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Show’s What You Know

Postby Jake Sjet » Sat Nov 15, 2003 1:44 pm

Jake had been standing away from all the havoc that seemed to grow around him. The power had been restored and now the Zania was talking to a Ensign.
Jake mentally ran through the list of crew members in his head, trying his best to place a name with the face of the woman in front of him.
Loyst, her name if memory served, was Loyst.
Jake noticed the captain was becoming frustrated with the young ensign when he noticed her clenching and unclenching her fists.
“Oh great…” Jake thought, Betazoid sign language at its most basic, get help she said. If any noticed, no one cared enough to help.
“Captain?” both of them turned towards the glowing doctor “May I have a word with Ensign Loyst?”
"By all means, Commander. Please do, and make sure that she does not touch any more consoles. Oh, and Loyst, you have up until the time I return from my Ready Room to make your decision," she said.
Jake smiled, and gripping the Ensign lightly on the shoulder guide her over to the corner of the bridge not being watched or filled with debris. And then things went horribly wrong.
It felt like Jake was suddenly under water, unable to breath, unable to see. And then he was gone.
“Now look here!” Jake demanded as his grip became vice like on the ensign shoulders, displaying a little wince of pain on her face “I have worked to hard to have you suddenly turn up out of nowhere and ruin this for me! Do you understand.” Jake, or what ever was in control lessened his grip “But, you could be of use to me. You see, like your self, I am from the future as well.”
Well, it thought, if he could make Jake lie about what was in his blood, well, he could make him lie about anything.
“I know that in the near future harsh measures will be needed to make sure the Zealous survives anything, and then at this time I will call upon you for, what little assistance you can offer. And then, well, we’ll let the future see for its self.” He let go of the ensign’s arm “You see, that wasn’t so hard, don’t cross me and we’ll do just fine. Now, go back to the captain like a good little Starfleet officer, or…” Jake held up a hand like he was checking it for dirt, and then clenched it together into a fit “Well, get going.”
Once the ensign left, Jake shook his head. The smothering feeling was till there, but it was gone. Maybe it was the nano machines in his blood or something? Why was he over here when he’d been next to the captain?
Maybe I blacked out?

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