Creating the Tarmon Ay

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Creating the Tarmon Ay

Postby Ensign Vaskel » Sat Dec 13, 2003 6:37 pm

'Does the intel give some idea of what the Tarmon Ay, themselves, look like? It might help if we go up 'gainst simulations of those guys, both with weapons and hand-to-hand combat,' Murdock suggested. 'Once we get that, we should be able to start with the first group.'
'The Computer has no intelligence gatherings on the Tarmon Ay but my visions gave me very detailed descriptions and we did once have a visual hail down in Engineering back when Commander Dillard was the CEO. From that I think we should be able to create the Tarmon Ay.' Murdock nodded Vaskel to proceed 'Computer create Humanoid design basic structure 6ft 2 inches and weighing 195 pounds ,' ordered Vaskel and a tall muscular grey model appeared. 'Computer Duplicate,' said Vaskel and another appeared 'Duplicate them both once,' another two appeared. Vaskel thought back to his visions, 'Computer create two of them two be female one white coloured skin one black, create the other two to be male one black one white and give them all starfleet uniforms.' The changes were made to the faceless models. 'Computer remove Starfleet combadge and rank pips, change the purple shoulder to black remove red under shirt and extend outer uniform to reach the bottom of the neck.' The changes were made in a flash as the models disappeared then reappeared. 'Now add shoulder length black hair to the white mail and short black hair about 3mm in length to the black male,' as ordered the new featured appeared on the male models but the white ones hair was wrong. 'Computer change white mail hair to be more tangled looking and more greasy as large quantity of 21st century make-up substance hair gel was added,' the computer took a few seconds two search the database and then changed the hair, that was better. 'Now change the female physique, make it 5ft 9 inches and the body more slender. Add shoulder length brown hair to the white female and shoulder length black hair to the black female.' The female models vanished an reappeared with their new features. Vaskel turned to Murdock 'The facial features are more complex I will use the control panel to do that I will also add a water supply,' Murdock nodded in response. Vaskel turned to the Control panel remembering his vision he started keying in the facial features. Then he had a small river coming down form one of the mountains starting off as a 10cm thick stream to a small 8 metre river feeding into a roughly 1800 by 1200 metre lake with a depth of 200 metres. The changes to the land and Tamon Ay were made in the blink of an eye.
They have a vertical cranial ridge on the forehead that splits in the middle into two parts, which move away go down the cheeks and re-connect in the centre of the chin. They have marking patterns all over their face that look like black war paint but is actually part of their skin. They usually have narrow eyes which are green where ours are white and sapphire where ours are coloured so that is what Vaskel gave them. On the back of each hand they have another bone sticking out (like a cranial ridge) to make an arch running from just above the wrist to the bottom of the middle finger.
'The Tarmon Ay have larger muscles and a more dense nervous system than humans which gives them extra strength, not as much as a Klingon or Vulcan but more than a human which is one of the reasons this training is important. I shall just add that. Vaskel keyed in the new information and also gave them a Type II federation phaser but changed the structure to make I more like a Romulan hand pistol. 'Computer duplicate each model five times,' ordered Vaskel which the computer did and now there were twenty Tarmon Ay plus the four originals. Vaskel gave them Romulan personalities as that is what they were most like smart, sly and sneaky, Vaskel created another female and gave her a golden star like symbol to show she was the leader . The army of the Tarmon Ay was finished ready to be ordered to do what was wanted. Vaskel turned to Murdock
'What's the next step sir?'

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