Ensign William Bell Carver

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Ensign William Bell Carver

Postby WilliamCarver » Thu Oct 20, 2005 10:16 pm

William Bell Carver

Position: Junior Helm Officer
Rank: Ensign
Ship: USS Zealous
Race: 1/2 Betazoid , 1/2 Human
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Place of Birth: San Antonio, Texas, Earth
Date of Birth: November 8, 2361

Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 190lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Skin Color: Caucasian, tanned
Distinguishing Marks: a series of knife scars on left arm and torso, Starfleet Marine Tatoo on Right shoulder, Klingon-inspired tatoo on left pectoral (symbolizes level of Mok'Bara accomplishment)

Interests: Martial Arts (accomplished in Betazed, Human and Klingon Martial Arts since childhood), Starship piloting
Likes: Martial Arts, Honesty, Meditation, exotic foods and cooking
Dislikes: Dishonesty, people who can't cook (replicators are for sissies)

Marital Status: Single
Accent: Texan (an affectation he keeps up as part of his Human heritage)
Favorite Quote: "Oh, fudge."

Family Data:
Genetically Bonded: n/a
Spouse: None
Children: None
Father: Will Carver - Deceased 2374
Mother: Deceased 2374
Brothers: none
Sisters: none

High School and Location: Homeschooled (Earth and Betazed)
University/College: Correspondence Courses (University of Cambridge, Earth) 2376-2379
Starfleet Academy Major: Command
Starfleet Academy Minor: Operations
Starfleet Academy Position: 15th of 425
Graduate Schools: Correspondence Courses (University of Alpha Centauri) 2379-80

Starfleet Information:
Federation Star Cross, Federation Silver Star, Dominion War Campaign Medal, Purple Heart (awarded three times)
2374-75 Betazed Resistance Fighter
USS Dominant - Cadet Cruise, until ship was destroyed
IKV CHu'Hir - Six months during Dominion War
USS Strickland - Promotion to Captain, Retires SFMC. Finished Graduate school and SF Academy in the same year.
USS Zealous

Medical History:
Starfleet Medical Assessment:
Early childhood broken bones and severe fractures from full contact combat classes and competitions. Starfleet Marine Medical assessed injuries during stint in Betazed Resistance forces: four polaron beam wounds, seventeen deep lacerations along left arm and torso, though subject refuses to discuss these wounds they are consistent with Jem'Hadar bayonettes. Subject refuses cosmetic healing of the scars. Crushed bones in the face, hands and feet were also repaired in the field during his time in the Resistance. Since induction into Starfleet Marine Corps and subsequent transfer to Starfleet subject suffered twelve major phaser, disruptor and polaron weapon wounds. Left kidney, spleen, four ribs on the left side and left femur underwent major reconstruction and repair after Ensign Carver successfully attained the fourth rank in the Klingon Da'har Martial Art 2378. Hospitalized in 2379 for severe psychological combat stress, cured, returned to duty. Despite previous wounds Ensign Carver's physical health is near perfect.

Psychological Profile:
From the files of Killean Bana, Starfleet Medical: William Carver chose the name of his father instead of his mother, as is Betazed tradition, after the Federation freed Betazed from occupation during the Dominion war. He does this as a rejection of his Betazoid heritage (Note: though he does possess full telepathic and empathic abilities William often refuses to use them). It has a lot to do with the death of his parents during the occupation though he refuses to reveal his true feelings. It is my opinion that he has come to terms with their deaths and his reaction to them and is slowly emerging from his cold temperment. Previous Combat Stress illnesses are deemed cured and inconsequential.

Personal History:
William Carver was educated in the martial arts from an early age by both parents. His mother schooled him in many subjects before their death at the hands of the Dominion in 2374. William survived in the Betazed resistance and earned the respect and fear of his enemies by succeeding at the most dangerous missions throughout the occupation. As soon as the occupation was lifted William sought out Starfleet, quickly finding a berth on the USS Dominant in the Federation Marine Corps. William distinguished himself on several occassions in combat with Dominion and Cardassian ground and space forces. USS Dominant was destroyed when the marines were assaulting a Jem'hadard ground position. The survivors of his unit transferred to a Klingon ship, the IKV CHu'Hir. When his commanding officer fell in battle Carver kept the Starfleet marines together until they were able to get a berth on a Federation vessel, six months after being adopted by IKV CHu'Hir. For his actions on the Klingon vessel Carver was awarded the Federation Silver Star. Promoted to 1st Lieutenant, assigned to USS Strickland. After a dozen planetary assaults Carver was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant and then Captain because of high Federation ground force casualties. USS Strickland met her fate in the final battle near Cardassia. Carver and many of his brother marines survived the death of their ship and took over a damaged Cardassian vessel. For his quick thinking and ferocity in the battle the Captain was awarded the Federation Star Cross. The marines managed to rescue over five hundred stranded personell from dead ships before they were aided by rescue and medical vessels. William suffered severe wounds and required several months rest after the Battle at Cardassia. At this point he decided on a career change and began correspondence courses to become a Starfleet officer. William resigned his commission in the the Marine Corps when he passed final exams for the academy and Officer Training School. USS Zealous is his first cruise as a Starfleet Officer.

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