The Double Life of Jake Sjet

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The Double Life of Jake Sjet

Postby Jake Sjet » Tue Nov 18, 2003 6:40 pm

Jake stumbled from the bridge as though he was drunken. The turbo lift glared at him as it hummed to him. The noise was deafening, its continuous drone drilling into his mind like hot knives. Pain seemed to wrap his body like a blanket.
You’ll tell us what we need to know….
It’ll have no memory…
No memory…
The doors to the deck he’d asked for hissed open like vipers teeth, the neon glare of the corridor beyond stared at him. Jake stumbled along the hallway, leaning heavily on the handrail along the wall, careful not to fall over as he made his way towards his new quarters.
Its in the blood…
Image seemed to swim up, blinding Jake as his hand fumbled with the door control. Sapphire arrows arcing towards a star, piercing its heart. A planet caught on fire from pole to pole as its atmosphere bleed away into space. A woman, rising up on a pillar of energy trapped for eternity within a crystal prison.
The door finally opened and Jake fell forward, hitting the floor with a thud. He was able to roll over before final crawling up into a ball, trying to make the memories stop.
“Computer,” Jake was able to grunt as he clenched his eyes shut “seal the door, Argh!” Jake groaned “Medical override!” no one was likely to walk in tonight, it was there to make sure that he couldn’t get out.
No memories….
In the blood…
Jake closed his eyes, and fell away.
Jakes eye cracked open like the snap of a whip.
Where am I was the first thought that crossed his mind. He was surrounded by walls and darkness, and beneath him were soft thing. Blindly he took a hold of one of the soft things lying beneath him. They were strips of something, soft and flexible, almost furry.
They were strips of cloths.
Jake banged both arms on either die of the tow walls which rose up beside him, and one of them gave way, sliding back obediently. He peered out side, looking out into his quarters.
Or maybe it was a bomb site. The bed was slashed to pieces, its foam mattress torn into chunks and the sheet like a lot of the cloth items were all shredded in side the storage cupboard. A easy chair which had been sat next to the window was over turned, a dent resided in as though a anvil had landed on it.
“What,” Jake began, standing up in what remained of his star fleet uniform “what…” his voiced trailed off as he looked at one of the walls. The two paints of Mars which had resided there, and now took residence on fiver separate places around the room, had been replaced by line after line of writing.
Writing in a language Jake knew but had no comprehensions of. The strange angular glyphs and smaller pictograms were etched directly into the durasteel bulkhead with care and precision. In the middle of the text was a large symbol, of what looked like a demented bicycle wheel. Its hand hundreds of spokes radiating out from a central point. Crossing each other one way and then another, some seemed to loop around and head back to the centre.
Jake then walked, unsteadily but he was getting better, and made a new uniform. He wouldn’t tell Vaskel about this.
He wouldn’t tell anyone.
No memories.
No more deaths.
No more.

This is for all the new crew members of this sim, if you think this is strange, wait. And remember on thing....
I'm the Cheif Medical Officer.
See you around
Ensign Keth Soban, Medic on the USS Legacy

Fellow Crew Injured By Keth: X


"I will eat your soul :3"
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