Speed Increase

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Speed Increase

Postby Zania Jaarda » Sun Feb 29, 2004 2:17 am

"It's somewhat of a long story," Azanialix Ja'arda started, the look on her face showing just how tired she was despite her attempt at light humor. Yet, as Captain of the Zealous, the ship and the crew was her responsibility. They looked up to her. She had to be the one who set the example. "I'll spare you of all of the details, and provide just the most relevant information."

Melissa nodded, allowing the Captain to talk freely.

"What you felt was correct. For Betazoids, intense feelings can sometimes be overwhelming. Unfortunately, that is what happened in this case, overwhelming me to the point where I could no longer maintain the mental shields I had errected," Azanialix started, beginning to relax a bit more.

She glanced out of the viewport for a moment and then continued, "Lieutenant Commander Jake Sjet is a man who is divided. He has been tortured, and his mind is currently occupied by three different personalities. One is his own, a loyal and dedicated Starfleet Medical officer. One is called Valron, an Iconian who possesses incredible knowledge. The third is called the Construct, a creature of intense hatred. When under intense pressure, it seems as if Sjet can actually transform into the Construct's physical form."

Inwardly, she knew that some of this probably had to sound very far fetched, but there was still more to it which the Counselor had the right to know. "Of recently, it seems as if some of the aspects separating the distinct personalities has begun to blur. Commander Sjet is more prone to anger. The anger from the Construct is intense, and it was used within his coversation with me, empathically overwhelming me to the point where I nearly became unconscious."

Captain Ja'arda returned her attention back to Ensign Richards. "It is our hopes that we may be able to help Commander Sjet discover a way to control his transformations into the Construct. If he is able to do that, successfully, then I believe the control over the other personalities within his psyche will follow."

As the Betazoid Captain waited to hear what the Counselor had to say in response to her revelation, Azanialix thought that she heard something. It was very faint at first, but it sounded like . . .


Somehow, it seemed that he had not only heard her telepathic message, but was able to respond! Hearing that Luke Osswell was being tortured was very disconcerting. There was no time to lose!

Leaning forward, Azanialix pushed a button on the console built into her desk and said, "Captain Ja'arda to Lieutenant Stanton."

"Stanton here," came the reply from the Science Officer.

"What's our status in finding the Tarmon Ay ship which kidnapped our crew?" Ja'arda inquired.

"Thanks to the Borg upgrades, we believe we have finally penetrated their cloak and located it on long-range sensors."

"Contact Engineering. I want all power diverted from non-essential systems to the Warp Core. Increase our speed to Warp 9.99. Inform me when we are nearing that position. Ja'arda out," Azanialix ordered.

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Postby trikejacob » Sun Feb 29, 2004 2:13 pm

Ensign Spade noticed, sitting at his station, that all power was being diverted from the non-essential systems to the warp core. Glancing over at the conn station next to his Ops station he noticed their speed was increasing as well.
Obviously something was going on. Probably something to do with the Tarmon Ay. Whatever was going on, Jake would be ready when something happened. After all, Lt. Sullivan had trusted him to handle things at the Ops station on the bridge while she was gone. And he be damned if he wasn't going to the very best he could.

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