For the New Guys (And those at the back)

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For the New Guys (And those at the back)

Postby Jake Sjet » Sat Dec 13, 2003 6:16 pm

OOC- This isn’t so much a post, as “What on earths going on!” post. This is a brief explanation on what's going on for Jake. The how, whys and where’s of where a nice guy like Jake turned into, well, apparently a guy capable of falling upwards during negotiation’s with the Romulans. So, here we go…

Jake had awoken suddenly from the dream. It had been so vivid, feeling more real than this world. He rolled over and looked at the chronometer, it had been three hours since he’d left sickbay where Ti’ana…
Where Ti’ana was recovering from what ever Jake had done. And N’vrix…well if he chose Jake as an enemy he’d be in for a rude awakening when he made his move.
“Computer,” Jake croaked rolling from his bunk and sitting up “when was last log entry?”
“Four weeks ago, two days, six hours, forty five minutes.” The computer bleeped.
Four weeks, four weeks ago Jake had been a wet behind the ears ensign with enough experience to get him moving and enough gall to stand up to the replicator. Now…now what was he?
“Might as well start at the beginning.” He sighed “Computer begin audio log entry. Classify for level two security access only, Medical command code Sjet Tango Foxtrot Oh Nine.”
“Its been a while since I’ve done one of these,” Jake began, standing he began to walk around the room “so if I sound fragmented forgive me. Four weeks ago, during the Ferengi incident where we found Captain Ja’arda and had our first run in with The True Federation, I was…infected, with a rouge strand of DNA. This DNA appeared at first to be nothing more than a random mutagen which transformed my body into a reptilian creature which I have come to know as a Shivian. A beast of nightmare and demon spawn. I’ll attach medical records afterwards but, but I remember taking high powered phaser blasts to the chest and it didn’t slow me down. Anyway,” Jake picked up the small piece of Mars rock he’d kept as a good luck charm “while in this reptilian form I was under the influence of the Construct, a computer program governing the Nano cells augmenting my bodily functions. Again, I’ll extrapolate on these later on. The Construct is a twisted, semi psychotic murderer capable of mass murder in a single action. It forced me to, almost kill several people. With the help of the ships crew I was able to, break free for a while at least, of the Constructs control. After a failed attempt to remove the strain of DNA that the construct was using as a blue print to change me DNA into the Shivan’s, a vertaron cascade brought about the destruction of Cargo bay one, I think Vaskel’s still fuming about that. If Vulcan’s fume that is….”
“Soon afterwards the ship docked with a star base, where we were given some well learn rest and recreation. At this time I was normal, my genetic structure was the same as stated on my Starfleet medical file. While transiting from the Zealous to the Starbase I bumped into a old friend from the Academy, a hurriedly promoted acting captain Quancia Zaltion. Later on it became apparent that she is part of the True Federation, a terrorist organisation wanting nothing but the complete destruction of all half breed alien species., Half humans, Half Betazoid’s and the like, oh and Trill. For six days…” Jake’s voice trailed off. He could remember his screams, he’d begged for mercy a hundred times over in a single day, he would have cried if he’d had the energy but.
Romulans, one of his captors had been Romulans. He’d never trust Romulans as long as he lived, they’d taken his dignity and shoved into a blender, and then left him for dead one a hundred occasions, killing him again and again and again and again….god help any Romulans who’d get in his way.
“What the TTF, what Section 31 and the Tal’Shar did to me, was inhuman. What's even worse they re-awoken Valron and released an other Shivian.”
QZ, Xi, was she like Jake now? Two people in one body or one person in one body? Had the TFF been able to just upgrade the body with out subverting the mind? If they had it was a better, Xi was more dangerous as she knew enough about Nano cell technology to maybe recreate the manufacturing process. But then again…how did Jake know that?
“Only after six day was I rescued. I was then given,” given, innocent enough word but more like forced upon! “five prophecies. I’ll again add those later. I was then promoted, and then I had, had what! I can’t really describe it, maybe calling it a relapse would be good. Anyway, I relapsed and shot up sickbay after conducting secret experiments on my one blood. It appears I’m infected with a nanological virus, which is slowly altering my genetic structure so that I remain in one form only, and its going to be the Shivian. All that raw, undiluted instincts it…its like a drug…I don’t want to fall into it again because I know the more time I do, the more I’ll want to stay that way, to keep the high going for as long as I can. And there is only one way of doing that….killing. And I almost killed some one. A friend, no...Two friends. Alex almost died saving my life when I tried to save the crew from my self, and Ti’ana almost died because of. Of, some thing like emotive shock waves. Its like when I get angry, and begin the change I become telepathically radioactive or something. Maybe I can find away to change with out using anger, a safe way. That or find a cure for that particular side effect. Anyhow, that’s about it. I’ve also got one full wall of alien writing, I’m pondering weather or not to allow the science staff have a look at, try decoding it into Federation standard, but maybe what's said is better left unsaid. Also, additional note. I have, a feeling, that when or if we dump into the remaining Iconian’s, or the Progenitors something bad will happen. If so, computer I want these logs forwarded to the captain if my biological patterns turn from set patterns to patterns recorded from,” he walled over to a computer console and tapped away a few menus “time index six eighty, four dash twenty oh eight. That’s it, I’ll add all relevant information after I’ve gotten to sickbay. I need to introduce my self to,” Jake smiled “to my staff.”
As he was looking through the computer screen he stumbled on his Starfleet medical record. With out thinking he began to delete it.
Page after page disappeared and then always left was a single picture.
It showed Jake as he had been. Smiling, full of hope for a future he did not know. Human.
And with that, Jake left his quarters, locking the doors behind him, couldn’t have some one walking in and seeing the destruction.
He walked into sickbay a few minutes later. He looked at the medical staff gathered in the place of healing.
“For those of you who do not know me,” he said clearly “I am Lieutenant Commander Jake Sjet. Formally its Commander, but when the brass isn’t here I’m Jake. Now, reports on my desk by end of shift and any problems, don’t feel worried about asking for help. Either from myself or Alex Ducane.” Jake smiled, he wasn’t really back to his old self, but for appearances sake why not keep up the façade “Now, we have work to do.”

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