May 2014 Elections

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May 2014 Elections

Postby Kris » Thu May 01, 2014 7:23 am

It's officially time for the May Elections! Normally there would be three positions up for re-election, but
due to a vacancy caused by the previous election, we have four up for re-election.

Finance Chair
Publications Chair
Engineering Chair
Recruiting Chair

Please see the SLA Charter, section C for details on the scope of each position:

If you're interested in any of the above positions, please put your name forward. Make sure to include why
you think you'd be good at said position. The nominations will end May 7th at midnight Pacific Time.

After the week, if more than one person is up for taking over a position, there will be voting. Those who
are eligible to vote send theirs in, via email, to an Elections Commissioner who will tally the votes and
annouce the results. Of course, we need someone to also go in for that position too!

Now normally, this would be sent to the Council as it currently stands as well as the Hosts string, but due
to the fact that we know many of you out there qualify for the positions and we've been having issues with
email strings, it is going to both of those as well as our lovely Facebook page and Ten Forward. Please
read the article listed above to see if you truly do qualify for the positions.

To put your name forward, please send to either the Council string if you are currently on the Council, Host
string if you are a host, or to kris at slasims dot com if you are on neither of these lists and I will
forward it out to everyone.
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