Expression and Rules on Ten Forward

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Expression and Rules on Ten Forward

Postby Warp » Mon Feb 25, 2008 10:49 pm

Hey folks,

Over the years, Ten Forward has had a couple of different forms of expression rules. Some of the older rules have fallen by the wayside. When in question, this post takes precedence!

The big question is free speech.

The big answer is yes. With provisions.

The Charter guarantees freedom of expression for all SLA members. There are some limitations -- a friendly and non-hostile environment is also guaranteed, and when free expression comes to odds with those things, it loses. Prejudice, harassment, and discrimination also run afoul here. Try to keep the environment enjoyable!

Another note on discrimination, harassment, and prejudice: in-character, these may be acceptable. Whether or not they are is up to your sim's hosts. Check with them before letting these into your IC postings, just in case. OOC prejudice, harassment, or discrimination are always out of bounds.

(If there is a question about whether one of these rules have been broken, the admins make the ultimate call. We'll try to be as fair as possible, we promise!)

Finally, a major rule: do not use the boards to recruit for outside sims or simming groups. There is one exception to this in the recruiting section, where ads from outside of the SLA may be posted by active community members. Beyond that single forum, please don't recruit for outside sims using the boards. We don't want to have to approach you about this individually, and you don't want us to either.

There'll be a response after this post with Charter excerpts for those interested. Thanks for reading this through, everybody. If you have any questions, drop me a PM!
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Postby PraxJarvin » Mon Feb 25, 2008 11:03 pm

Greetings Everyone,

The Council would like to remind all the posters on Ten Forward of the following passages from the SLA Charter about free expression and the rights of simmers on the Ten Forward boards. If you have read Warp's synopsis, you have a good sense of what rights you have as an SLA member on these boards. These are being posted in case anyone has further questions about their free speech rights.

Article II, Section A

1) All SLA members have the right to participate in a friendly and enjoyable environment.
2) All SLA members have the right to participate in an environment free of prejudice, harassment, and other forms of out of character hostility.
4) All SLA members have the right to free expression, so long as it infringes on no other rights and does not violate the provisions of Article IV.

Article IV, Section A

1) The Starfleet Legacy Alliance (SLA) imposes these requirements and responsibilities on its members to ensure an enjoyable environment conducive to maintaining quality sims for all members.
2) The SLA Council is empowered to impose additional requirements and responsibilities so long as they do not violate any provisions set forth in [The Charter].
i) All additional requirements and responsibilities must be made publicly available to all members affected.
ii) No requirement or responsibility imposed by the SLA Council may override or supersede the provisions of [The Charter] unless they are made in the form of an amendment.

Section B
1) All SLA members are required to be aware of and respect the out-of-character chain of command of both their simulation and the SLA, and further recognize that the hosts of a simulation are the prime authority for all internal matters dealing with that simulation.
4) All SLA members are required to act in a non-discriminatory manner out of character, and further to show no discrimination in their words or actions on basis of race, color, creed, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, or disability.
i) This provision does not automatically extend to the in-character actions of players within a simulation, so long as said action is in accordance with the rules of the simulation and takes place with the approval of the hosts.
5) No member may use SLA resources to recruit for or advertise an outside simulation or organization.
i) The sole exception to the above provision is any media designated by the SLA for such recruiting or advertising.
8) All SLA members are required to respect other simming organizations and are forbidden from initiating or participating in any activity intended to harass or impede another simulation or group.

Please remember that the most important part of simming is having fun. Keep that in mind and there should never be a problem.
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Re: Expression and Rules on Ten Forward

Postby Razor Jones » Wed Jun 02, 2010 3:01 am

New here.Thanks for this post.
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