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Zealous Crew Bios

PostPosted: Thu Jul 10, 2003 12:11 pm
by Jacob Verne
Here you will find Zealous crew bios, all within one single thread.

This thread is locked, so only Captain Ja'arda or Commander Dillard can update information within it. Post your changes or updates to your character bio on the boards, and we will update the bio in the threads for you!

If you are looking for bios for NPC crew members, you can find those here.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 10, 2003 12:12 pm
by Jacob Verne

PostPosted: Thu Jul 10, 2003 12:15 pm
by Jacob Verne
Name: Azanialix Ja'arda
Position: Commanding Officer
Rank: Captain
Ship: USS Zealous

Race: 3/4 Betazoid , 1/4 Ocampan
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Place of Birth: Loneel Mountains, Betazed
Date of Birth: August 8, 2353
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 115lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Skin Color: Fair
Distinguishing Marks: None
Interests: Starfleet history, Betazed mythology, sparring (hand to hand and with weapons), strategic planning
Likes: Honesty, nostalgia, swimming, music, art, romance
Dislikes: Traitors, dishonesty, prejudice
Marital Status: Single
Accent: Betazoid (similar to Deanna Troi)

Family Data:
Imzadi: None
Genetically Bonded: Tarek Mejia - still living
Spouse: None
Children: None
Father: Xuellan Laux - still living
Mother: Ruana Ja'arda - still living
Brothers: Tajol Laux - still living
Sisters: Savonne Laux - still living
Lilea Ja'arda - still living
Elia Ja'arda - still living

High School and Location: Peace Keepers Telepathic Academy, Betazed
University/College: University of Betazed
Starfleet Academy Major: Diplomacy and Command
Starfleet Academy Minor: Operations
Starfleet Academy Position: 5th out of 357
Graduate Schools: Advanced Tactics Academy
Courses: Multi-environment planetary survival, advanced starship/shuttlecraft/fighter piloting techniques, advanced weapons training, advanced combat tactics

Starfleet Information:
Awards: None

Starfleet Career:
USS Challenger - Cadet Cruise
USS Storm Runner - Ensign
USS Fearless - Promoted to Lt. JG
USS Phoenix - Promoted to Lt.
USS Montana - Promoted to Lt. Cmdr
USS Tempest - Promoted to Cmdr
USS Defender - Promoted to Captain
Held hostage by DaiMon Latek
USS Zealous - Assigned as CO

Character's Past History:
Medical History:
From the Betazed Health Ministry: Azanialix has been hospitalized twice during her youth. The first instance was a comatose state due to mental contact with a Betazoid at the time of their murder. The second was for treatment of wounds from a domestic battery

Psychological Profile:
Zania, Nia, or Lexie, as she prefers to be called, was born with full Betazed empathic and telepathic abilities. Normally, this poses as a hinderance to most Betazoids, but she seems to have adjusted well, and possesses excellent control over her gifts.
She is very observant by nature, and generally seems guarded due to past experiences of betrayal. However, she is a very dedicated Starfleet officer, who desires to get to know her other crew member and improve her life, as well as the lives of anyone she encounters.

Personal History:
Zania was the first child of Xuellan Laux and Ruana Ja'arda. Her father, Xuellan, was half Betazoid and half Ocampan. As an infant, it became apparent that Zania did not inherit most of the genetic physical traits associated with Ocampans, most notably the odd shape of the ears and shortened life span.
What was obvious, to everyone around her, was the fact that she was born with full empathic and telepathic abilities. Additionally, it was discovered that Zania possessed three mental Ocampan traits - the ability to learn at great speeds due to an eidetic memory, the ability to direct the flow of life energy on the molecular level to the point of creating heat and telekinesis, and the reception of premonitions.
Zania was immediately sent to the Imza Institute of Mental Development, where she received instruction on how to filter out the unwanted empathic and telepathic "noise."
She lapsed into a coma at seven years of age, although nobody was able to immediately discover a cause. Later, it was learned that Zania had been telepathically communicating with Aichi Lucian, her instructor at the Institute, when Betazoid serial killer Hent Tevren used his empathic powers to brutally murder her.
As a result of the contact, Zania learned something which no other Betazoid had known for several generations, with the exception of Tevren . . . how to kill with the mind.
After she recovered, the Betazoid Relzari decided for security reasons to place Zania in the Peace Keepers Academy. Normally, such an appointment was reserved only for the best and most powerful telepaths, or those who would be chosen to serve as the "police" for the planet.
When the Dominion invaded and occupied Betazed, the Academy was temporarially disbanded due to the rumors that several powerful empaths were missing. Many went into hiding, while others joined resistance factions.
Zania returned to her home, only to learn that her father had joined an extremist faction of the Enlightened Mind Movement. Her brother Tajol, and younger sister Savonne, both decided to join him, breaking with tradition by adopting the last name of their father to reflect their displeasure of residing on a planet that placed so much dependancy on the Federation.
It was soon revealed that her father and two siblings had been a part of the failed assassination attempt of Lwaxana Troi.
In order to prevent her Zania from telling the authorities, Tajol and Savonne took Zania to the Jalara Jungle, where she was brutally beaten and left to die. A resistance cell found Zania and got her to a medical facility, where her wounds were tended to under close observation.
When the Federation ended the occupation of Betazed, Zania decided to pursue a career in Starfleet where she could put her abilities to good use.

As the daughter of the 13th House of Betazed, the House of Peace and Protection, Zania is the holder of the Sword of Altha, also known as the Sword of Peace. It is said that the legendary Khrysaros had used the weapon in his quest to unify the planet.
According to the legend, if the sword were to ever be stolen from the owner, a great unrest would befall Betazed. If the blade were to ever be broken, a deadly war would erupt, causing a family member to fight against another family member.
Ruana, her mother, is the holder of the Great Fire Amulet, which is said to have the ability to summon the Great Fire, a god who reigned before the dawn of Betazed. Supposedly, he resides in the sun, ready to protect Betazed whenever his children call upon him.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 10, 2003 12:17 pm
by Jacob Verne
Name: Zane Dillard
Rank: Commander
Current Position: XO, and Temp. Chief of Security
Age: 27
Height: 5'9
Weight: 179
Species: Trill (joined)
From: Trill
Family: Mother--Kim Dillard (deceased)
Father--Todd Dillard (deceased)
Current Ship: U.S.S. Zealous

Academy History:

Dillard entered the academy taking various courses mostly focusing in the field of Security. However, other courses include general science, genetics, field medical training, and tactical. When compared to all of his test scores his best subject was General Science with Genetics being a close runner up. However, despite the urgings of his Science teachers and the Academy Councilor he became a security officer.

