Bio of Dr. Star Tona' Laurent

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Bio of Dr. Star Tona' Laurent

Postby Star Laurent » Sat May 20, 2006 3:16 pm

Bio of Star Tona’ Laurent


Father: Dr. Adam Alexander Laurent, II, Surgeon/Disease Specialist
Mother: Dr. Toni Renee’ Laurent, Botanist
Siblings: Dr. Adam Alexander Laurent, III
Angel Bryant Laurent, Physicist
Storm Reyn Laurent, Astro Physicist


Home schooled by her parents. Graduated at the age of 15
Attended Harvard Medical School.
Assigned to Starfleet Medical, age 22
Attended Starfleet Academy while serving in Starfleet Medical
Xenophobic studies
Alien Anatomy studies
Natural Medicines
Served on a Vulcan ship, “T’Royt for one year. Age 23
Learned mind controls and Vulcan meditations
Transferred to the USS Zealous. Age 24

Star was born the year of 2355 on a remote planet in the Gamma Quadrant. At her birth a shooting star passed by. Her parents feeling this was a good omen named their youngest, Star. In like manner, two of her older brothers were also named. Angel was named because he was born on Christmas Day. His parents thought him a blessing sent to them via an angel. Storm was born in a torrential storm. Their first born, although his birth came with the creation of a black hole, was named after his father. For that he was grateful.

Star was a precocious child, the youngest of four. With three older brothers she was somewhat of a tomboy. When injured she would try and heal herself with whatever was around. She enjoyed tinkering around with her father’s medical equipment and would be often found reading his medical journals and books. She also could be found observing plant life and insect life. When she was five she accidentally tasted a flower an insect was eating and became gravely ill. The antidote her father finally discovered for her was also the antidote he had been trying to find for a devastating plague on the planet they were assigned to. The antidote was named after her, Star Laurent Cure.

Star’s parents traveled most of her young life. Her father would be assigned to different areas where he would concentrate on some debilitating disease or unknown outbreak. Her mother, a botanist, would investigate the correlation of plant life to humanoid life on the planets they were assigned to. Her theories and writings have become in demand through the quadrant.

Whether it was the shooting star she was born under, or her name itself, Star had always looked to the stars wishing to venture out there one day.

Star graduated high school at the age of 15 and to the delight of her father was accepted at Harvard Medical School. Star was the light of his life, and he was happy she was going to following in his footsteps to become a surgeon. Star spent 5 years there absorbing all she could. She advanced more quickly than the other students.

Upon graduation Starfleet Medical open an opportunity to work with them. Star, wanting to travel through space, quickly accepted that to the chagrin of her parents who thought she would be working with them. She spent one year there as she took additional studies to prepare her for space travel.

Wanting to learn more, she applied for and was accepted to work on the Vulcan ship, the T’Royt. There she worked with the Vulcan doctors learning Vulcan physic, mind controls, and Vulcan meditations.

Their strict adherence to no emotion was a little too much for Star. She then put in a request for a transfer to a Starfleet vessel. The USS Zealous accepted her transfer.

Star, delighted to be on such a ship, quickly prepared herself for the transfer. Becoming an ensign aboard a ship in the Medical Department delighted her. She had yet more opportunities to learn.


Species: Human
Height: 5’ 6”
Weight: 125
Hair Color: Auburn
Eye Color: Gray
No known defects.


Dr. Julian Reynolds, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Harvard University. “Star is an exceptional student who loves to learn and seek out new discoveries. Her energy seems to be unlimited. Her passion for medical science is above normal. She will go far in her chosen field, and, perhaps, one day, we will be reading about her discoveries as we do about her father’s.”

Dr. Theodore A, Feinberg, BS, MS, PhD, Starfleet Medical: “I wish Star had not left us. For the year that she was with us she should tremendous potential. She may have become Chief Medical Surgeon here, in time, if she had stayed with us. Her studies were exceptional.”

T’Paht, Chief Medical Officer of the T’Royt. “For being a human, Star fit in well with an all Vulcan ship. She learned our ways quickly and her decorum was acceptable. Her ability to adapt and learn new things is above average even close to a Vulcan’s ability.”

Dr. Anthony Persing Rich, Psychologist, Starfleet: "Ahh, Star, a delightful young woman. Her psyche is sound. But, I believe her intelligence out surpasses her maturity. Then, again, how could one so advanced not be mature? Hmm, she is quiet, but persistent; silent, but strong; and, very determined. Perhaps, her stubbornness is mistaken for immaturity. One thing I know, wherever Ms. Laurent is, her presence will be felt."
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