Final Preperation for the Sensors

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Final Preperation for the Sensors

Postby Ensign Vaskel » Sat Nov 08, 2003 4:29 pm

'We have arrived at the Daystrom Institute. Please proceed with the upgrades' came Captain Ja'arda's voice over the comm.
'Understood. Vaskel out' he replied. 'Lieutenant Vaskel to Lieutenant Munroe,' Vaskel said after opening up his own comm channel
'Munroe here.'
'Lieutenant have you and Lt. Taneth completed the modifications to the sensors pallets?'
'Yes sir just a couple of minutes ago.'
'Good job. Vaskel out.' Vaskel the hailed then Daystrom Institute and a middle aged womens face came up on the screen.
'Lieutenant Commander De Sanctis, I can help you.'
'I am Lieutenant Vaskel Chief of Engineering onboard the Zealous we are here to recieve Borg sensors and the EMH Mark IV.'
'Ah yes Lieutenant we have the sensors and EMH ready if you would beam down we could go over the process with you of Installation.'
'Okay Iwill be down shortly.'
'Good De Sanctis out.'
'Vaskel to Captain Ja'arda' said vaskel opening another comm
'Go ahead Lieutenant.'
'I have been asked to beam down to the daystrom Institute to be taken through the process of Installation of the sensors. May I request that Lt. Sullivan join me as she is Chief of Operations and that is the Department that shall be using them the most.'

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