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Ensign Yunisca Bio Update

Postby Yunisca » Tue Mar 14, 2006 8:28 am

Name Yunisca
age: 26
Weight: 110
Height: 5'1"
Race: Vulcan/Klingon
Mother: Vulcan, name: Tiniala
Father:Klingon, name: Pak Nahk
Sibling: None
Marriage Status: Single
Rank: Ensign
Description: At 5'1" she normally wouldn't make much of an impression. The main things that make her stand out physically is the Klingon ridge, and the Vulcan ears. She's not the Normal Pale of the Vulcan, but nor is she the dark coloring of the Klingon, as a matter of fact she more or less looks like she has a tan year round. Her hair is Solid Black and comes down to mid back.
Eye color: An Unusual violet.
Medical: No problems known, Although hearing tends to be sensative to high pitched sounds.

Background: Yunisca was born of an unusuall union between her Vulcan mother and her Klingon Father. She spent the first twelve years of her life being raised on Vulcan and spent the next ten years visiting her fathers on the Klingon home world. Raised by her mother, She was taught at a young age how to control her emotions and the Vulcan pinch. However the Last ten years with her Father have taught her how to fight and how much emotions should be a part of her life. Riddiculed on both planets for Her diffrences she set out for Starfleet academy. While at Starfleet Academy, she found that Most thought her an oddity at first but soon got over it fast. Having been ridiculed all her life She spent time Learning to be a councalior. But true to her Vulcan training she also learnt Medical and Security. Logic told her that deepending where she was placed Having more than one skill was always a plus.

Although she was totally trained to not show any emotions, doing so has always been hard do to her mixed paternity. Anger being the one that is the hardest to control. Her time spent on her fathers home world was due to an inccident on her Vulcan homeworld. While on her Father's homeworld she was taught to let go of her emotions. Her father understood however that this was contodictory to how she was raised, and so designed a holodeck program to allow her to not only release her emotions, but also to keep in practice her fighting skills. So far Ensign Yunisca has only showed the program to one other person. She tends to keep her release of emotions hidden because of her past. She aslo has a sever tendancy to uncounsiously move her hair back behind her ear's wich clearly shows off the Vulcan ears, as well as a habit that tends to annoy some of reliying on logic.

Having graduated from The Academy, Yunisca Recived Orders to Report to the USS Zealous, to the counsling department.

Current: Serving on the USS Zealous in the Counsling department.
Lieutenant junior grade
Lieutenant junior grade
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