Look Who Decided to Rejoin the Party

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Look Who Decided to Rejoin the Party

Postby H M Murdock » Sun Oct 19, 2003 8:17 pm

As Murdock waited for Alex Ducane to reply to the question posed by Tyla Monroe, the sound of a set of doors sliding open drew his attention. His jaw practically dropped when he saw who walked through, re-entering the reception hall.

Jake Sjet . . .

"Look who decided to rejoin the party," Murdock commented to the others with a half grin. "I knew he couldn't stay away from a bash like this."

"Should we ask him why he left?" Monroe wondered.

"No. He'll tell us if he wants to," Ducane noted.

Murdock nodded. He knew full well that, sometimes, people tended to bottle up information when they were asked to share it and didn't want to. And usually emotions were bottled up right along with it, ready to explode like a pressurized can held over an open flame.

"Well, let's enjoy the ceremony. Dillard just got made Commander. I wonder who else is gonna get a higher rank," Murdock said, returning his attention to the Captain as she spoke at the podium.

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