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Bio Tatiana Zera

Postby culmir » Sun Apr 02, 2006 1:29 pm

Almost forgot to post one of these on here ^^" sorry

Name: Tatiana Zera
Rank: Ensign
Duty Assignment: Intelligence
Age: 20
Species: Venusian
Gender: Female.
Date of Birth: unknown
Place of Birth: Venusia, exact location unknown
Height: 1.79 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Red
Additional Features: Several scars on her body and a tribal tiger tattoo on her back
Education: Graduated from Starfleet academy


Marital Status: Single
Mother: Tristania
Father: Teiro
Siblings: None
Children: None

Physical Appearance: Tatiana is usually dressed in a black body suit with red and orange flames running up the side of her body, it leaves a large part of her back open, showing the tattooed tiger.
The body suit has long sleeves also with flames curling around her arm.
Her blonde hair is held back into a high pony tail so it won’t fall into her face when she is trying to work on something, it also allows everyone to see the tattoo on her back.
Her red eyes can turn into a deep crimson when she’s concentrated or upset.

Background: Tatiana was born on Venusia, a planet not known to many people.
In her whole life Tatiana had never seen many other races on her luscious red planet and was of course shocked when a then unknown race invaded her planet.
At first the Venusians believed that the ‘aliens’ were of friendly nature and tried to welcome them onto the red planet with their standard welcoming ceremony.
Tatiana was not there when the aliens had opened fire onto her family and friends but she had heard the stories of those few that got away with numerous wounds.
The next weeks the whole population of Venusia was slowly hunted down and either killed at sight or sold to the highest bidder.
In Tatiana’s case she was sold to a slave driver that had been flying all through the galaxy and had never found a blonde with red eyes before.
He bought Tatiana for not too much money from the aliens that had captured her when she was hiding away in one of the ruins on the red planet.
Her new proclaimed owner wanted to know if there were more like her on the planet but Tatiana kept her mouth shut about her friends that had even more distinctive marks than her.
The man was so persistent that he had ordered some of his most beloved slaves to torture the hiding locations out of Tatiana.
After several weeks of intense pain, sleepless nights filled with screams of agony and not to mention all the blood that would seep into the hallways of the ship Tatiana was held captive on, the torturing stopped and the ship left the atmosphere.
The young woman relieved when the man who had bought her from her captors left her alone to lick her wounds in the darkness of the cell she was kept in.
For the next few months Tatiana was only let out of her room when the man had a job for her to do, which usually involved cleaning the ship thoroughly.
She was constantly being watched by men with some sort of electrical weapon, Tatiana had only once saw it in action to one of the other Venusian women they had found and captured.
The weapon emitted a blue/purple beam of energy, with sparks of yellow and white curling around the main beam as if being drawn to it.
Upon impact the beam would scorch anything it was fired on, leaving most of the victims burnt heavily in either their face or abdomen, those two being the favourite places of the guards to fire at.
Tatiana just did as she was told to and as quick as she could, no matter how disgusting or degrading it was she did it.
Her daily routine consisted mostly of being someone’s personal slave and obeying their every wish without too many complaints.
It went on like that for a few years until one day Tatiana woke up in her small room, if it could be called a room, and found herself staring up at someone that she hadn’t seen before.
Later on she found out that the ship she was held on had been overrun by a federation called ‘Starfleet’ and she was a way.
She couldn’t go back to her planet because the possible threat of being recaptured was constant around there.
Thus Tatiana decided to try out for the Starfleet academy.
After years of studying and learning new things she graduated, her first assignment would be on the Prometheus class star ship named the Zealous.

Personality Profile: Tatiana is a woman who tends to hide herself in small spaces and darkness where she is most at ease.
The woman has a temper like most Venusian do and isn’t afraid to speak her mind.
But because of her experiences on the ship she was held on she has learnt to keep her mouth shut when it’s best to do so.

And this ladies and gentlemen...would be her
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