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Current Log Thread

PostPosted: Fri Feb 08, 2008 12:00 pm
by Zania Jaarda
OOC: Okay, gang, this post kicks off the brand new mission, so that means a current log thread! There will be a few minor changes we’re going to detail within an e-mail on Monday, but visit to cross-post your logs!

Captain Ja’arda looked around the lounge, watching the members of her crew arrive one by one. She smiled at each one, her dark eyes knowing what was about to come in just a few moments. Once everyone had arrived, she stood up from her seat and walked over near the bar. There was a spot right in the middle, where everyone would be able to see her from where they were sitting or standing.

“I’d like to thank all of you for coming. The last mission that we were on had us face moral and ethical dilemmas that tested us, far more than we had ever been tested before. And yet, all of you have proven your valor . . . you showed your heart and just how strong you are as Starfleet officers, and for that everyone is to receive an official commendation within their permanent records,” she announced to everyone. “But, as has become a bit of a tradition, after every mission and before we embark upon a new one, we reward a few special officers who have stood out.”

Zania looked first to Ti’ana Sullivan, “Commander, I require your services, please.” There was a bit of a smile upon the Betazoid’s face as she made that remark, which left the half-Vulcan Operations officer curious.

She waited for Ti’ana to approach her before she continued, “Ti’ana, you’ve been with the crew for a very long time, and you’ve proven your worth time and time again. And, most of all, you’ve earned the respect and admiration of the crew. I’ve conferred with Starfleet Command on this, and they have given their approval. We would like to make you, officially, the Executive Officer of the USS Zealous with all the rights and privileges therein, and with it comes a promotion to full Commander as well.”

Even for a half-Vulcan, Ti’ana looked stunned, but she didn’t turn it down, which was a positive sign. “Thank you, sir,” she responded.

Zania pulled out a box and handed it to her, which had a full pip to replace the half-one that rested on her collar. She grinned again and then requested, “Now, Commander, as your first official duty, I’d like you to assist me by handing out the rank pips to those that we are about to promote today.”

She watched Ti’ana nod, and then move over to grab a number of boxes. As soon as she managed to get a few of the boxes and return, the dark-haired Betazoid turned to the rest of the crew. “Okay, next victim . . . er, promotee,” she cracked a bit, trying to help lighten the mood. “Dr. Blake Hunter, front and center please.”

He stood up from his seat and walked up to them. Zania couldn’t help but to smile as he approached, and then stated, “Doctor, you’ve also been with us for a while as well, looking after the health of everyone on board this ship. We’d like to award you with a promotion to the rank of full Lieutenant, and the position of Chief Medical Officer . . . something that has been a long time coming.”

She could tell that he was totally stunned by that, but still accepted it anyways before returning to his place among the others.

For the next person, she grinned again, and then announced, “Ensign Ebak Sison, front and center, please.” For someone who had come across as pretty confident most of the time, she noticed just how jittery he seemed to be . . . almost as if he was about to meet a judge, jury, and executioner. “Ensign, you’ve proven yourself to be a light within the darkness sometimes as part of the Zealous. You’ve stood out, and have made significant contributions since coming on board. As such, you are hereby promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade, and are now the acting head of the Security/Tactical department.”

The Betazoid smiled proudly at him as she watched him take his pips from Ti’ana, and then return to his seat. After that, she had just a couple more . . . although rank pips weren’t needed for these. “Ensign Valena, would you please approach the front?” she requested. After he walked up to her, she smiled, “Ensign, I know you’re fairly new to the Zealous, but you’ve proven yourself to be a capable leader. While we can’t promote you yet, we would like to make you the acting Chief of Operations . . . since I actually just promoted our last Chief to become the Executive Officer.”

After he expressed his thanks for the opportunity, she had one more that she had to do. “Lieutenant Commander Jarrold Scott,” Zania called out, waiting for him to walk up to the front. Once he did so, she decided to play around with him a bit, and put a serious expression on her face. “Commander, you’ve done a lot for this ship, and for the crew. You’ve patched us up and done a lot of repairs to the damage that the ship had endured in the past. You’ve also worn a number of hats previously . . . and I have one more to add into the mix.”

