To depearted friends...

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To depearted friends...

Postby Jake Sjet » Sat Oct 25, 2003 7:56 pm

OFF- This is Ti'ana's. I know many of us will have read it on the boards, but some will not. So here is an imporvised JP. Here we go...

Ti'ana thumbed the phaser to its highest setting, and dragged her battered self to point the phaser at the thing. In her rational mind, she knew none of this was real, it was in her head. Still, maybe if she
disintigrated the jerk, she would wake up. So, she aimed, and fired. She fired until the phaser rifle ran out. It slipped from her fingers and clattered on the floor. Her breath came in harsh pants now. Jake ran
over. She looked at him and managed a quirky little smile.
"If I ..die here...will I...die there?" She laughed at that, it sounded so stupid.

OFF-Well, heres my contribution to madness...
ON(For real!)
Jake walked slowly over and sat down beside the wounded part Vulcan.
"Here, there. It doesn't matter. But no, no more will die this day." Jake smiled.
“Is it,” she grinned through clenched teeth “is it dead?” Jake honestly didn’t now. Was he like paint? White and black, mixed together to make grey and no matter how much white you added it would always remain
tainted with darkness.
“Yes,” Jake said, if only to calm his own rattled state of mind “it’s gone.” For now.
“Good, I’m real sleepy now you know?” her eyes began to close.
“Hey!” Jake clicked his fingers in front of her face.
“Stay here! Or else.” He threatened, grinning stupidly to make sure he didn’t start looking like a depressed maniac.
“Or what?” she said weakly.
“I’ll tell a joke, I’ll do I swear.” Jake pulled away the ruby coloured, once snow-white jacket, and looked at the jagged hole ripped in Ti’ana’s uniform by the broken rib. But beneath, instead of shredded skin was
normal, healthy pink skin.
“I’m really-” she never finished; she vanished as though she had been an illusion.
Had she died?
Was Jake again responsible for another death.
What is one more life weighed on that of millions?
She was a crewmate.
But more so, she was a friend and Jake might well of killed her.
Suddenly the world became bleached and light appeared. And faces! Real honest to god faces! Murdock, Alex and some one Jake had never seen. He felt bones grown and skin soften as scales slid away and fingers separated back into normal digits. He was then dropped unceremoniously to the floor.
He had enough time before a blackness covered him, to speak one word.
He didn’t now weather or not she was alive or dead.
But he mourned all the same.
And then sleep claimed him.

OFF- I have not killed off an Op's officer! We need all of them to keep the repilcators running! Jake is back to normal you guys dragging him to sick bay! Go forth and post!
TAG- Ti'ana, Ducane, Munroe, Murdock.
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