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Postby Jake Sjet » Sun Nov 09, 2003 6:14 pm

Lightning danced in the sky. The crew surrounded Jake; they were closing in, phasers raised and armed, ready to kill him.
“Get on the transporter pad Mr Sjet.” Zania said.
“No!” Jake shouted, stepping backwards involuntarily as the crew closed in.
“Its okay! We just want to see how you tick!” Dillard stated.
“What's wrong Jake, you look ill.” Ti’ana said, her voice coated in sarcasm.
“Me, what's wrong with you! Leave me alone!” Jakes foot landed on the transporter bad.
“He’s sick, he’s infected. He’s dangerous.” They chanted, a unending mantra.
The energies of the transporter ripped at him and Jake felt a pain like no other flood his body. It was like he was on fire, as though the very skin he wore was being chipped away with a toothpick. And then the light faded and Jake was left alone. Everyone stepped back, some raising phasers other in taking sharp breaths of air. Jake had reverted back into the reptilian protoform which had torn apart so much in its life, but he was till here, in control.
“Its hideous!” Ti’ana shouted.
“What,” Jake stammered, his voice a growl “what's wrong with me?”
“Don’t worry! I’ll protect you!” N’vrix stepped forward “I can kill this beast!” he levelled his phaser at Jakes head “Freak of nature,” he hissed and the world turned white.
Jake arose from his bed; his arms tangled up in the sheets and sweat soaking his body. He felt his face. Normal. A normal nose and not a snout of razor sharp teeth. He untangled himself and walked slowly to the sink and began to rinse his face with cold water, to dispel the thoughts of the crew, turning on him like some kind of…
“I’m Jake Sjet,” Jake said steadily, still looking down into the sink at the running water dripping of his face “I’m Jake Sjet.” He looked up into the mirror and saw a face of scales and glinting diamond eyes.
“I’m Jake Sjet!” it hissed, it reached out, grabbed him by the throat The sharp claws bit deep into Jakes throat, cutting deep and sending blood dripping into the sink. It then pulled him through the mirror and-
Jake woke up, his face was leaning against the computer consol. He’d fallen asleep while the computer analysed the nano machines in Jakes blood, or as one scientist for hundreds of thousands of years ago called them Nano Cells.

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