Her serious expression broke, as she revealed to him, “Commander, I am offering you the job as the Second Officer of the USS Zealous. Do you accept?”

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Captain Azanialix Ja'arda
CO, USS Zealous
Manheim Fleet

PostPosted: Mon Feb 18, 2008 1:34 am
by AlexanderJames
Walking through the airlock to the Zealous was almost unnerving to James, who had been looking forwrd to this posting for quite sometime. Even more unnerving was that his department head was the same rank. "Oh well", at least I'll be in good company. " he thought to himself as he boarded the ship. "Permission to come aboard". he asked the computer....."Permission Granted" was the reply. More of a formality than anything, James didn't feel right without asking beforehand to board the ship. "Computer, locate Captain Ja'arda". "Captain Ja'arda is in the lounge." Fair enough James thought, he could use a stiff drink after the last 4 years of the rigamarole of the Academy. James made his way to the Lounge, and saw a ceremony of sorts taking place. Not wanting to intrude he stood to the side of the room and waited for the ceremonies to end, and then made his way to the Captain. "this should be fun" he thought to himself, and at the same time wondered why she had a smirk on her face right after he had thought that.

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Ensign Alexander James
U.S.S. Zealous

PostPosted: Thu Feb 21, 2008 11:35 am
by Bjorn Dragoon
As the promotion ceremony concluded, the various attendees went their separate ways. Some left, most notably Commanders Scott and Sullivan, but most elected to stay for a while and were milling about the lounge socializing. Among those that stayed was one Ensign, Drass Kebron, who sat by himself in one corner of the lounge next to the view ports. He sat there, sipping from a pitcher of water, watching the various crewmembers as they moved about the room, looking for any signs that would indicate a conflict that might get out of hand. As the security officer on duty, one of his responsibilities was to maintain order on the ship. With so much of the crew in one place, it made sense (to him at least) to spend the rest of his shift there, unless he was summoned to another part of the ship. While he sat there watching the crowd, Drass noticed Lt. Sison sitting at a nearby table, staring absently at his new pip as it lay on the table in front of him. The man looked like he could use some encouragement, so Drass—in an uncharacteristically outgoing mood—decided to give him some.

Downing the last of his water, the huge Brikar officer stood and tugged on the bottom of his uniform jacket to smooth out the wrinkles. Walking up to Ebak and Crystals’ table, Drass nodded to Crystal in greeting, then turned and held a massive, three digit hand out to Ebak. “Congratulations on your promotion, Lt.,” he said.

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 23, 2008 4:04 pm
by H M Murdock
The helm officer felt Yunisca lean against him as the promotions were handed out, and gently drew his arm around her, hoping that it would provide her with a bit of comfort. There were a few people who had been promoted during this time, but mainly there were some named as department heads, filling much-needed positions after some recent departures.

He glanced at Yunisca from time to time, gently smiling at her and grateful for what she had done for him. They had grown so close of lately, and he wouldn’t want it any other way. The counselor had become someone special in his life, endearing herself to him just for being herself and those very small moments where emotion threatened to break through and be seen by all.

She was really an amazing person, and nothing could take that way from her . . . ever. He really felt as if he was holding an angel within his arms.

He placed a gentle kiss upon her hair as the ceremony ended, and then suggested, “What would you like to do? Should we talk to the others for a bit, or maybe just order a meal to have a dinner together?”

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Lt Cmdr. Murdock
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 26, 2008 11:21 pm
by josh
Ensign Valentine applauded, he was happy for those who had been promoted and those who had been given the privilege of managing a department. His duty shift wasn't over for another hour or so. So he decide to head back to the bridge and man his station for the little time left on his shift, and then probably try to get some rest so he could be ready for his grave-yard shift. He rose from his seat in the conner and made his way through the crowed lounge to the door. He reached the door and turned and began to search for Ensign Valena, he found his department head and decide to head over and congratulate him on his appointment to head of OPS. He walked over and offered his hand, "Congratulations on the promotion of sorts..." he began. "I'm the OPS officer for Gamma shift starting tomorrow, so if you need anything, Sir, you can find me there." He continued.