Starfleet Career:

Dillard started his career in Starfleet as a security officer assigned to the Zealous. After several months he was promoted to Lt. jg. During an emergency, Dillard joined with a symbiote to keep it alive after the previous host died. Shortly after, Dillard transferred to engineering. There he used the knowledge of the previous hosts to become the assistant chief of engineering. After many months, Dillard was promoted to Lt. and made chief engineer. However, Dillard held this post for a very short time, as he was given a promotion to Lt. Com. and made the ships first officer after only a few weeks.

Previous Hosts:

Dillard is the seventh host of this symbiote. Of the previous hosts five of them were engineers; one of which was the chief engineer of an excelsior class vessel. One was a command officer. She was the second officer of the USS Hood (excelsior class). The other host was an operations officer. So to put it in other terms he is an excellent engineer, a capable operations officer, and an experienced command officer.

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by Jacob Verne

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by Jacob Verne
Name: Howard Madej Murdock (he prefers not to give out his first name, just the initials)
Nickname: Howlin' Mad
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Position: Helm
Ship: USS Zealous

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 34 (at the time of temporal displacement)
Date of Birth: 7/27/1949
Place of Birth: Eagle Pass, Texas, Earth
Parents: Brian Murdock (deceased), Susan Madej-Murdock (deceased)
Siblings: None
Marital Status: Single
Children: None
Hair: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 175lbs

Education/Service Record:
1954-1960 - Texas Public School System
1960-1964 - Texas Military Academy
1964-1966 - US Air Force, Thunderbirds
1966 - Interdivisional transfer to US Army
1966-1972 - US Army, 5th Special Forces Group, serving in Vietnam
1972 - Declared insane by the US Government
1972-1985 - Institutionalized at the VA Hospital Psychiatric Ward (Room #104), Westwood community of Los Angeles, California

2379 - Brought into the future by a temporal anomaly, rescued by the USS Zealous; given Starfleet commission and awarded the rank of Lieutenant Commander

Achievement: Youngest member of the elite US Air Force Thunderbirds precision flying team
Merit: 1970 escape flight from Hanoi
Award: Vietnam Presidential Unit Citation
Award: Army Unit Citation
Award: Silver Star
Award: Purple Heart (2)

Physical Description:
Murdock is very fit, taking part in regular exercise through various means. Some might even call him lanky due to his tall stature. His brown hairline shows signs of receeding, even though his face still has a youthful apperance. Those who are familiar with Lieutenant Barclay might notice the uncanny resemblance, even though Murdock looks several years younger.

Rarely can he be seen without his trademark black Converse All-Star black high-tops, his khaki pants, a t-shirt with some type of a saying on it, sometimes a checkered flannel shirt, a dark blue baseball cap, and his prized brown leather bomber jacket with the face of a roaring tiger and the words "Da Nang 1970" hand-painted on the back. Although he will conform with a Starfleet uniform, he will try to wear his baseball cap while on duty, and revert to his trademark attire while off duty.

Personality Profile:
Although declared insane by the government, there have been some serious doubts as to whether Murdock really suffers from a mental illness, or if he is faking it. Most of the symptoms he has displayed (i.e. fixations, multiple personality disorder, bi-polar disorder, etc) would not normally appear in someone who had lived through a war like Vietnam.

It are these psychological problems which make Murdock a fun-loving, playful, and enjoyable individual. He seems almost like the eternal optimist, and tries to lighten the mood through his jokes, many voices, split personalities, and imaginary friends.

When a situation arises, like the flick of a light switch, Murdock can become instantly focused - totally driven, intense, and dedicated to the mission or the task at hand. Although such determination is good, it could lead to another side of Murdock . . . which leads to the next concept.

Another theory regarding Murdock's mental disorders is that he uses them to hide something. That concept could not be further from the truth, for the crack pilot actually is doing just that for his own sake, as well as the safety of others. Tainted by the events of his past, as well as top secret programming he endured while serving with the CIA, Murdock has developed a darker side. It is a part of him that is driven by anger, hatred, and rage, making him capable of risking others lives or killing without any sign of remorse. In a word, it makes him dangerous.

Flying, music, history and nostalgia, war strategy

Personal History:
For a detailed description of his past (which is too long to list here), visit:

Murdock is a victim of a temporal anomaly, which brought him from late 20th century Earth into the late 24th century. He was rescued by the USS Zealous, and informed by command staff that he would not be permitted a free ride. He would have to train and become a Starfleet officer, if he intended to remain aboard.

Due to his past training and experience, to have Murdock serve in the position of helm would be a logical choice.

Some of the crew balked at the idea of training someone from the past, believing that he would not be capable of comprehending future technology, much less operating it. A few were very vocal in their displeasure. Despite this sentiment, Murdock managed to make a few friends and begin his training.

After considerable time, during which he helped to rescue the future Captain of the Zealous while being held prisoner by the Ferengi, he was granted his Starfleet commission and awarded the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 11, 2003 11:48 pm
by Jacob Verne

Alexander James was born and raised in the backwoods of Michigan on Earth. Although very outdoors oriented he has always been very interested in the new and developing technologies of the day and has dedicated his life to pursuing and hopefully perfecting them or even creating new ones. He has joined Star Fleet in hopes that this would help him fullfill these dreams even against the words of caution from his old fashioned family. He respects his roots and heritage but believes that exploring space will help him find the many sides of himself and learn who he is and what he can truly do to help mankind expand thier knowledge of technology.

Vital Stats

Name: Alexander James
Race: Human
Sex: Male
D.O.B. 16/02/2351
P.O.B. Michigan, United States
Dept. Helm
Rank: Ensign

Physical Attributes

Build: Lean/Fit
Weight: 165 lbs.
Height: 6'0"
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Skin: Caucasian/Tan
Marks: Tattoo Right Shoulder, 2 inch scar over right eyebrow


Marital Status: Single/Never Married
Mother: Alexis James
Father: Chandler James
Siblings: None
Pets: None


Born: 16/02/2351
Finished School: 24/05/2369
Entered Starfleet Academy: 03/09/2374
Graduated Academy: 15/06/2379

2369-2374: Spent time of 5 years in college studying advanced spatial mathematics and quantum theory related to sub-space mechanics.

2374-2379: Was in Starfleet Academy Graduating with Honors in Quantum Mechanics, Warp Propulsion Development and Theory, Spatial and Sub-Space Mechanics and Relativity. Earned Highest Award in Piloting Skills and Helm Operations.

2379: Assigned to U.S.S. Zealous NCC-59653 as a Helm Officer, Rank-Ensign

Beer, good times with good friends, relaxing, adrenaline rushes, adventure, pretty women.

Whiners, Complainers, People who don't ask for help on a job or assigned task, old stale beer.

