Trinidad Station - Background Information

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Trinidad Station - Background Information

Postby Seth » Wed May 26, 2004 4:27 pm

Trinidad station is a Narn space station on the border of Narn and Centauri space that was being decommissioned. The station was donated by the Narn to the IA because they no longer held any interest in it. The IA was happy to take this over as it created a base of operations for this area without having to invest the money to build a new station. From the Narn point of view this gave their people additional military support for this area without any additional investment and this base was scheduled for decommission.

The IA has now taken over the base and renamed it Trinidad Station. It is in the final stages of preparation and is scheduled to go operational six weeks from now on June 7th.

The base is designed to serve as a military checkpoint and trade center. It has been refitted by Earth Force, the IA and the Minbari, so the defense system, interior, etc etc, is not strictly Narn anymore. Comfort wise it's similar to B5. It is not the size of B5, only stretching one mile accross, and is not set up to handle diplomatic situations on the scale of B5. It does, however, offer a port for trade for the various races and is a support station for the Rangers. The Rangers and Whitestars assigned to this area use this as their main station. These Whitestars can offer support for the station, however, Trinidad Station only has one Whitestar specifically assigned to this base. The single Whitestar is directly under the command of the base personnel. In other words, the station can get support from other Whitestars if need be, but they don't have a fleet of those on standbye like Sheridan did.

The base is under the command of the IA. As part of the agreement to take over the base, however, the Narn have a heavy presence on the base and officers serving in the various departments. This is, after all, something they built. Earth Force has a similar agreement due to their investment into the refit of the station. The Minbari have a small presence, content to help reformat the station but trusting the IA with controlling the product. So officers serving the station can be human (IA or Earth Force officers) or Narn. They can also be Minbari but there will be a limit as to how many Minbari player characters will be allowed. Other races (not Centauri) will also be allowed as IA officers or even as civilian traders or work staff. In other words if you want to play a Drazi officer you can.

Centauri will be allowed but not as officers serving on the station. There will be a good trade system going through this base and that does open up the opportunity for other races to be here. As such I would understand a Centauri being on the station as a trader, even if this trader is secretely working for the Centauri military. That would make sense to me.

There will be an extreme limit on techno mages and telepaths. I will only allow these types to be played by people that have simmed in the SLA for a while and shown that they are great simmers. I will be setting limits on what these characters will be able to do. In other words if you want a super character or expect to solve problems with your power repeatedly, it's not going to work.

I welcome people to give me concepts for their characters that do not fit into what I have said. If you can lay out a good plan for why they would be there I am likely to approve. But be honest with yourself. If you give me some crazy "He's a Centauri who was adopted by Narn and now serves the Narn military" or such concept I'm probably not going to ok it. In other words don't look for loopholes. If you have your heart set on a different character try and work with me on it and don't make it a super character.

Here is the basic roster concept:

Hosts: CO and XO

- These positions can be held by officers from the IA, Earth Force and Narn militaries. DH positions will not be given to player characters for a while.
  • Security
  • Medical
  • Fighter Pilots
  • Operations (Engineering and Maintanance)
  • Rangers
  • Commercial Telepaths

- These positions can be held by any race that makes sense (IE don't even try Vorlons, Shadows or Ancients). These will be the traders or even workers of the station. Other ideas will, of course, be welcome. I would prefer that civilians, for now, are played by advanced simmers. In other words for people taking on these roles I think it would be best if they had a great deal of experience and would help direct plot lines involving the civilian characters. These characters can easily get lost in the plot unless the simmers pushing this are well skilled and don't need a lot of hand holding. As time goes on I'm all for new simmers being able to join in on that side, but I would prefer to get a couple of 'leaders', so to speak, in that area that have proven themselves first.

Year: 2268. We're following basically the series as far as years go. The Gathering took place in 2257 and came out in 1993. It has now been 11 years since The Gathering came out. As such I am setting the series 11 years after that. This is six years after Sheridan and many of the other characters left B5 (which ended six years ago).

A note on the Shadow Plague that infected Earth:
We will be ignoring the plague issue that hit Earth and was showcased in Crusade. JMS stated that this would be resolved in the series and would not be the main plot point. As such we are just assuming that it was resolved and we don't have to deal with it.

The plague hit Earth four years after B5 (A Call to Arms was set five years after the creation of the IA, which was at the end of Season Four). The plague would kill every human on Earth five years after it was introduced (after it adjusted to human physiology). This means if the plague was not cured before two years ago every human on Earth would have died. Since we've seen Earth 20 years after B5 (Ivanova as a General on Earth in the final episode, for instance) we know that didn't happen. So the plague was cured at some point. :)

Contact me if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

- Quick note, the date of this sim follows our current date (IE it's April 28th in the B5 universe right now).
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