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PostPosted: Sun Nov 09, 2003 2:46 pm
by Lucasausems
There was silence, no one spoke, it would seem that Lieutenant Moss was considering something. What he was considering, did not matter, it sure as hell took long.

"Bridge to Ensign Loyst..."

The sudden outburst of sound startled him, it never occurred to him that the volume of the commbadges was actually pretty loud.

"Ensign Loyst here"
"You have a priority one message"
Thank you, I'll take it in the bridge. Loyst out

An ensign getting a priority one message? Never heard of that, but then again, it had been a day of firsts.

"Lieutenant, May I leave to recive my message"

She got permission, and left. During those 10 minutes she was gone, nothing really happened. Lieutenant Moss sat at his desk tapping some controls. If this was to be the regular pace during meetings, he did not like it, just waiting, standing there in the corner.

Finally Ensign Loyst came back, and Lieutenant Moss stood up and prepared to speak...

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