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by Jacob Verne
Name: William James Connors
Position: Bravo Shift Helm Officer
Rank: Ensign
Ship: USS Zealous NCC-59653

Race: 5/7 Human, 2/7 Vulcan
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Place of Birth: San Francisco, Earth
Date of Birth: February 28th. 2357
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 187lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: Fair
Distinguishing Marks: None
Interests: Starship Engineering and Design, Warfare Doctrine (Sun T’su, Caesar) and Earth History
Likes: Respect, Commitment, Duty and Perseverance
Dislikes: Dishonesty, Prejudice, Laziness
Marital Status: Married
Accent: Human, North American (Like James Kirk)

Family Data:
Spouse: Ensign (Doctor) Andrea Lawry-Connors (Regousa Observatory, Domos System) – Age 22
Children: Matthew – Age 1
Father: Captain Jeremy Connors (Commander, USS McCool NCC-68315) – Age 47
Mother: Captain (Doctor) Rebecca T’Mek-Connors (Starfleet Medical, San Francisco) – Age 43
Brothers: Lieutenant Alex Connors – Age 25 (USS Sierra NCC-73662), Cadet Jeremy Connors Jr. – Age 19 (Starfleet Academy, San Francisco)
Sisters: Lieutenant J.G. Rachel Connors (USS Sullivan NCC-42452) – Age 24

High School and Location: San Francisco Unified High School
University/College: Starfleet Academy
Starfleet Academy Major: Starship Operations and Tactics
Starfleet Academy Minor: Galactic Sociology
Starfleet Academy Position: 1st out of 423
Graduate Schools: Advanced Tactics Academy
Courses: Multi-environment planetary survival, advanced starship/shuttlecraft/fighter piloting techniques, advanced weapons training, advanced combat tactics, structural stressing, planetary orbits

Starfleet Information:
Awards: Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Dominion War Campaign Medal

Starfleet Career:
USS Excelsior NCC-2000 - Cadet Cruise (2378-2379)
USS Saladin NCC-42903 - Ensign (2379)
USS Zealous NCC-59653 – Ensign (2379)

Character's Past History:
Medical History:
Connors suffered a major plasma burn to his left arm during a dominion attack on his training cruise on USS Excelsior during 2378. The wound was successfully treated and it did not hinder Ensign Connors return to full duty after graduation in 2379

Psychological Profile:
Connors is an easygoing and relaxed individual and he often likes to joke and keep a good conversation going on the bridge (He believes it helps productivity and communication, most of his senior officers agree with him). He is a very dedicated officer and often pulls additional shifts on helm duty, yet still maintains a good social life. He plays the guitar, which he says keeps him focused and alert, besides being an enjoyable hobby. His wife and son make him a more responsible officer than most his age. Even though he is nearly 30% Vulcan, his emotional human side remains on top, although he has great discipline during crisis.

Personal History:
William was born on a cold winter morning on the 28th of February, 2357. His parents, both Starfleet Officers, encouraged him to be an officer almost from birth. His mother is the half Vulcan daughter of an human and a Vulcan officer in Starfleet. Connors Vulcan traits allowed him almost the best of both worlds. He was athletically built and possessed Vulcan physiology, including the ability to do a nerve pinch. The Vulcan blood also extends his life span so that he could live well into the 26th century. His human half allowed him to still easily connect to most people and he shows his emotions as frequently as any regular human. Most people who knew him in grade school enjoyed their time with him.

After graduating from San Francisco Unified High School with top marks, he was accepted into the Starfleet Academy class of 2379 in mid 2373. Entering the term in September of that year, he majored in Starship Operations and Piloting. He received top grades for his extracurricular work in Starship design and was on the Fencing and Track Teams and was a member of the Academy’s elite Nova Squadron, a tactical flight squadron. In 2378, he was one of fifty cadets selected to go on a eight month training cruise on the USS Excelsior NCC-2000.

During the cruise, the Excelsior was attacked by a Dominion Scout Ship. The attack killed the Excelsior’s helmsman and William was forced to take the helm despite bad bruising he had taken from an exploding console. For his role in piloting the ship to safety, he was awarded the Bronze Star for Valor and the Purple Heart for his actions. After treatment of the wound, he finished the cruise and returned to the Academy. Starfleet decided cadets that served on vessels during the war counted as full service members and as a result, Connors was awarded the Dominion War Campaign medal upon wars end in December 2378.

William graduated first in his class in 2379 and accepted a temporary posting as a helm officer on the USS Saladin NCC-42903 for three months until he was assigned as B-Shift Helm Officer on the state of the art Prometheus class USS Zealous NCC-59653 later that year.


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by Jacob Verne

PostPosted: Mon Jul 28, 2003 3:11 pm
by Jacob Verne
NAME: Ti'ana Sullivan
SPECIES: Half Human, Half Vulcan
AGE: 26
SEX: Female
WEIGHT: 120lbs
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Small, athletic, and considerd to be pretty, Ti'ana has bright green eyes and slightly pointed ears. She has long dark hair that betrays her human side. Its dark brown and naturally wavy. She usually pulls it up. Like her human Irish family, she has very pale skin, and a light sprinkle of freckles on her nose.

FAMILY BACKGROUND: Father, Human: Aidan Sullivan. Mother, Vulcan: T'alana. Ti'ana is any only child. She favors her human side, even though she understands the value of her vulcan heritage. She is logical and slightly telepathic, due to her Vulcan blood. Growing up in County Kerry, Ireland, Ti'ana speaks with an Irish brogue, something her friends at the Academy constantly poked fun at her for. As hard as she tries, she can't seem to kick it. Her father, born and bred in Ireland, met her Vulcan mother when on Vulcan for an ambassadorial meeting. Her father is a Federation Diplomat, and works closely with others, although he tried to work from home whenever possible so that he could be with his family. He is now teaching diplomacy at the Academy. Ti'ana's mother is a botanist, and is currently experimenting with soils, trying to find a more fertile mixture to use for Federation colonies.

Character Personal History: Born to Adian Sullivan and T'alana in County Kerry, Ireland, Earth. Ti'ana enjoyed growing up on Earth, and her parents taught her well. They taught her to value both sides of her heritage, and she never had trouble with finding a healthy medium between the two aspects of herself. While she favors her human side as far as expressing her emotions, and feeling her instincts, she deeply values the skills her Vulcan side has given her as well. Because of her Vulcan blood, Ti'ana has slighlty heightened physical and mental skills, as well as being able to use the Vulcan Mind Meld. The Vulcan Nerve Pinch, however, still eludes her. Her human side has given her the ability to be compassionate and understanding, to be able to trust her instincts, as well as have a healthy sense of humor. Ti'ana is almost always seen with a twinkle in her eye, as if she has some source of private merriment. She attended the Academy at 18, where she studied operations and command. Ti'ana is an expert fencer, as well as a black belt in karate, two skills she finds usefull. She enjoy's programming the holodeck to accomodate the many fighting styles that she uses. She finds it an excellent release of tension. Her recent experiences aboard the Zealous, with the entity known as the "Construct", have left her shaken and with frequent nightmares. She is confident that she will get over this in time. Her latent telepathic abilities seem to have been heightened slightly, either due to proximity to so many telepaths or due to her recent experiences, she is not sure.

