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Tigra Tigress, Andrew Carter, Mike Winstead

PostPosted: Sun May 18, 2014 8:33 pm
by Kris
This was posted by Tavey on the SLA Facebook group but it deserves to be posted here as well:

News has just arrived from Jessica, Tigra Tigress' daughter. This morning, in Chicago, Tigra Tigress and Andrew Carter were involved in a fatal car accident. Neither survived. Shortly thereafter, Jessica received a call from Mike Winstead's wife to let her know that Mike had also passed away.

While many of you do not know these names, they are important to us. These are the people who began simming so many years ago.

We honour them, and their memory. We raise a pint of the blue stuff (tm) in their memory. May their words shine in the stars.

Re: Tigra Tigress, Andrew Carter, Mike Winstead

PostPosted: Sun May 18, 2014 8:57 pm
by Tavey
As I said in my email to the Council.. Tigra was a friend. We got chatting some years ago during a SciWorld, and kept in contact through emails on and off. Tigra was a funny, opinionated, passionate woman. She spoke nearly 20 languages, and travelled the world translating. She loved her kids (lots... lots of kids.. let me tell you..) intensely. And had one granddaughter, Amy, who she was incredibly proud of.

She was also proud of all of us. It might not have come out very clearly sometimes during SciWorld. But she was so incredibly amazed at what her legacy truly was. For her.. it started with 7 people writing a plot out, then calling into a chat room for an hour or two once a week, or every few weeks. That's how simming started. Back in the times when you saved up your time carefully and shut off your phone so when someone called they didn't bump you off the internet. It seems incredible now, but that's what it was.

I'm really glad I got to chat to her just a couple of weeks ago during SciWorld.

Sleep well Tigra, Mike and Andrew. And thank you.