This area is for requests by SLA members. This is specifically things like a new host needing a HAS account, additions to the Host mail string and other things. Please read the request requirements before posting and please do not reply to other people's requests. This is not a discussion area but a documentation system so that jobs needing others to complete can get done.


Postby Saint » Wed Nov 19, 2008 3:39 pm

Please use this only for specific requests that are authorized, such as adding an XO to the HAS or Host Mailstring. Giving a sim a new mailstring. Giving a Fleet a new mail string. Giving a sim boards. Please do not use this to request a new mod for the boards, or to have the SLA launch a new sim. This is not a general discussion area, rather this is a tracking area so that if something needs to be done that others can do (Which can be done by the Council) it can be done and the person who completes it can post a response here letting you (and others) know that it is done.

DO NOT SHOW A PASSWORD IN ANY REQUEST. You can change the password of mail lists and HAS accounts after we create one for you. Don't show one here. If you need to show the password, PM Saint, please.

That being said.... let's begin.

For HAS accounts: please include:

  • Name of your character:
  • Current email address:
  • Sim you host:
  • Your rank (if you don't have one, no worries):

For mailstrings, please include:

  • Name of your character:
  • Current email address:
  • Sim you host:

Note: If the sim is currently running, please have the departing host contact me ASAP.

For mod rights over your sim's boards please include:
  • Your sim name:
  • Your 10 Forward Username:
  • Your XO's Username:
  • Current members of your sim for the usergroup:

Note: The above will be confirmed by the Personnel Chair, so be honest.

Nothing too fancy for us, folks. Just give us the info needed, and all will be well. Most of us are working or in classes, so we don't have the time necessary to dig for the info.

And of course, no attempts to be a haxx0r, either. We've had enough fun with skript kiddies and bots, and I'm sure you don't like them, either. So, follow the above and we'll get you squared away.
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