SERVICE RECORD: This is Ti'ana's first assignment

PERSONALITY: Has a good sense of humor and is very personnable. Easy to get along with, Ti'ana never asks someone to do something she herself would not do. Compassionate and understanding, Ti'ana does not give in to the coldly logical side of her Vulcan mind unless its necessary. She can go from laughing with her crewmates one minute to deadly serious in the face of a threat the next. Quick, sharp and witty, Ti'ana is a bit of a tease, and enjoys social situations.

Earth Food
Horse Back Riding
Rock Climbing
Good company
Reading real books
Holodeck Programs

Insufferable Know-It-Alls

Horse Back Riding
Rock Climbing
Meeting new people
Likes to read real books
Fighting programs in the holodeck
Has a Black Belt in Karate
Expert Fencer, especially with the Rapier and Epee Blade
Enjoy's fighting with the two handed broadsword
Very good with a Bat'leth

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by Jacob Verne
Name: Anthony "Tony" Ross
Rank: Ensign
Ship: U.S.S. Zealous
Position: Operations
Race/Species: Human
Age: 24
Place of Birth: New York City, Earth
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 165 lbs.
Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Black
Skin Color: Fair
Distinguishing Marks: None
Marital Status: Single
Abilities: Able to compute calculations faster than the average human.
Likes: Honesty, 20th Century Earth history, playing the saxophone, wrestling, repairing damaged equipment, designing star ship models
Dislikes: Injustice, dishonesty, his father

Family: Father: Admiral William “Bill” Ross
Mother: Sarah-lee Ross (Believed deceased)
Brother: Lt. Commander Jason Ross
Sister: Leah Jacobs (nee Ross)
Adopted Brother: Adam Ross (Believed deceased)

Background: After spending four years at Starfleet Academy and graduating at the top of his class, Anthony wanted to do something that would not be attributed to the position of his father. He spent two years working on federation cargo ships, so he could avoid any military future. However, with the loss of his mother and his adopted brother Adam from a mysterious attack on their science vessel near the Delta Quadrant, Anthony felt he had no choice but to rejoin Starfleet. Though fueled by a quest to find out what really happened to his family, Anthony knew deep within his heart that serving in Starfleet was his true calling.

His father, Admiral William Ross, is the head of the Federation Task Force Tactical Operations and is stationed at Starbase 375. Since the incident, Anthony no longer speaks with his father and blames him for not looking harder for his mother and adopted brother, whose bodies were never found on their severely damaged ship after it was recovered. Though Ross is generally friendly to everyone he meets, he usually associates with only a few friends and has limited contact with his brother Lt. Commander Jason Ross, who serves on the USS Destiny. His only confidant is his sister Leah, as she is the only one he feels truly understands him (she also looks and sounds like their mother).

Psych: Friendly and respectful when spoken with, Anthony has at times been proven to be somewhat of a hothead. His passion for justice and his quest for the truth, has on occasion allowed his judgments to be clouded. His intelligence has however been high enough to get him out of "sticky" situations. Anthony is not one to tell jokes, but he does surprisingly have a sense of humor. Though he claims not to be interested in anything that his father has to offer him, he does appear to have developed a slight jealousy for his brother Jason, as their father makes it no secret of how proud he is of his oldest son’s achievements, especially during the Dominion War. To relieve stress, Ross has taken a liking to wrestling simulations on the holodeck, where he spends most of his free time.

PostPosted: Fri Aug 15, 2003 2:53 pm
by Jacob Verne
Name: Jacob(Jake) William Spade
Rank: Ensign
ship: Zealous
Position: Operations department

Species: Human(American)
Gender: Male

Height: 6'4"
Weight: 175 lbs.
Eyes: (mechanical implants)
Hair: Dark Brown

Family: Fred and Anne Spade(parents), Valerie and Jamie(sisters)

BackGround: Jake was born in a small town called Smalliville, Kansas. He always hated living in a boring place like Kansas and daydreamed a lot about leaving on some adventure. He later found out that starfleet was right for him.
When he was ten years old, he found out his eyes didn't see right and had mechanical implants(like Geordi's) put in. Since then, he has always been able to see more than a normal human can.
He then joined starfleet academy and took a variety of classes. He eventualy ended up in Operations. He daydreamed a lot, which was why his grades maybe weren't as good as they could have been but he did make it through.
He finally got his first assignment after graduation aboard the U.S.S. Zealous.

Psych: Jake is always shy at first and becomes less so as he grows accustomed to new places and people.
He greatly respect authority. And he always tries to do his best with a job. But sometimes his daydreaming gets the better of him.

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by Jacob Verne

PostPosted: Mon Aug 18, 2003 12:45 am
by Jacob Verne
Name: Vaskel
Rank: Lieutenant
Age: 24
Height: 6ft 5''
Weight: 196 lbs
Species: Vulcan
From: Vulcan
Family: Father Vulcan Commander T'anor
Mother Simpek
Marital Status: Single
Current Ship: USS Zealous

Academy Record: Spent four years training in the Academy and two at the Vulcan Science Minstry. At the age of 18 He knew the specs to a Sovreign, Galaxy, Intrepid, Akira, Excelsior and then later Prometheus class vessel off by heart. By the Age of 22 Vaskel could stop 60% of EPS conduit breaches. Due to the fact that he can surpress his emotions Vaskel has no problem in sending someone to their death to save a squadron. ship, fleet etc. He graduated highest of his class with a 96th percentile. Vaskel also took courses in Science and Tactical and recieved high marks in both but experted in engineering.

Wishes for Current Assignment: Do to his best, he believes it is not about racing to the top with two and a half buttons and lead engineering. He wants to do his best so he can help others.

