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Bar Nuts

Postby Jake Sjet » Tue Dec 16, 2003 6:16 pm

It was a long time coming, and certainly a long time in the making. Jake stood out side the councillors office door, its glowing red door seemed to glow.
“You can do this.” Jake mumbled under his breath, his hand held over the door control panel “they’ll find out anyway, it might as well be some one trained to keep their trap shut.”
They’ll turn you in and you know it!
One hint of what you did, what you know and bang! You become a science experiment, they’ll slice you open and find out how you tick and then stop you ticking. Remember that little vacation with Section 31! Was that fun!
“Shut up,” Jake mumbled, slamming his head against the door “shut up! Shut up-”
“The door giving you hassle doctor?” Ensign McGonaggle walked past, a smirk on her face.
“At least it doesn’t talk back.” He replied coolly.
“Jake, a few of us are going to the lounge after this shift ends, your welcome to join.” She offered.
Jake would have said no, in a polite way but for some reason he said something totally out of character.
“Great, see you then.” She walked off around the corner. Jake leaned against the door, thinking of what he’d just said yes to. Part of him said it wasn’t time, he could change again, back into that…that animal. And the other part said why not, if it happens it happen and your friends will be there to help you, even help them self’s if the need arises. Suddenly the door opened with a his and Jake fell in.
“hi.” He said sheepishly.

TAG- Councillors, your first patient is here, a real fruit basket hehe.
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