Zealous vs TTF ships Information

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Zealous vs TTF ships Information

Postby Lucasausems » Fri Jun 24, 2005 10:55 am

Hi, I'm opening this topic after delibiration with the Captain.
There is much confusement about our attackers, the TTF. Specifically what ships they have.
Beneath here I have placed the (almost) original attacking TTF ship classes. Some of it might not check out with which some of that has been posted. I ask for your understanding if that is so. I hope with opening this topic we'll finally know what faces us fpr sure.

The TTF taskforce consisted of six ships. Two of which are destroyed. The remaining four are:

1 Valiant Class Starship

The VALIANT CLASS starship is a federation warship. (although Starfleet prefer the designation 'Escort').
Designed after the BORG threat was made apparent, the VALIANT CLASS was put into production.
Originally touted as the design for the USS DEFIANT, this vessel ended up being used for deep space and hostile tactical recon missions, as it proved that it could take one hell of a pounding and still limp home victorious. It has virtually the same weaponry as the DEFIANT CLASS Warships.

Akira Class Starship ---> Boarding party USS Avenger

With six new vessels being turned out a year since 2355, the pride of the Fleet is the Akira Class Heavy Cruiser. New vessels off the line sport a dozen attack craft in its throughdeck hangar and fifteen torpedo tubes (information from ST The Magazine), making the Akira Class the most lethal fighting vessel ever to serve in the Federation, more so than the Prometheus Class Tactical Assualt Cruiser and the new Defiant Class Escort vessels. Fast, manueverable, and sturdy, sixteen ships alone were lost to the Dominion War. In 2362 the Idaho Variant of the Eagle Class was developed, which can carry over twice the fighter compliment and delivers Starfleet planetary assault ships. However, the Akira has proven over and over in simulations that capital ship power always wins out over fighter attack capabilities. This philosophy was enhanced during the Battle for DS9 during the Dominion War, when wave after wave of Peregrine attack fighters were annihilated by Dominion cruiser formations. The Akira's heavy armament, defensive armor, and sheer mass mark it as the preferred ship of the line of the Federation Starfleet. Presently, one hundred and five are serving throughout Federation Space, and no end is presently scheduled in the production life of the Akira Class.

Nebula Class Starship---> Joined Boarding Party USS Avenger and USS Zealous

The Nebula Class was designed with an emphasis on flexibility. This is made possible by the raised equipment pod, which can be easily modified to carry scientific or tactical equipment pallets, or a combination of both configurations. Forty-two vessels are in service as of 2376, and an open ended construction contract still on the table at the Utopia Yards. Though categorized as an Explorer, the Nebula Class can excel at virtually an task Operations can think of, from limited survey missions to deep strike missions into the Dominion Alliance.

Norway Class Starship
Was designed to supplement the Akira, Steamrunner, and Saber generation of classes. Unlike the other three classes the Norway is not as heavily armed making it more capable of diplomatic and scientific missions.

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Postby RKClenner » Fri Jun 24, 2005 11:18 am

Interesting but of research there Lucas
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Postby Jason Garbing » Fri Jun 24, 2005 1:08 pm

Thanks luke - i understood but it is a useful resource
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