Vaskel was born on Vulcan to Tanor and Simpek in a Vulcan settlement near the temple of ammounak. The first year of his life he spent in the settlement and then his mother took him to live on his father ship. As a Vulcan Vaskel had a high human intelligance for his age and by the time he left the ship at the age of six he had mastered human basics things like multiplication, division , long division, percentages and areas in shapes. At the age of six he went to a sacred undergroung cavern where he learnt to surpress his emotions. It was done two years earlier than usual as a disturbing incident with an unknown lifeform scarred him and the process was a survival necessity. Due to the disturbing happening and the arly age insteda of the usual 1 to 2 weeks it took Vaskel 5 weeks. Now tha the process had been done it no longer effects him and he thinks of it of something that mearly happened 18 years ago. After surpreesing hiis emotions Vaskel lead a normal Vulcan life back in the settlement. By the age of eleven he knew 14 year old 21st School work in Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Vulcan and English, maths subjects such as Pythagoras, Triganometry, Negative numbers, scale factors, similar shapes, angles etc. At the age of 13 Vaskel decided to join Starlfleet and started studying. At the age of sixteen Vaskel took the entrance exam to Starfleet Academy and had the highest score, beating a human female, Bajoran male and Klingon female. Later Vaskel took courses in Engineering, Science and Tactical. At the age of twenty one he graduated from Starflleet Academy with a 96th Percentile and an advanced pass in many aspect of his three courses shuch as warp theory, quantum mechanics, molecular phased particles ins the phasers, advanced shield Engineering and sensory mechanics. Before his forst post at the age of 23 Vaskle spent two years at the Vulcan Science Ministry and took the time term breaks to master many Vulcan martial arts and the Vulcan mindmeld. At the age of Twenty three Vaskel got his first post as Engineering Ensign aboard the USS Zealous and has since made progress.

Now after a year onboard the Ship Vaskel has achievd the rank of Lieutenant and is the Chief of Engineering. During his year onboard the Zealous Vaskel had several visions indicating that an attack from a race of Aliens with great power form the Gamma Quadrant were coming to the Alpha and Beta Quardant to overule the three dominating Empires and gain a foothold in our side of the Galaxy. They were called the Tarmon Ay. When investigating this with a Romulan Warbird in the Neutral ZOne the beleived area of spce where they were to be located, an assult was conducted of the Warbird destroying it. The Zealous beamed over the survivirs thou there were few. Along with Commander Murdock and Lt. Sullivan Vaskel tought a training seminar fir the crew on how do deal eith the Tarmon Ay. Later Vaskel and tactical officer Ensign Luke Osswell were kidnapped during a boarding invasion of the Zealous. Vaskle was treated like the guest of honour and did not suffer, Ensign Osswell however was tortured to the brink of insanity by their Chief of Tactical. Vaskel places some of the blame on himslef, being the Senior Officer Ensing Osswell was his responsibility and felt he should of defended him better. However being a Vulcan he does not feel guilty for what happened.

PostPosted: Tue Aug 19, 2003 3:18 pm
by Jacob Verne
Name: Tangean Taneth
Rank: Lt. 1st Class
Species: El'Aurian (mostly) 1/4 Vulcan
Gender: Male
Hair: Dark blue, almost black
Eyes: Very dark red
Skin colour: Olive
Age: 406

Spent over 100 years as a trader between many allied planets before deciding to join Starfleet, to satisfy his hunger for knowlege. Before that, he was an AI programmer on Genobula. He was involved in Starfleet for a time, very early in the beginning. Taneth has a 5cm long scar above his right eye from an early mission.

Born on Vulcan (he certainly does travel), Taneth's maternal grandfather was Vulcan. After he was born, Taneth's parents returned to El'Aura. Culturally, El'Aurians prefer to discorage, but still accept, hybrids - there are a few species who would, by nature, abuse the unique qualities of their species. At age 27 (in 2014), Taneth left El'Aura to study artificial intelligence at the new Science and Technology center on Genobula, where he became a leading programmer for almost 50 years. He spent a few months on Earth in 2024 for inspiration as many Earth computers of the time were capable of speech synthesis and recognition. Moved from programming to commerse when days became routine, spending 105 years transporting goods from planet to planet (one of the more interesting being a back-talking parrot that wouldn't sit still). After the deaths of two of his closest friends in a freighter crash in 2140, he became the leagal guardian of their son, Michael Price, who eventually joined starfleet with him. Taneth was assigned to an away team on his first starfleet mission where he helped uncover an Andorian occupation of the Satrans' homeworld. Taneth rose to the rank of commander and became the first officer of the Excalibour and left Starfleet when the ship was destroyed in the Romulan war. He continued on in the Federation as a diplomat for many years.

Long fused but volitile temper
Logical but not to the Vulcan extreme
Showing minimal emotion
Uncomfortable in large groups
Hates wasting time
Accused of seemingly appearing from nowhere, on occasion
Keeps to himself
Dominant in nature

Ancient history
Computers and AI
Physics & Chemistry

Taneth enjoys archery and the Zakdorn classic game Straterjama, and always has a personal science project in progress.

Taneth's last mission

Just in case you want to know how Taneth left starfleet, here is a log of his last mission. This log exists to show the transition of this character between two sims in different times (The end of one and the beginning of the other).


Taneth: "I've just recieved my new posting from starfeet command. First officer of the starship Excalibour. First order of business is to check out Romulus."
Captain: "You be careful, there are rumours about that system."
Taneth: "So I've heard. The mission is to put those rumours to rest."
Captain: "Good luck, Commander."

<3 Days later>

Comm link:"This is commander Taneth of the starship Excalibour. We have been attacked by Romulan forces. The warp core is going critical. The captain is dead. I've ordered all crew to abandon ship. Leutenant Jonas and I will stay and########-------------|--|"
Communications officer: "I've lost the transmission"
Captain: "Set a course to intercept, maximum warp. Engage."

Taneth: "The tranciever's lost power. How's the core?"
Jonas: "I can't stabilise it, the main power relay is fused, this thing is gonna blow!"
Taneth: "Get out of here, get to the escape pod."
Jonas: "I can slow this down. You go."
Taneth: "I'm giving you an order, leutenant!"
Jonas: "Got it! We've got 2 more minutes!"
Taneth: "Now!"

Taneth has been rescued from the escape pod. He stepped out of the turbolift.
Captain: "Taneth, what are you doing up here? you should be in sickbay."
Taneth: "I have to see my ship."
*BOOM* the crackling explosion marked the end of the Excalibour.
Captain: "Where are the other escape pods?"
Taneth: "What, they didn't come back? How many people are unaccounted for?"
Captain: "83. The two of you were all we found."

Most of the escape pods were destroyed by the Romulans, less than half made it to safety.
After this event, Taneth left starfleet and returned to a variant lifestyle, eventually becoming a federation diplomat, and ending up as you see him today

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by Zania Jaarda
Name: Tyla Monroe
Rank: Lt JG
Position: Engineering
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11''
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Place of Birth: UK, Earth

Education: Starfleet Academy, Engineering

Personal History:

Was brought up in various foster homes and childrens homes after his parents died on a starfleet vessel. Was a bit of a problem child, always getting into trouble and fighting. Joined starfleet as soon as was possible, originally wanting to be security personnel. Carried on getting into trouble at the academy and was very nearly expeled but was taken under the wing of Varnes, a Vulcan tutor, who got his temper under control, as much as possible, and shifted his interest to engineering where his temper was less likely to flare. Did well with Varnes' guidance and passed with distinction from the academy.

