Microwave, what happened after you put the hamster in...

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Microwave, what happened after you put the hamster in...

Postby Zania Jaarda » Mon Mar 22, 2004 4:07 pm

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Originally posted on 3/19/04
Credits go to Jake Sjet

Jake could no longer feel much; his skin was whitening like paper and cracking like such. The invisible touch of the radiation broke apart cell walls causing what the textbook’s called uncontrollable haemorrhaging.
Jake called it a pain in the back, his numbing hand reaching up to wipe away another torrent of crimson fluid running from his nose. He had a good play of the field, lived a little in his short time and seen more monsters in his life than many would care to think about.
He had been living a nightmare for so long, he’d only just woken up to the fact that he was the nightmare.
“Whoa!” a soft tender voice cooed “it’s a hot day in hell this is!”
Jake’s head lolled to one side and looked up into the dark pure obsidian eyes of a falsity resembling Ti’ana. She had her hair tied up into a bun atop her head, allowing the points of her ears to come clean beneath the wide base oft the sun hat. She appeared to have left her Starfleet uniform behind and was wearing a red and white striped 50’s bathing suit.
Jake opened his mouth to tell her to go away, let him fall apart by him self but his voice was dead so he looked more like a fish gulping for air.
“You see Jake,” she knelled down and placed a hand down on Jake’s shoulder, quickly undoing her action as a small fragment of hair dropped on to it’s perfected surface “I can’t let you die. See you and I have this sweet deal where you live, and well...” she clicked her fingers “you keep on living with me up there in your brain so this whole dieing thing would but a sorta clamp on any plans I have for the time being.”
Jake wanted to answer, but he stopped. He could feel it. A probing thought, a soft wave of emotions.
She was trying to find him, the foolish girl thought he was worth saving.
Go find Vaskel and Luke, he called back, go fins the living before the dead!
He didn’t know if his thought broke through the haze of his dieing mind, through to the Vulcan hybrid.
He hope she got his message. If he died the night mare would end, she would no longer need to live in fear of him.
He still had his little secrets, and if needs be he’d take them with him. The Federation could wait a few centuries until finding out…
Well, that would be telling now wouldn’t it?
“Now you see…” her words trailed off, and both looked into the corner of the room. A shadow had formed, a dark viscous spider web. It pooled it’s self together, forming a rough bumpy lorgic mass. Clearly it was not really, clear it was something of more imaginary purpose.
The Construct, no matter what body it disguised itself as leaped from it’s line of sight from the stricken Sjet just as the organic black ooze made it’s leap from the floor towards Jake. He didn’t bother to move, to jerk out of the way.
What was the point?
His last thought for a moment was that os suffocating, the ooze finding every poore and cut on his face to crawl inside him.
And then he felt it, a touch of something older…something primal…

Travic was a young Tarmon Ay solider, young in rank but high on enthusiasm for the task and the glory of the Tarmon Ay Empire. His fellows for being the youngest member of the Warbirds crew often ribbed him, but he knew that in time he’d be accepted and a replacement for their battle hardened humour would surface.
He just needed chance to get there, to get a chance to prove he had a warriors sprit.
And he wasn’t going to get it by standing guard by a sealed detention cell.
All he wanted was some action!
Suddenly their was a dull thud from behind the thick, four inch thick radiation armour that had sealed off the chamber the moment the prisoner had arrived.
Was it that the human, or…well…what ever it was, was trying to escape?
Quickly glancing at a monitor into the sealed room he was taken aback. The radiation. or maybe even the human on the side of the sealed room….was dieing a death not know to him. His skin seemed to be crawling around as if it had a mind of it’s own. Flesh along the spinal column of the alien seemed to elongate and rip through it’s weak fabric uniform forming black scaled spikes. With each new mutation the man seemed to throw a fist against the sealed blast door, already denting the inside plates with each fist fall.
Fists? They looked more like claws now, was this the Federations idea of a peace envoy? A shape changing monstrosity that seemed intent of escaping. Activating the internal microphone he was able to hear tortured, chirping calls as the things face stretching into a snout of razor sharp teeth and golden eyes. It was begin to look like a giant lizard of some kind….
There was a loud crunch sound and Travic looked back at the sealed blast door.
There was a circular indentation half a meter wide jutting out of the door.
Soon it was joined by similar dents, each one cracking chip’s the metal and paint into the air.
This was not a good sign.

In side the prison it roared again, levelling another titanic blow with it’s the clawed fists on the now scratched and pitted door.
Prey was on the other side,.
It’s instincts told it few things, but one thing was paramount.
Food was needed to survive, and no matter how much the little noises buzzing in its ear demanded it to stop, it would eat.

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