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Ash’s to Ash, Dust to Dust

PostPosted: Sat Nov 08, 2003 4:20 am
by Jake Sjet
Jake was still working on the little nano machines within his blood. They all seemed geared towards creating more and more Hunter versions instead of there own kind. And when starved of food they seemed quite capable of cannibalism to there own kind, tearing up the protein strands and repositioning the Billy blocks to form Hunters. So far he’d tested each sample of blood within the Zealous cryo storage area and every time no matter how alien the chemistry the nano machines were able to gain purchase and replicate to such a extent that Jake was forced to incinerate entire dish of glowing haemoglobin to contain the nanological mess.
“Computer,” there was a familiar bleep “create computerised model of a humanoid with all the biological traits of a human being.” The screen in front glowed to life and showed a faceless humanoid figure devoid of all distinguishing features “Plot course of a hundred Hunter nano machines if released into the subject.” The computer bleeped again and then the computer model stopped as a mist of red dots entered the simulations blood stream.
“Complete, two results available.”
“Two,” Jake asked “show the first one.”
The model restarted and the figure exploded into a fine mist.
“Molecular structure was irreparable damaged due to infection, incubation period forty second, life span of contamination two second. From infection to life sign lose 1 minute.” Jakes skin seemed to glow white in shock.
“And the second?” he asked and saw the now familiar humanoid simulation. This time the red mist entered and stayed, spreading through out the host’s body.
“Genetic structure redefined, metabolism redefined. Unknown organ detected above the left ventricle.” The computer sang.
“Life span of secondary subject with infection?” he asked, Jake was now questioning his mortality.
“Unknown,” The computer said flatly “genetic structure is in a state of flux. Unable to map genome pattern for reference.”
So Jake was the second, a freak of nature, a mistake.
The second, well.
At least Jake wouldn’t be giving blood at the Starfleet Blood Drive.
Or it would be ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
Or worse.