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Ensign Ruben Santos Bio

Postby Ruben Santos » Wed Mar 08, 2006 11:37 am

Name: ruben Santos
Position: navigational officer/Helm
Rank: Ensign
Ship: USS Zealous

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Place of Birth: Lisbon, Portugal, Earth
Date of Birth: January 1, 2355
Height: 5'7 (1,75meters)
Weight: 115lbs
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Dark Brown

Distinguishing Marks: Eyebrow lifting in certain moments
Interests: Starship moddeling (it acts as therapy for his impatient way), hand
to hand combat and flying at high speed everything that as wings
Likes: Honesty, friendship, romance, action, flying.
Dislikes: Spiders and the Borg
Marital Status: Single

Family Data:
First in his family to leave the solar system
Children: None
Father: Manuel Santos- still living
Mother: Paula Costa - still living
Brothers: Alexandre Santos - still living

Public Highschool, Earth
StarFleet Academy

Starfleet Career:
USS Lisbon - Cadet
reasigned to USS Zealous - Ensign

Character's Past History
Medical History:
Hospitalized once due to a crash while piloting a shuttle during a trial in his
cadet years back at Starfleet Academy.
In order to win the race, another human Starfleet cadet called Brian Rivers,
sabotaged Ruben's shuttle. When the cadet lost control off his ship it took him
dangerously close to the orbit of a nearby deserted planet where he ended up
crash landing.
Minutes away from crossing the finishing line in first place, cadet Rivers
turned around to help his classmate. After landing next to the crash site,
Rivers took Ruben's body out from the shuttle wrecks thinking he was dead.
Moments before the two were recued, Rivers desperate, thinking he had killed
his fellow colege, confessed his crime kneald next to his body washed in tears.
Ruben half conscious heard it all.
The real cause for the incedent was never discovered and human error was given
as final avaluation. As punishement Ruben was expeled from the Academy and
although he decided to keep Rivers sabotage a secret he never forgived him.
The next year he reaplied to the Academy and successfuly gradueted.
The path of the two cadets never crossed again...

Psychological Profile:
He is shy, often reserved to himself but a good person and with his mind set on seeking new worlds and new civilizations...
He his impatient and sometimes hot headed. He likes to hang around with his friends but as the tendency not to let others in too much in his life. He has showned during his time in the Academy to be very observant and intuitive. Two distinctive qualities that served him well on away missions and in the helm. Has difficulty in trusting others.

Personal History:
Since very young, Ruben gazed at the sky wondering what mysteries were out there and when the time came he joined Starfleet Academy to became one day an explorer like many others like captain Kirk or Picard.
At the Academy, Ruben was one of the best Navigation/Piloting
students and also showed good security instincts and leadership skills. Years later, at the Helm of an Excelsior class starship, the USS Lisbon, the young cadet had his first taste of real combat after accidentally the USS Lisbon discovered a Borg Cube on course to sector 001 for a second attempt to assimilate Earth. With communications being jammed by the Borg ship the only solution for the crew of the federation ship was to allure the enemy colossal ship to an asteroid field nearby that sector to escape their sensors. Inside the asteroid field, cloaked by the large objects the Lisbon officers came with the plan to navigate the ship through the field only on thruster power so they could not be detected until they could come out on the other side. This would give them perhaps enough time to engage warp and warn Starfleet of the coming threat. With the Helm officer wounded it was up to Ruben Santos to show his skills. However the plan was not succeful. Has they started to move among the debris and asteroids the Cube sent drone shuttles in search for the missing ship. Forced to raise shields and defend themselfs from the drone shuttles, the USS Lisbon gave away their position away and the Cube opened fire towards their location. Although they were protected by a large asteroid, they were under enemy fire once again and no where to go. The bridge officers joined the captain in the observation room again to discuss the next move but at that moment every one seemed to be running out of ideas but the captain was not willing to go down without a fight. If they were to die that day, they would die fighting... but before the captain could say anything the young cadet took courage to gave one last idea to the officers, even if it sounded absurd and ridiculous to the others in the room... "what if we could use one of these asteroids against them like a slingshot?" The idea was to damage them enough in order for the federation ship to power up their warp engines and call Starfleet. With the captain agreement preparations began to be made. The choosing of an asteroid big enough to be tractored and capable or arming ship like a Borg Cube was hard but they found it at last. In a moment of cease fire the impulse engines were powered on for a second and the ship was sent in the direction of their last hope. After this, all unessential energy was diverted to the tractor beam and forward shields and the final battle began. It was David vs Golias all over again. When the time came, the big rock was released and went towards the Cube leaving it dead in the water. But everyone knew this was only a matter of time until they could pick them selfs up and continue with their mission. So, and in a last effort the federation ship turned around and engaged the warp engines until minutes later they broke down leaving the ship drifting in space only with life support on. Now there was nothing else they could do... They were going to stand there, helpless, drifting in space until the inevitable end for them. But something unexpected happend in the horizon. The entire Federation fleet leaded by the Enterprise-D dropped out of warp to finish the job and rescue them. Apparently the Borg ship had been spotted by a cloaked Klingon Bird of Prey and warn Starfleet.
One week later, Ruben Santos was promoted to Ensign and reassigned to a ship of his choice due to is performance against the Borg.
In this case, the USS Zaelus...
Ruben Santos

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