Crew Roster (12/07/2005)

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Crew Roster (12/07/2005)

Postby Ducane » Tue Jul 12, 2005 9:03 am

Weekly Posting Roster

Welcome to the USS Zealous weekly roster! Appologies for the late arrival... but better late than never! The Zealous Crew Roster is brought to you on a weekly basis to let you know who is in which department, and to make interaction less confusing. If you spot any errors/omissions, please contact Captain Ja'arda, Commander Ducane or Jake Sjet.

We've had some good posting for this mission... let's try to keep it up! Remember, we're looking for at least one post per week per recruit.

Notes from Ducane:

* Since I'm English, the dates are in the form: dd/mm/yyyy and various words are spelt a bit differently.
* There'll be no mistakes today... today is NOT a good day to die.
* However, as usual, if you notice anything untoward, email me :-)


The Zealous operates two ranking systems, to distinguish between Starfleet Line Officers and Starfleet Enlisted Officers, the rank table (from lowest to highest) is listed below, along with the requirements for attaining the rank. Please note that the requirements are just a guide, and the final decision for a promotion is made by either the CO, XOs, or is a joint decision. Officers of the same grade have the same authority.
Code: Select all
| GRADE | LINE                             | ENLISTED                            |
|       |                                  |                                     |
| 1     | ENSIGN                (ENS.)     | PETTY OFFICER 3RD CLASS     (PO 3C) |
| 2     | LIEUTENANT JG         (LT JG)    | PETTY OFFICER 3RD CLASS     (PO 2C) |
| 4     | LIEUTENANT 1ST CLASS  (LT 1C)    | CHIEF PETTY OFFICER         (CPO)   |

| GRADE | REQUIREMENT                                                                         |
|       |                                                                                     |
| 1     | (no requirement)                                                                    |
| 2     | A biography, and 10 logs                                                            |
| 3     | A biography update, and a further 20 logs                                           |
| 4     | Another biography update, and a further 25 logs (XO or CO recommendation required)  |
| 5     | Another biography update, and a further 30 logs (XO and CO recommendation required) |


We do require at least ONE log per week from recruits not on LOA. If you need to take an LOA, please visit the yollowing URL, and fill out the fields as fully as possible:

IMPORTANT: Due to cntinuing mailstring problems, if a log you've posted has not been reflected in this version of the roster, please let the hosting team know, and we'll remedy it for next time. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Posters this week (13): Ducane, Jaarda, Murdock, Soban, Sullivan, Ross, Turlok, Robinson, Zuub, Combs, Aster, Yunisca, Sjet
Crew size: 26
Active crew: 19 (73%)

Active poster contribution percentage, this week: 68%


If your name is in BLUE, you are ON NOTICE. If your name is in RED, your are ON WARNING. GREEN names are NPCs. Names in GREY are on LOA.

I'm also including some extra information at the end of your name, there should be a + followed by a number, which indicates the number of posts this week. The number in brackets after that is your daily average. This is calculated per week, and shows on average how many logs you post per day (for the roster week).

Any questions about the statistics, email me or AIM me :-)

Command Staff
Commanding Officer - Captain Azanialix Ja'arda (319) +2 (0.14)
Executive Officer - Commander Alex Ducane (38) +3 (0.43)

Bridge Officers
Chief Helm Officer - Lt. Cmdr. Howard Madej Murdock (206) +2 (0.14)
Helm Officer - Ensign Sernia Soban (31) +1 (0.14)
Helm Officer - Ensign Ripley Stargrazer (NPC)

Chief Operations Officer - Lt. Cmdr. Ti'ana Sullivan (49) +4 (0.57)
Operations Officer - Lt. JG Anthony Ross (5) +1 (0.14)

Chief Tactical Officer - Lt. Cmdr. Luke Osswell (28) - LOA
Tactical Officer - Ensign Roger Bradhurst (0) - LOA
Tactical Officer - Lt. Devin Nord (NPC)
Tactical Officer - Lt. JG Teresa Gomez (NPC)

Ship-wide Officers
Chief Engineer - Lt. 1C Vaskel (15) - LOA
Engineer - Ensign Turlok (2) +2 (0.29)
Engineer - Ensign Samantha Baines (NPC)

Chief Science Officer - Lt. Cmdr. Joy Robinson (40) +3 (0.43)
Assistant Chief Science Officer - Lt. 1C Jarrold Scott (74)
Scientist - Lt. 2C Karen Stanton (NPC)

Chief Medical Officer - Commander Alex Ducane (38) +3 (0.43)
Assistant Chief Medical Officer - Lt. 2C Zuub (33) +1 (0.14)
Medical Officer - Lt. 2C Amina Jalovel (1)
EMH Mark II (Female, Jennifer) (NPC)

Chief Councellor - Lt. Cmdr. Melissa Richards (24) - Extended LOA
Councellor - Ensign Lester Combs (20) +1 (0.14)
Councellor - Ensign Beatrix Aster (16) +1 (0.14)
Councellor - Ensign Yunisca (9) +1 (0.14)

Chief Security Officer - Lt. 2C Daniel Hunt (20)

Security Officer - Ensign Taryn Ryder (6) - LOA
Security Officer - Ensign Jason Garbing (41)
Security Officer - Ensign Sara McGonaggle (NPC)


Chief Intelligence Officer - (To Be Announced)
Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer - Lt. JG James Black (NPC)
Intelligence Officer - Ensign Bryn Kincaid (6) - LOA

Lounge Manager - Aurianne Hope Tailae Kaemada Siersou/Xternal (aka Quamada) (67) - LOA

Cook - Vin'ti (NPC)
Retired Lt. Cmdr Jake Sjet (304) +1 (0.14)
Artifical Intelligence - Aspera (1)
Crystal Starr (NEW) - Must post by 19/07/2005

Command Staff
USS Zealous
Manheim Fleet

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