Ensign Valentine
USS Zealous

PostPosted: Thu Feb 28, 2008 6:29 pm
by Zania Jaarda
As things started wrapping up in the lounge, Captain Ja’arda looked over and saw an officer, who she had not met before officially. He was probably one of the new ones that had come on board while they were docked at the station, taking on supplies and getting in a few small repairs from the last mission.

He stood off to the side, seemingly not wanting to intrude. She couldn’t help but to hear his thoughts when he said that this would be fun, and she grinned a bit at that. Normally, she wouldn’t intrude on the thoughts of another, but this just really seemed to stand out, and was a bit amusing as well.

But, if anything else, it also seemed to show just how enthusiastic he was to be part of the crew. She walked over to him, glanced at his rank pips, and stretched out a hand, “Welcome aboard, Ensign. I’m Captain Azanialix Ja’arda.”

“Alexander James, sir . . . Operations,” came the response from the officer.

“That’s a very good department to serve in, where you’ll get plenty of opportunity to make a difference on this ship. You’re going to have an acting commanding officer who can help you really learn the ropes . . . Ensign Sirus Velena,” the dark-haired Betazoid mentioned.

“Yes, sir,” Ensign James replied.

“Ensign, I was just about to head up to the bridge, as we have to depart soon for our next mission. Care to join me?” she offered.

“Of course, Captain,” he responded, his eyes practically lighting up as a result.

“Well, let’s head to the Turbolift then,” Zania expressed as she walked out of the lounge, heading through the corridors to the nearest lift that would take both of them to the bridge. She tapped her Combadge and also sent out a general announcement, “Captain Ja’arda to all hands, we will be departing from the Starbase in 30 minutes. Please report to your duty stations. A mission briefing for senior officers and acting department heads will follow.”

They arrived at the Turbolift and watched as the doors parted, allowing her and Ensign James to enter inside. Once she did so, she announced, “Bridge” and watched as the doors closed behind them.

“Ensign, I’ve got a feeling that you’re going to enjoy this experience on the Zealous,” Captain Ja’arda reiterated, almost echoing his thoughts from before.

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Captain Azanialix Ja'arda
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 29, 2008 5:20 am
by Sirus Velena
Sirus guzzled down the last mouthfull of coffee in his cup and checked his uniform one last time in the mirror before leaving his quarters, it was perfect although didnt feel right, it was the same uniform he had been wearing yesterday but somehow it felt different today. He placed the empty mug back in the replicator and pressed a button, watching as it de-materialized into nothingness.

As he walked out of his quarters and down the corridor towards the turbolift, a familier voice came over the comm-system, "Captain Ja'arda to all hands, we will be departing from the Starbase in 30 minutes. Please report to your duty stations. A mission briefing for senior officers and acting department heads will follow.".

The thought of sitting at 'The Big Table' with the Captain and the rest of the Senior Staff for this mission briefing made Sirus nervous, but after his chat with the Captain at the Premotion Ceremony, he was looking forward to the challenge she had given him.

The Turbolift doors opened infront of him, Captain Ja'arda and Ensign James were already inside. "Going Up?" he joked as he walked in to join them on their way to the bridge. As the lift started moving he turned to Ensign James asking "Mr James, I will be holding a departmental meeting this evening in Life Support Control on Deck 3, I hope to see you there?"

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 02, 2008 5:51 am
by AlexanderJames

The Captain had finally met James' gaze towards her and extended a hand to greet him. “Welcome aboard, Ensign. I’m Captain Azanialix Ja’arda.” “Alexander James, sir . . . Operations,” came the response from the officer.

“That’s a very good department to serve in, where you’ll get plenty of opportunity to make a difference on this ship. You’re going to have an acting commanding officer who can help you really learn the ropes . . . Ensign Sirus Velena.”

“Yes, sir,” Ensign James replied.

“Ensign, I was just about to head up to the bridge, as we have to depart soon for our next mission. Care to join me?” she offered.

“Of course, Captain,” he responded, his eyes practically lighting up as a result.

“Well, let’s head to the Turbolift then,” Zania expressed as she walked out of the lounge, heading through the corridors to the nearest lift that would take both of them to the bridge. She tapped her Combadge and also sent out a general announcement.


