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tactical info

Postby Lucasausems » Sat Nov 08, 2003 6:57 am

Now Ensign Loyst be so kind as to show us what weapon we have in the armory and also display their data also Ensign Osswell please bring up the ship tacical database.."

As ensign Loyst gave the information about the handweapons to lieutenant Moss, Ensign Osswell grabbed a PADD out of his pocket, and turned it on. He already anticipated this question and had downloaded this info the PADD previous to the meeting.

After Loyst was done, he began to speak.
"The Uss Zealous has been equiped with Type X Phaser Systems, with a power output of 11,00 Terawatts. We also have a significant number of torpedoes: we have 320 quantum torpedoes, and 310 Photon Torpedoes. That's 630 torpedoes in total. All of these are spread equally across the four torpedoe launchers. We've got one torpedolauncher in the bough, one on each side of the ship, and one in the back.
Dispite these defences we have, I'm doubtfull that they will have any serious effect on the Tarmon Ay.
Fortunately, Ensign Lenario is currently with lieutenant Vaskel talking about a naniteguided torpedo that scans the enemy vessel and detects it's weak spots, and then homes in on that spot.
This could increase our chanches significantly. I haven't been able to speak about this with him yet, so for further information, you'll have to consult him."

Tag. anyone in IR and possibly ensign lenario

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