Christmas Party!!!!

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Christmas Party!!!!

Postby batiras » Mon Dec 22, 2003 10:45 am

EDIT (with permission): The purpose of this thread is to give the Zealous crew a way to celebrate the holidays and have some fun! Just a couple of small notes:

- Participation is completely and totally optional. It is not mandatory.
- Make sure you post in-character. You're welcome to bring your characters from other sims into this, but stay in-character.
- The events that play out here will have absolutely no bearing on the storyline that takes place on the mailstring.

Have fun, and Happy Holidays! (END OF EDIT)

Batiras walks into an empty ten forward in a stapless red dress with an big red st nick bad over her shoulder. * we need to have a party* she place the gift for the bag under the tree. "computer pay Christmas music"

then she hears slinte night, holy night, all is........*what to sever for food* batiras walked over to the replater and said "lager bowl of egg noge with cups, 6 dozen of cookie (all tepies), ham with al the trimings" the food apperde and she placed them a lager buffa table. just then the doors to ten forward open up.

off: come to have fun, drink, eat, or for the gifts. dress as you wish, please don't spick the egg noge, yet!!

open tag

ens batiras

Postby Ducane » Mon Dec 22, 2003 4:40 pm

And in walks Alex, taking a double step seeing the Ensign in Red fussing around wrapped packges. Alex comes with a large bottle of green liquid and a square package.

He smiles and places the package onto the table, it's about 2.5 cm high, he unwraps it and presses a button.

Zoom! Up pops a christmas tree, rotating slowly with all the trimmings. The holographic tree plays a merry jingle with little bells ringing and a floating angel on top.

"Ducane to Sjet, report to tenforward"

"Merry Christmas Ensign", says Alex

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Postby Lucasausems » Tue Dec 23, 2003 4:49 am

Luke had just finished his physical when Ducane sounded over the comn.
"Ducane to Sjet, report to tenforward".
Ahh so the party had begun. Luke said to the Doctor that they would meet over there.

Luke walked into tenforward, and the Christmasfeeling was starting to blossom. He walked over to Ducane. "Hi", Luke said, "how are you?".

tag sjet Ducane

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Postby Jake Sjet » Tue Dec 23, 2003 10:41 am

Jake crawled from the Jefferies tube access hatch, and fell the remaining two meters to the floor of the lounge. As he looked up at Ducane he weaved his hand togther.
"This is the party right?" Alex nodded.
"Oh," Jake said "thats good."
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Postby batiras » Tue Dec 23, 2003 12:58 pm

Sarita, a young vulcan/human walks in to ten forward, "this is the party right"*there my old room mate*"Nightshade, over here..."

Nightshade looked around and "good to see you got my letter... " then her walked and stond right under the missletoe without realing it was there....

off: she is my char for centauris

lt Sarita
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ens Nightshade
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