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Online Roster and USS Zealous Forums

Postby Ducane » Sat Nov 01, 2003 3:34 pm

Hi, Over the past few days, myself, the captain, cmdr. sjet, and cmdr. murdock have been working on a few online "jewels".

Murdock probably doesn't know that he has, but I've been using a website template created by him to base the crew roster page on. Thanks Murdock :wink:

So, without further ado, please visit:, for an online crew roster.
*and*, for the USS Zealous forums.

The forums work exactly the same as these forums, but they are specifically for the Zealous. Myself and Captain Ja'arda are the Administrators, so when the Senior officers sign up for the boards, one of us will promote you to a moderator of your respective board.

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