Starfleet Career:

Just graduated from the academy and taking first post on the USS Zealous.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 30, 2003 10:13 am
by Zania Jaarda
Name: Ma'riel Gine
Position: Engineering
Rank: Ensign
Ship: USS Zealous

Race: Changeling
Gender: Assumed Female Form
Age: Unknown
Place of Birth: Found in the outer regions of the Alpha Quadrant
Height: 5' 6" (normally)
Hair Color: Black - Length: Almost to her waist
Eye Color: Green
Skin Color: Light Skinned
Identifying Characteristics: Slightly Smoothed Facial Features

Not much is known about Ma'riel. She was found in the outer regions of the Alpha Quadrant when the extended research vessel, the USS Baltimore, came upon the wreckage of an unidentified ship. Ma'riel was originally thought as simply living liquid and taken for study as the ship continued its voyage.

Overtime the lead scientist assigned to the "living liquid," Lt. Brenda Corvier, noticed simple movements and eventually the ability for the liquid to mimic her shapes. This lead to the startling discovery that the liquid was truly alive and actually a sentient species. Brenda worked with the liquid and eventually named it Ma'riel. Ma'riel grew and became quite adept as changing forms of the items that was given her to test and she was even able to represent a very flattering female form to near perfection, though sometimes her facial features like the defining nature and appear smoothed over.

Studies would have continued if not for an attacking vessel that closely resembled the one that Ma'riel was retrieved. The vessel was eventually destroyed but not after heavy losses to the crew of the USS Baltimore. More than three quarters of the crew were dead and the rest were severely wounded. With the help of Ma'riel, the crew was able to get back to Federation space. Brenda was one of only three surviving crew members who later succumbed to there wounds and died. Ma'riel was sent to Starfleet for further testing.

Ma'riel under went various tests harder than that experienced on the research vessel. Eventually Odo from Deep Space Nine heard of the discovery and stepped into action and pulled for her release. Upon her release she talked with Odo and eventually joined Starfleet Academy. She graduated top of her class and was given the assignment to the USS Zealous.

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by Zania Jaarda

PostPosted: Sun Nov 30, 2003 10:17 am
by Zania Jaarda
Name: Joy Robinson
Rank: Ensign
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Age: 25
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Blue
Other distinguishing features: none

Place of birth: Newcastle, England, Earth
Parents: Joy and David Robinson
Siblings: Melissa Robinson


Waverley High School Newcastle
Starfleet Academy Major in Science.

Particular interest in scientific advances developed from technology from newly discovered races. In final year at academy was particularly interested in the technology brought back by Voyager.

Current Assignment

Joy's first assignment is as an Ensign in the Science Department on the USS Zealous. She feels she is becoming part of the team and settling in well.


Enjoys reading (except for the romantic drivel her sister writes) and playing the flute (for her own pleasure and hardly ever in public), enjoys skiing and windsurfing prefering the real thing to the holodeck stating that the powder is never quite right in the holodeck.


Parents run the first Klingon resteraunt in Newcastle. Joy used to help out in the resteraunt and was interested by the tales the klingons told about their adventures and the enemies they had defeated. This does perhaps give her quite a warped idea of life in space sometimes. Joy tries to counter this by being keen to try new things and be willing to lend a hand where she can. Joy has a very close relationship with her father, slightly less so with her mother and does not get on at all well with her sister. Joy feels her sister is wasting her life and not contributing in any way. Joy detests the type of novel Melissa writes.

Personal profile

Joy is hard working and keen to learn. She was very excited about her first commission but a little apprehensive too as she sometimes finds it hard to make friends but once she does make a friend they are a friend for life. She prefers working in a team. She is sometimes over sensitive and a little quick to critisise her own work.


Chocolate deserts, Klingon Coffee, dogs and people who speak their mind.


Brussel Sprouts (even the non replicated variety), and people who are two faced.

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by Zania Jaarda
full romulan Name: VT Avastam Rehu
full vulcan name: VT
Meaning of name: hell fire/flame, dragon (house meaning)

Rank: Ensign
Serial number: S797-389SP
Department: Science officer

Age: 27
Birth date: October 31
Birthplace: unknown world in Avastam or Triangle area
Species: half Vulacn and half Romulan

Physical Characteristics:
Hair: light brown, boy like short bull cut
Eyes: bold jade green, with a look that can kill
Other: 2 hidden tattoos, one on left shoulder-blade of a heart w/little blue wings, other one on upper left arm of a gothic cross (cansee with tan top on), lager cut like wounds across her arms from pastbattles and training
Sex: female
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 135 lbs

Personal history:
As a child she read about adventure and dreamed that she would be onone in her life time, But when her mother and father died on trip backto Vulcan, that lefted her to raise her sisters. At 18, she joined theVulcan Academy.

She trained her mind as a solar as her mother would liked, and trainedher body as a warrior her father would liked. She wants to Earth on aquest of self-discovery after T’Sarita, her little sister, joined theVulcan Academy.

With in a year she joined Starfleet… she studied hard in her class andmajor in Science and minor in Engineering, she was joined buy herlittle sister at the Academy and was told about T’Nailo, her twinsister, becoming a High Master at mt. Gol

VT is the oldest and eldest female of her family line and her Romulannoble house. Before her mother’s died she was named as eri’hfirh orheir of house, and trained to rule the house one day, after her diedshe was named hru’hfirh or ‘Lord’ head of house. VT rules her housewith honor, extreme pride, fairness, and courtesy. She displays herhouse banner and crest in her quarters and her home lands on Vulcan.

Her father did live at Nn’Verih on Ch’Rihan. He was the last of hisline and believed in Spock’s unifartion, he lefted the Empire to joinStarfleet and help Spock with his knowledge of the Empire.

She is very proud of her line and all that she and her sisters had doneto honor their line and house. She uses her Vulcan training of logicand control with her humor on duty. Most of the time you can find heron the holodeck playing d&d or shadow of darkness RPG… or readingold hard cover books some where on the ship.