James had no idea why he was calling Captain Ja'arda a "Sir" except for the fact he may have been a lil' nervous, but then that was unusaual for him. "Great", he thought to himself, way to make a good first impression on the Captain". As they were heading to the Bridge, his Acting Head of Ops entered the turbolift. "Going up?" the Ensign mused to the 2 of them.
James' Head of Ops. Ensign Valena proceeded to ask James if he'd join in a conference in Life Support Control on deck 3 to which James replied "Of course I'll be there, the only thing that could drag me from it would be a toga party at Daytona on Spring Break". James wasn't quite sure the reaction he'd get from that last comment seeing as the Captain was right there, however, he thought, now was as good as time as any to see how uptight these folks were, or if they knew how to have fun when they could, yet still get to business when it had to be done.

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 04, 2008 5:55 am
by Sirus Velena
"Of course I'll be there, the only thing that could drag me from it would be a toga party at Daytona on Spring Break" said Ensign James, testing the water to see how well the other two officers would take to humor.

Sirus smiled, "Well if it makes you feel any better, I have no problem with you wearing a Toga on duty ..." he replied, trying not to laugh at the thought of his team all working in Toga's, he looked over at the Captain and added "... what d'ya think Sir?".

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The turbolift doors opened and Sirus held his arm out allowing the Captain to walk off first, as the two Ensign's followed he turned to Alexander, "You have the Ops station for Departure Mr James, I am going to stand over here and ...", he paused for a second trying to think about what he would be doing then smiled and added "... and look busy!".

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Sirus walked to a free computer console at the rear of the bridge and sent a memo to Ensigns Alexander James, David Valentine and Savar Tavan instructing them to be at Life Support Control on Deck 3 at 1800 hours, then stood out of the way of the duty bridge crew and tapped at a padd, looking up every now and then to have a look around the bridge at what was going on.

PostPosted: Wed Mar 05, 2008 9:14 pm
by josh
The constant beeping from Valentines computer terminal, pulled him back to Zealous. He pulled him self painfully off the couch. "Im guessing theses are my orders." He mussed happily to him self. He swivled the terminal around to face him, and opened the memo from Ensign Velena. He read the memo and headed out of his quarters towards the turbolift. He steped in =^= Deck 3=^= the turbo lift hummed to a stop, he stepped out and in to the Life Support Control room, then over to a console. He then sent Ensign Velena a meassage reporting in.

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Ensign Valentine
USS Zealous NCC-59653

PostPosted: Mon Mar 10, 2008 12:11 pm
by Zania Jaarda
(OOC: I apologize for my delay in posting. I’ve had another death in the family, and trying to find out the information regarding the funeral)

Captain Ja’arda watched as Sirus Valena approached the turbolift, asking if they were going up. “Of course, Ensign. Come on board,” she noted with a smile. As Murdock and Yunisca also boarded the turbolift as well, the Betazoid couldn’t help but to smile at how Sirus started to strike up a conversation immediately with his fellow Operations Officer, Alexander James.

She listened as Alexander mentioned about a toga party at Daytona during Spring Break as the only thing that could drag him away from attending to his duties. She grinned at the response from Sirus, and then giggled a bit, “Actually, a toga party doesn’t sound like a half bad idea. We’ll have to try and arrange for one during the down time. Who’s bringing the keg?”

The turbolift stopped on the bridge, allowing all of them a chance to exit the car and take their stations, which everyone did immediately. Ti’ana was already there, along with Jarrold Scott, and most others who had their duty stations on the bridge. She nodded to all of them and smiled as Azanialix headed over and took her seat within the command chair. Sirus was already organizing things for his department, arranging for a meeting that would take place later today, and that impressed her. Heck, all of her crew constantly impressed her, which is why serving with them was such an enjoyable experience.

She heard Jarrold mention that they would be ready to launch on schedule, and then that all engineering systems checked out. “Good work, Commander,” she smiled at him, glad that he was also such an essential part of the crew.

Zania tapped a couple of buttons on her arm console, and watched as another Ensign brought her a PADD with some information. Her eyes glistened as she read it. “All stations, please report in with your status. Ops, contact the station and get final clearance for launch. Mr. Murdock, once we have that clearance, take us out.”

