with DaiMon Latek and the True Ferengi , Lt. Com. Dillard was promoted to the rank of Commander and made the permanint XO. Shortly after the True Federation incident at the Starbase, Commander Dillard was reassigned to Starfleet Intelligence, specifically the Department of Temporal Investigations (Though only the transfer to Starfleet Intelligence was made known). While remaining on board the Zealous for the past several months, Commander Dillard has become a recluse. He spends most of his time either in his quarters or in the Stellar Cartography Lab. In either locations, he either works alone or with Lt. Karen Stanton (although no one knows of Lt. Stanton's assistance). He is constantly receiving and sending encrypted communications and data streams.

Starfleet Intelligence Special Projects History:

Upon his transfer to Starfleet Intelligence, Zane began working on a new ship design. In a joint effort between the Starfleet Corp of Engineers, the Department of Temporal Investigations, and the Daystrom Institute, Starfleet attempted to design and create the first ever Federation Timeship. Due to “unusual” circumstances beyond our control, the project has been temporarily suspended and all Starfleet Intelligence officers (level 8 and above) have been reassigned to “Project Star-Shield.”

Special Note:

Working closly with Lt. Stanton over the past several months has lead to a fledgling relationship forming.

Previous Hosts:

Dillard is the seventh host of this symbiote. Of the previous hosts five of them were engineers; one of which was the chief engineer of an excelsior class vessel. One was a command officer. She was the second officer of the USS Hood (excelsior class). The other host was an operations officer. So to put it in other terms he is an excellent engineer, a capable operations officer, and an experienced command officer. He is the fourth male host, there have been three females. All except for the third host, were in Starfleet. The third host was an engineer for the Trill Government.
Commander Zane Dillard
USS Zealous

2003 Sethies:
Honorable Mention: XO of the Year
H. M. : Most Honorable SLA Member
H. M. : Sim of the Year (Zealous)
H. M. : Storline of the Year (Zealous)
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