Lenario's Idea

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Lenario's Idea

Postby Ensign Vaskel » Thu Nov 06, 2003 11:29 am

Lenario said that we weas on his way and closed the comm channel. Not long after that Lt Munroe entered and showed him the data he had collected on Antares IV to help narrow the search and asked if ther is anything needing done for the installment of the Borg sensors. 'Excellent Lieutenant that is where we shall start our search. As for that there is something you can do, I need you and Lt Taneth to recalibrate the Primary and Secondry sensor pallets to these specificatons.' He handed him a PADD, 'They should take 14 miutes each.'
'Aye,' said Lt Munroe and he left to find Lt Taneth. captain Ja'arda called Lieutenant Vaskel, I know you are probably busy with your preparations for the Tarmon Ay, but I'd like you to investigate this matter further. I'd like to be certain that Nanites are behind the problems with the EMH before we flood the ship with any type of emissions. Involve the Science Department if you need extra support. You have up until we've concluded our business with the Daystrom Institute to make your determination. If you can confirm it, you have my permission to proceed with your plan,'
'Yes sir,' replied Vaskel. Ensign Lenario the arrived and Vaskel inited him into his office, they sat down and Ensign Lenario told him his idea. 'Intriguing Mr Lenario, heres what I want you to do, first you need to prove to me that these naniets will not spread, second I need to know that there is no chance that the torpedoe will explode within the ship, thirdly there will be a testing area where you can use dummy torpedoes to try out what you prepose on a ship. If these three things work than and only then will they be installed into the Zealous, Understood.'
'Yes sir,' replied Lenario
'Now I don't want to keep you from your business so you are dismissed.' Lenario got up and heade for the door 'And Ensign,'
'Yes sir,'
'Good Work.' With that Lenario left and Vaskel went back to work.
Ensign Vaskel

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