Requiem For A Monster

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Requiem For A Monster

Postby Zania Jaarda » Mon Mar 22, 2004 4:11 pm

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Originally posted on 3/21/04
Credits go to Jake Sjet

There was a sudden hissing from the battered blast door, and then to it’s glowing eye’s the doors parted and the warm scent of freedom echoed through.
It was free.
With each clawed footstep small triangular dents were left in the grilled metallic floor as it’s clawed feet gained purchase. It’s tapered head looked about the room out side of it’s prison, it’s clawed hands gripping the edges of the door frame, and hissed loudly allowing the tastes and smells of the metallic world to filter through it’s hunter’s meticulous mind. Sweat, fear…and the slight hypnotic scent of burned flesh.
Its eyes were immediately drawn to the fallen Tarmon Ay solider, all inhibitions of humanity gone now, replaced by simpler needs. With two strides it’s scaly hide rested above the fallen Tarmon Ay shock troop, a devil like grin revealing rows of razor sharpened teeth gleaming in the darkness like diamonds. It gently poked the Tarmon Ay with a long tapered claw; just enough to ascertain that it was unconscious.
It released a bark like roar, and in doing so became very still.
As the roar echoed around the room and surrounding area it could hear the sound of beating. A soft tempo like drum beat to soft to be heard but it’s senses with over clocked to detect such small differences in it’s surroundings. It barked again, this time allowing a small rasping growl to follow it.
Two beating rhythms.
Two beating hearts.
Two prey things.
It turned with lighting fast reflex, it’s muscles straining to reach out and snag the prey things before they had a chance to run, though the idea of chasing them to ground offered a small warming to its heart.
A clawed fist, acting as more of a lance, shot towards the nearest of the beating rhythms. Its eyes plucked the two from the darkness, neither one appeared to be designed for combat or have any form of natural defence against it.
Its clawed hand could easily sever each one into easily digestible fragments. But then the clawed hand stopped.
Mere inches from the face of the closest one it stopped dead.
It felt…something alien to it’s simplistic thought patterns. Something it was not design ed to feel. Friendship…connection…
The claws seemed to slide back ,sliding away into the scaled arm and allowing six claw tipped digits to slide forth, constructing a hand where a lance of ivory bone had once seated it’s self. Softly it reached out, almost delicately it brushed a tip gentle against the soft skin of the closet prey thing…no…person….
“T…” a growling voice echoed from deep within its chest “Ti’ana…”
Its eye’s suddenly became distracted, and with a sound like knives grinding against their scabbard the six digits reversed into the coiled mass of mucles and durasteel like bones, the three claws returned. Careful not to injury the one it knew as Ti’ana or the second blod og heat like energy it turned and watched the small frgment of golden energy dancing before it’s eyes.
The golden butterfly flitted through the air, weaving through the cramped space the monster…Jake…held up a clawed hand and carefully allowed the butterfly to rest a while.
And so it stood their like a statuette, it’s head rocking from side to side as it studied the butterfly, a wave of calm and understanding falling from it’s glowing surface.
“I understand now…” it’s grizzled voice growled “I see it…so clearly now…”
Turning slowly, careful not to crush the fragile golden insect of imaginary clarity. As it turned the glowing spectres of Ti’ana and….and the other returned.
“I am not who I was,” it rumbled “but not what I fear I am.”

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