Brenna Lynette Moya

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Brenna Lynette Moya

Postby Amanda Rose » Tue Dec 27, 2005 1:30 pm

Name: Brenna Lynette Moya
Nickname: Bren or Brain
Starfleet Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade

Position: Engineering Officer
Commanding Officer: Captain Anzalia Ja'arda


Brenna was born to Harvey and Lois Moya. Even at an early age, the Moya's could see that their child would be difficult to rear. Brenna had a knack for finding her way into places where she did not belong. At 5, she also had insights into people and places at ages that most children would be more interested in what a person brought to them (candy, treats, etc). Her parents, at 3, recognizing Brenna's exceptional intelligence sent her to King's College School. By 5, she was speaking and writing English and French with equal ability. Punishment did not work well on Brenna. She seemed to always find a way around the punishment. In one instance, at age 7, she was sent to her room without having dinner. So, she rigged a set up from her room and tapped into the replicator and cooked her own macaroni and cheese. From this incident, her father said, "That's my Bren!" Her childhood friends instead misunderstood and said, "Brain."

At age 12, Brenna's beauty began to show. Raven haired (kept long and straight) and pretty, as her name claimed from birth, she found herself surrounded by boys galore. Currently, she stands 5'6" and weighs 120 lbs. However, the added attention also brought unwanted elements into her life. At 15, she fell in love with a classmate named George. Unfortunately for Bren, her natural sense of people failed with George. She allowed George to take her to a holo station where he set the scene to force himself upon her. Brenna only escaped when she feigned fainting, allowing
George to get near, and kicking him in the family jewels. While he was stunned, she made for the nearest transporter and beamed home. While he did not actually get to rape Brenna, she never fully trusted anyone, let alone a male figure again.

This incident also led to Brenna's role in studying self-defense. She became extremely interested in Hsing I Chuan. It was much more direct than the fluffy Tai Chi and it was so much more explosive. But, Hsing I was most useful in further focusing Brenna's mind and energies towards tasks at hand, making her much more creative about finding solutions to
problems. It had the side effect of making her much more perfectionistic in nature. She tends to expect the same of other and therefore is frequently disappointed.

Looking for a new challenge and looking to expand her horizons, she joined Starfleet. Again, it was no surprise that she succeeded. She put in the long hours and exceled in every subject before her. Unfortunately, she could not choose a favorite. She liked to tinker. She liked the internal workings of a ship. She liked to be in charge. Unfortunately, she tended to do much of her work alone. Her classmates found her to be a bit extreme and wanted to have more fun. She was asked to loosen up, which she didn't really understand. She simply wanted to be the best.

Upon graduation from Starfleet, she applied for and was accepted to an security position on the USS Centauri. She served well, but without any
spectactular notations for the year tour. Not satisfied with the limitations of simply directing and guarding personnel, she decided to use her broad
knowledge to apply to the USS Einstein Ops position.

Here, she was clearly much happier. Occasionally, she had the opportunity to fill in at the transporter room. She got to assist with many engineering
problems. But, most importantly, the position gave her the freedom to learn all about the ship and all of its crew.

It was this knowledge that permitted her to earn her Bronze Star Metal. On a diplomatic mission, she noticed a small variance in the internal sensors. While the variance was negligible, there was no reason for it on her ship. She traced the variance to a com port on deck two of the ship. There, she noticed some rewiring. After a period of time, she discovered that the rewiring was meant to disable the transporters during a certain command sequence. Upon bringing this information to the CO, she was complimented and then requested to assist in the investigation of the
sabateur. Eventually, the perpetrator was discovered and she was given her award, as well as a choice of her next duty.

Looking for new excitement and for the broadening of her skills, she applied for the Chief Engineering position at FOR1. Unfortunately, working at FOR1 was not what she expected. There, she found herself constantly updating a Cardassian station. It was a wonder that it worked at all. But, with a great deal of work and a lack of sleep, she got the station up and running.

However, her real troubles started with Broddy entered FOR1. He questioned her. He made discoveries she did not. She found it infuriating. She constantly blamed herself for not being good enough and felt she was inadequate for the task. The worst happened when one day, on the verge of a breakdown due to not solving FOR1's latest problem (caused by an entity that she could not possibly control), she asked Broddy if she was cold and unfeeling. A few more sentences later and then Moya, without any explanation to herself kissed Broddy passionately.

This event left Moya more confused and more embarrassed. She started to avoid Broddy, despite feeling an attraction, no matter how slight. When the creature inhabited Broddy's body, she argued with the being possessing him and was thrown against a wall. The being nearly broke FOR1 and Moya was knocked out in the process.

Feeling completely useless and not wanting to remember Broddy or her perceived failures at FOR1, she applied for a transfer and got it to Zealous.

Date of Birth: June 12, 2353
Place of Birth: London, England

Service Record
2375-assigned to USS Centari
2376-assigned to USS Einstein
2379-Assigned to FOR1 as Chief Engineer
2379-Requested transfer to Zealous

Educational Record:(starfleet and before)

2356 - King's College School
2375 - Starfleet (Graduated 4th in class)


2378 - Bronze Star Metal
Captain Cynthia Lynette Jackson - USS Legacy - now on

Former Manheim Fleet Captain, Recruiting Chair and Captain of America Kelly Jean O'Connor

Captain Gary Stephen Alexander - USS Horizon (Daedalus Class) - now on

Connor James Turner - computer specialist - Torchwood Ten
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