She is use the Vulcan way of only using the first name and her housename is only for recode for starfleet… she will only be address ashru’hfirh Rehu at Vulcan or by her sisters…

Pet: a black cat named hfu(angle)

Favorite color: dark red so dark it’s almost black
Favorite food: chocolate, pizza, ribs,breadsticks, buffalo wings, pound cake
Favorite drinks: (alcohol drinks) Romulan Ale, red wine
(non-alcohol drinks) water, Green tea, coca-cola, sprite

Education History:
--at 16 enrolled in Vulcan Academy of Sciences
Studied science and engineering

--at 20 enrolled in Starfleet Academy
Studied engineering and science
in top 10 of class

Family History:
Mother- doctor T'Shiarrael(died)
Father- Voltan Rehu(died)
was rion(captain) in Romulan Star Empire, Lt in Starfleet
Twin sister- T'Nailo 'Nightbreeze' Rehu
High Master at Mt. Gol (younger by 5 mins)
Little sister- T'Sarita 'little angel' Rehu
she is Ensign is Starfleet (younger my 6yrs)
married to Jack Max Sky of Earth

Husband- none
Children- none

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by Zania Jaarda
Name: Scott Jarrold, T
Rank: Ensign
DOB: Stardate 58202.20
Age: 21
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 210 lbs.
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Blonde (Naturally Brown)
Marital Status: Single
Next of Kin: Admiral Frances Scott , Father (Starfleet Intelligence)
Other Family: Captain Aumira Scott, Mother (USS Righteous)
Lieutenant Commander Angelo McNamiera, Cousin (USS Avenger)
Major Peter Yamagoshi, Cousin (SFMC)

Birthplace: New Orleans, Louisiana
North America, Earth
Current Address: N/A


Starfleet Academy:

Daystrom Institute:
Quantum Physics
Quantum Mechanics
Interstellar Phenomena

Zephram Cochrane Institute:
Warp Theory
Applied Warp Mechanics


Current Assignment:
USS Zealous NCC-59653

Previous Assignments:
USS Trailblazer NCC-22511
USS Zealous NCC-59653
Starfleet Engineering Corps
Various Locations


Gold Palm Leaf (Details withheld per orders of Admiral Johanson, Starfleet Engineering Corps.)
Star Cross
Legion of Merit




Jarrold was born on Earth in the city of New Orleans. Many people find him a rather odd site when they first see him. He appears to be Asian (his mother is Japanese) but also has a slight point to his ear betraying his vulcan heritage (his paternal great grandfather was Vulcan). The thing people find most odd is his strong Cajun accent which totally seems out of place with his strong Asian features.

Jarrold spent most of his life traveling aboard Starships as his parents were both Starfleet Officers. His was a Captain and CO of the USS Righteous and his mother was the ships Ops Officer. It would not be until his fathers promotion to Admiral and transfer to Starfleet Headquarters that Jarrold would make his decision to enter the academy. This decision would stem from the fact the his mother was promoted to Captain and stayed to oversee the refit and relaunch of the Righteous.

Jarrold had no siblings and wasn't sure if he wanted to stay with his mother or go back to Earth with his father so he made a decision that shocked both of them and took the Starfleet Academy Entrance Exam. He passed on his first try, scoring in the top 99.8% of the cadets and being given his choice of courses. Naturally he did what most cadets his age did and applied to command school. After only 3 weeks he found that it was not to his liking and changed course to Operations, thinking that he would later move back to command school. As his secondary course he entered Starfleet Medical and studied counseling.

His high intelligence combined with his preexisting knowledge of ship operation granted him an accelerated move through Operations school. He had his degree in Starship Operations in just over a year. Even though he had earned a degree at the Academy he had grown to love counseling and was still just entering his second academy year. Needing to have another minor he opted to enter the Engineering school. This is where his focus would lay until his graduation.

Jarrold soon discovered that he loved engineering and applied for the Engineering Corp, which was glad to accept him. He would serve in the Engineering Corp for just six months before he would receive new orders to report to the USS Zealous as a member of that ships counseling team.

Only weeks after being assigned to the USS Zealous Jarrold recieved orders that he would be going on temporary assignment to the USS Trailblazer, a Nova class starship set to explore the newly discovered ruins of an ancient civilization thought by most cultures in the area to predate the Dominion. The assignment lasted longer than anticipated and the Zealous was eventually forced to ask for a new counselor. Jarrold was given his choice off assignments upon his return, including the opportunity to be stationed aboard the USS Rigtheous under the command of his mother or the USS Enterprise under the command of Captain Jean Luc Picard. He requested a return to the Zealous and was granted his request albeit as a member of the science team.

One little known fact about Jarrold is that he is a touch telepath. While this ability is not strong it has proven helpful while counseling his patients. He never reads them without their permission. The only thing that he asks in return it that they don't reveal that he has this ability.

Jarrold has also studied various martial arts and fancies himself as sort of a modern Samurai. He has learned to integrate several Vulcan techniques into his form and loves to put people out with the Vulcan Nerve Pinch. He would rather do this than carry a phaser. He will not kill unless he absolutely has to. This actually saved his team on an away mission (Details Sealed per Admiral Johanson, Starfleet Engineering Corp).

Medical Background: Broken Arm (treated)
Radiation Poisoning (treated)
Third Degree Burn to Face (treated)

Allergies: Jarrold has no known allergies.

Drug Interactions: No known bad drug interactions

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by Zania Jaarda

PostPosted: Fri Jan 16, 2004 9:39 am
by Zania Jaarda
Name: Alexander (Alex) Ducane
Rank: Lieutenant First Class
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Green
Age: 24
Place of Birth: United Kingdom
Ship/Posting: USS Zealous, Medical Staff

Starfleet Academy, Earth.
Majored in Ships operations and minored in Medical.

Has a very good sense of humour, feels that humour helps his patients during diagnosis, treatment and recovery. Known for the occasional practical joke, but never crosses "the line". Very Intelligent and focused on whatever task he is assigned. Always provides suggestions, when appropriate. Very interested in temporal mechanics/sciences.

Skilled in ships operations and as a medic.

He is a medical doctor, but prefers to be called by his rank, rather than Doctor Ducane.

Commended for work regarding a virus that infected the USS Zealous. He found the cure.

Enjoys a good temporal paradox to study, builds model tractor beams to move things round his quarters. Likes to research into using temporal technology for treating patients.

Very interested in transporter technology aswell. Studies transporters in great detail, and has more than a chief engineers knowledge of them.

He has actually been through a temporal anomaly, to the 21st century, but was quickly returned. Furthur details would be a violation of the Temporal Prime Directive.

He would love to become the CMO on his ship, and will work hard to achieve his goal.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 16, 2004 12:37 pm
by Zania Jaarda
Full name: Amina Jalovel

Surname: Amina

Given Name: Jalovel

Species: Bajoran

Sex: Female

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 145 lbs.

Eye Color: Dark brown/black

Hair Color: Black

Complexion: Fair

Age: 26 (standard Terran years)

Place of Birth: Bajor

Spouse: None

Parents: Vedek Amina Torval (living) and Amina Racine (deceased)

Siblings: Amina Torvin (male child, died at birth)

Amina Lavine (female, living)

Children: None

Religion: Teachings of the Prophets

Academic Majors: Pre-Med, Linguistics, Physics and Astrophysics


Jalovel is the youngest of two surviving children to Vedek Amina. Growing up on Bajor, she was taught to love her people and religion. Her mother, Racine, was medically weakened by each childbirth and died shortly after she was born. Her father was left raising two daughters.

