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Crew Roster 05/6/05

PostPosted: Sun Jun 05, 2005 5:41 pm
by Jake Sjet
Scott, Lester, Zuub, Yunisca, Zania, Jake, Bryn, Beatrix, Garbing, Alex, Ti’ana, Lucas,
Burns, Murdock and Joy

Date: 05/06/05

The Zealous Crew Roster is brought to the crew in order to make it easier for each member to know who is in what department and to make interaction less confusing. If there are any errors in the Roster please alert Captain Azanialix Ja'arda, Jake Sjet, or Alex Ducane. The Roster will be sent out every week (Saturday) in order to keep everyone up to date.


Promotions are a reflection of logs and mailstring activity. The following is a GUIDELINE towards promotion but is not the final tool used in decisions. Remember, if you wish to be promoted, or to someday become a sim host, activity is the only way to achieve this. We will give out promotions following every mission, some will be at a party while others will probably be less formal.

Commissioned Officer Ranks:
Ensign – No requirement, beginning position
Lieutenant Junior Grade – 1 bio and 10 logs
Lieutenant – 1 bio update and 20 logs (after promotion)
Lieutenant First Class - an additional bio update and 25 logs (after promotion) and recommendation of XO or CO
Lieutenant Commander - an additional bio update and 30 logs (after promotion) and recommendation of XO and CO

*Non-Commissioned Officer
Petty Officer 3rd Class – No requirement, beginning position
Petty Officer 2nd Class – 1 bio and 10 logs
Petty Officer 1st Class – 1 bio update and 20 logs (after promotion)
Chief Petty Officer - an additional bio update and 25 logs (after promotion) and recommendation of XO or CO
Senior Chief Petty Officer - an additional bio update and 30 logs (after promotion) and recommendation of XO and CO
* = If so desired, NCOs may elect to take a Starfleet exam.
If they pass, they will become a Commissioned Officer.


Remember, we do ask at least one log a week from everyone (barring LOA or such).

Important Note: Due to continuing mailstring and forum problems, if you posted a log and did not see it reflected accurately within the roster, please let me know! I will get it remedied for the next roster update.

There were no removals this week, and nobody is On Warning. Now that the server move is finished, the reprieve that we've given everyone is over! As such, we now have THREE people On Notice! Remember, if you are On Notice or On Warning, make sure you get a log in so you don't face removal!

Posters this week:
Scott, Lester, Zuub, Yunisca, Zania, Jake, Bryn, Beatrix, Garbing, Alex, Ti’ana, Lucas,
Burns, Murdock and Joy

The SLA forums are back up and running! You can access them by going to
_http://tenforward.slasims.com_ ( .
Please remember to keep our back-up forums
( ) bookmarked, just in case if we run into future problems with the forums.

Also, please remember to post your logs both on the forums, in the Current Log Thread, and to send them to the mailstrings. I'm having difficulty with getting some e-mails through the mailstrings. Cross posting is the best way to insure that your logs will be counted!

Now that we also have our mailstrings back as well, let's see if we can get the activity to pick up again!


If your name is in red that means that you are in risk of being removed from the sim due to inactivity. We will need a log from you within one week’s time in order to keep you on the sim.

If your name is blue that means that you are at risk of being declared On Warning within one week, and this could be moved to Removal if a log is not sent out within two weeks. Please remember to write at least one log a week. After all, if you are not writing how can you enjoy the sim?

If you need a LOA (Leave of Absence) simply let us know and we can help you.
If you have questions or need help, just let us know. We are there to help you.

We will be putting crew in the On Warning status after 3 weeks without activity and removing crew members after 4 weeks without activity. We're not trying to ride anyone, and this is all supposed to be fun, but if you’re not posting at all it’s no fun for you.

With the exception of Department Heads, crew members on Extended LOA (3 weeks or more), will no longer be listed in the primary crew roster.
Instead, they will be listed on an ELOA Crew Roster, which can be found at:
( .
Upon their return, their character will again be listed on the primary roster.

Position – Rank/Name (Logs since promotion)

Command Staff
Commanding Officer – Captain Azanialix Ja'arda (310¬¬)
Executive Officer – Commander Alex Ducane (30)

Bridge Officers
Chief Helm Officer--Lt Cmdr. Howard Madej Murdock (197)
Ensign Sernia Soban (29)
Ensign Ripley Stargrazer (NPC)

Chief of Operations - Lt Cmdr. Ti'ana Sullivan (40)
Assistant Chief of Operations - Lt. 2C Jake Spade (46)
Lt. JG Anthony Ross (1)

Engineering Department
Chief of Engineering – Lt. 1C Vaskel (15
Lt. JG Ma'riel Gine (NPC)
Lt. JG Alexander Thomas (12)
Ensign Jason Hawk (8)
Ensign Samantha Baines (NPC)

Science Department
Chief Science Officer – Lt Cmdr. Joy Robinson (35)
Assistant Chief Science Officer - Lt. 1C Jarrold Scott (68)
Lt. Karen Stanton (NPC)

Medical Department
Chief Medical Officer - Commander Alex Ducane (6)
Assistant Chief Medical Officer - Lt. 2C Zuub (29)
Ensign Kiara Burns-(2)

Counseling Department
Chief Counselor - Lt Cmdr. Melissa Richards (24)
Ensign Lester Combs-(17)
Ensign Beatrix Aster-(12)
Ensign Yunisca-(4)

Chief Tactical Officer – Lt Cmdr. Luke Osswell (25)
Ensign Jack Rally (9)
Lt. Devin Nord (NPC)
Ensign Roger Xavier Bradhurst-(3)
Lt. JG Teresa Gomez (NPC)

Chief Security Officer - Lt. 2C Daniel Hunt (17)
Ensign Taryn Ryder (6)
Ensign Jason Garbing (36)
Ensign Nikolai Varnyenko-(1)
Ensign Sara McGonaggle (NPC)

Chief Intelligence Officer - To Be Announced
Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer - Lt. JG James Black (NOP)
Ensign Bryn Kincaid-(5)

Cook - Vin'Ti (NPC)
Lounge Manager - Aurianne Hope Tailae Kaemada Siersou/Xternal aka Quamada (67)
Lt. Cmdr. (Retired) Jake Sjet (299)
Artificial Intelligence-Aspera (1)

Command Staff
USS Zealous
"Pugio in Averso Belli- Weapon used to avoid war"