Free at last

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Free at last

Postby Alexander » Sun Nov 28, 2004 7:48 pm

The sickbay was filling up rather fast, and as much as he would like to find out what happened to that woman over there it was time to leave before the Andorian came back. The hologram was busy with the furry person and the two who had transported in.
He was about to get up when he remembered that he needed to be cleared for duty. Drat the hologram probably wouldn't be done for quite some time. He could wait, he was used to waiting. Then he looked over at the bed next to him, the Andorian had set down the padd and tricorder when she left, on the screen of the padd was his medical exame. It said completed but hadn't been ok'd yet...
Thomas looked up, the hologram was still with the two unconcious people and the guys back was to him. All it took was a moment and Thomas was free at last, he wasn't to happy about the falsehood but then again he hadn't joined this ship to wait, at leaste not in sickbay.

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