Realizing at an early age, she had a deep love for exploration and the stars, she studied hard in school to earn the grades that would get her into Star Fleet. Unfortunately, the official records of her schooling years were destroyed when her school caught fire and burned down. It was only through the personal recommendations of prior teachers that she was allowed to enter Star Fleet Academy.

Once into the Academy, it soon became apparent to her teachers that Amina Jalovel posessed an Eidetic Memory, meaning that she was able to remember and perfectly recall everything that she read. While humans, and Vulcans had been shown to occasionally possess Eidetic memories, she was the first Bajoran to be recorded as having that particular ability. Needless to say, it aided her in graduating at the top of her class. She was assigned to the USS Edmund Fitzgerald, a small ship, located within the Bajoran Sector, used mainly for peaceful, ambassadorial purposes.

After her encounter with Valron and the Construct, Jalovel began picking up the pieces of her life. During the incident where she cut her palm, she finally realized that the death of her brother and mother were not her fault. She still has issues of shyness to deal with and still has difficulty functioning in group settings.

Skills Profile

Amina Jalovel possesses the ability to make rational decisions very quickly. She knows every aspect of how a Starship works and is able to easily and fluidly transfer power from one sector to another without disrupting the operations of any system. Her Eidectic Memory proves to be an invaluable resource to the Captain that she has served under. She is quickly able to recall the physiology of virtually any species of sentient being and is able to treat them medically. Ens. Amina possesses an aura of authority about her and possesses excellent leadership capabilities. She is very fair in her treatment of others, and will give any officer a second chance, if they make a mistake. As a Bajoran, she feels a strong loyalty and gratitude for Star Fleet for helping to liberate her home world. Therefore, she strongly feels it is her duty to perform to the best of her abilities.

Recent Fitness Report

Cadet Amina shows great improvement in physical dexterity and coordination after participating in Martial Arts Training at the recommendation of her Instructor ...LT. Dario Harper, Instructor, Star Fleet Academy

Amina Jalovel possesses the types of leadership abilities that will get her promoted, quickly.....LT. Amado Jabour

Psychological Profile

Ensign Amina Jalovel has learned to deal quite well with her unusual mental abilities. Over the course of her life, she has learned not to rely exclusively on one ability, but rather, has been able to excel at a myriad of skills.

While we don't usually have much of an opportunity to closely examine our students, since they are usually here for only one year, I have learned a lot about Amina Jalovel in the short time that I have had the ability to counsel her. She is still dealing with the loss of her mother, the estrangement of her sister, and the belief that it is up to her to take the place of her brother, who died at birth. She is working through these issues, and they should not have any affect on her ability as a Star Fleet Officer. I have only mentioned them here in the hopes that the counselor onboard whatever ship she is assigned, will take them up with her. Otherwise, she is certainly capable of command once these issues are resolved....Dr. Wai Jesenovec, Counselor, USS Edmund Fitzgerald

Current Recreational Interests

Classical Earth Music, Classical Earth Literature, Classical Earth Philosophy and Tai Chi, Tai Kwon Do.

Miscellaneous Information.

Amina Jalovel sees herself as Captain of a Starship someday and is working to achieve that goal. She is very loyal to her Ship and fellow Officers. Her sense of fairness and her excellent performance is rewarded by loyalty from her crewmembers as well. She is highly experienced as a medical officer. Jalovel is excited about her newest assignment and sees the Zealous as the next step in her goal of moving up the chain of command.

PostPosted: Sun Feb 15, 2004 8:45 am
by Zania Jaarda
Name: Zuub
Race: Andorian
Skin Color: Blue
Rank: Ensign
Age: 23 Standard Years
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair Color: White
Marital Status: Single
Next of Kin: Pung, Father and Geh, Mother
Other Family: 15 siblings: Teed, male (1st litter, 10 months older than Zuub); Liph, female (1st litter); Thaam, male (1st litter); Zuukh, male (1st litter); Khoozh, female (1st litter); Theeng, male (1st litter); Phaam, female (1st litter); Zhaam, male (1st litter); Toot, female (2nd litter); Khag, female (2nd litter); Eeb, female (2nd litter); Teegh, female (2nd litter); Pramhar, female (2nd litter); Ashklar, female (2nd litter); Teeghar, male (2nd litter).

Birthplace: Andor, Andoria

Education: Starfleet Academy: Medical


Current Assignment:
USS Zealous NCC-59653

Previous Assignments: None.

Awards: None.

Reprimands: None.



Zuub was born to what was a typical Andorian family. She was in the second and what was to be the final litter of children, with all her siblings as listed above. Unfortunately, after her litter, Geh became sterile from a rare Andorian disease called Hlasha’s Curse. Of course, typical to all Andorians, her parents did not know of her sex until her first puberty at 13 standard years old and gave her a gender non-specific name. During this time, living in the capital, she became fascinated with the outsiders that occasionally came to discuss the universe. At the same time, she had a burning desire to cure her mother, as the shame of having the Curse was costing her clan the ability to keep their lands safe. Any casualties for her clan’s side could possibly spell the end of her clan’s line.

So, after a day filled with frivolity, Zuub decided to go to the new democratic government (The reign of dictators had ended due to a Captain Picard’s efforts.) house to listen to what happened there. There were the pink skins. Her memory said that these people were humans. For some reason they seemed to have superior medical knowledge, or at least she surmised as much due to the discussions taking place. At that moment, she decided she would have to go to their Academy to learn all that she could about the Curse to cure her mother.

After what was a heated discussion with her parents, they agreed to allow her to go to Starfleet Academy. There, she was an adequate student. However, due to all the new sensations, people and races, Zuub found herself getting very distracted. She even obtained a reputation on campus as being sexually loose. Of course, few people understood that for an Andorian neuter (being between first and second stage puberty) that sexual exploration/play with anyone or anything that struck an Andorian’s fancy was normal. When she was not distracted, Zuub was a tireless worker and spent extra hours attempting to research a cure, which she has not found yet. Despite her adequate academic record, Zuub started seeking a position on a starship. Her theory was that by some exploration that she might run into a new culture or species that would have the answer to her problem. She was a bit shocked, yet ver pleased that the prestigious Zealous accepted her application and she immediately accepted her commission there.

Andorian abilities: Despite the fact that Zuub may look slender and/or fragile, she can easily lift twice her weight. Similar to any Andorian, she has her antennae which allow her greater hearing to have greater sensitivity than her humanoid ears would allow her. The antennae also permit her to have long distance heat-sensing abilities, detect the following: electrical fields, changes in air density, temperature, adrenaline or teptaline, and permit her to have empathic and minor telepathic abilities. Whenever she does bond, the telepathic abilities with her spouse will be complete.

Medical Background: Perfect health.

Allergies: None.

Drug Interactions: No known bad drug interactions