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Captain Azanialix Ja'arda
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a request for help

PostPosted: Mon Mar 10, 2008 3:38 pm
by Robinson
Ebak nodded and immediately walked towards the nearest tubro lift.
"On my way lt, Science Lab 2" he announced as it hummed into life, when
the turbo lift arrived he walked hurridly down the corridor until he
reached Science Lab 2, he walked inside.

Joy had only just arrived at the lab herself when the doors opened and
Ebak walked in.

"Thank you for coming so quickly" Joy said.

Ebak smiled. "Its no problem ma'am. So how can I help?" He asked politely.

Joy was not quite sure where to begin she took a deep breath and began.

"To be honest with you this is very difficult for me. As I'm sure you
know my sister has been transferred to Earth following us finding her on
the True Federation base. As far as I know she is being questioned by
Starfleet Intelligence at the moment but I do not know where. My
parents live in England and have been trying to arrange to see Melissa
as they have not seen her in nearly 3 years. They thought she was dead
after all this time. I was hoping that from a security perspective you
might have more luck in finding where she is and whether my parents can
see her."

Ebaks mouth worked itself a little, he knew how hard it was for
Starfleet Intelligence to listen to reason and that when they were
involved, S31 usually got involved, that would make it alot more harder
for anyone else...but for was hit and miss, could be harder,
could be easier depending on who he reached. He sighed, a sympathetic sigh.

"Well...I will try to talk to Starfleet Intelligence..but they don't
listen to reason, especially when Federation security could be at risk,
I know thats probably not an issue...but they have to be prepared for
everything." He put a hand on his chin. "I have a few contacts in...the
intelligence part of Starfleet...I can try and get your parents
clearance, it won't be easy and they'll probably have to go through alot
to see her. Then again...this may work to Starfleets no...forget it...I'll see what I can do for your
parents and sister. But don't forget, she's considered a traitor, and
traitors aren't not looked upon lightly." He gave her a grim glance, he
waited for her answer to see if she had any comments or more requests of

Joy felt the color rise in her cheeks as she listened to Ebaks words.
She swallowed hard and then said.

"I have reached the point where I don't care about Melissa. She has
made it quite clear she has no regrets about her actions she was
responsible for the technology used in an attack on the Zealous that
almost destroyed the ship"

Joy took another deep breath and continued.

"She is carrying the child of one of those . . . " Joy did not have the
words to describe how much she despised the True Federation, it's
members and what they stand for and that her own sister could be part of
that. "people if they can be called people but my parents thought she
was dead and that was devastating for them. They need to see her to
know she is alive and it's only for them that I am asking for your
help. Melissa can rot in hell"

He was obviously suprised...very suprised but understanding. Joy felt betrayed by her sister and he would feel the same way if his own sister were to be working with the True Federation, but he knew that wasn't the case. "I think I can arrange something, would you like to accompany me to my quaters?" He asked politely.

Joy nodded. "I would appreciate any help you can offer"

He smiled and stood up and walked with her to his quaters, via the transporter room to check on something with the operator. He opend the door to his own quaters and motioned to it in a "ladies first" like gesture.

As they walked to his quarters Joy took several deep breaths trying to calm her racing heart. This was so embarassing for her she wished Melissa had not put her in this position. But of course she was doing this for her parents and that calmed her down. As Ebak motioned for her to enter his room first Joy nodded and went inside.

He followed her inside and shut the door. "Computer connect me to Starfleet Headquaters, Intelligence and Security departments" The beeps indicated that the computer was working. "Can I get you something?" He motioned to the replicator.

"Yes coffee please" Joy said

He smiled as the replicator instantly produced a cup of hot coffee, he picked it up and handed it to her as he sat at his desk. "Please, take a seat" he motioned to the couch and armchair nearby that faced out to the large body of Earth itself.

Joy took the coffee. Her hands shook for a moment but she did not spill any. She took a seat on the couch. She could not help but look at Earth out of the window. Her parents would be just about closing up. They will have had a long night as Klingons don't go home early after a meal.

He gently took her hand and said "Calm...everything will be alright."

Joy took a sip of her coffee. "I hate to admit it but I am beginning to wonder whether I should have left her on that base. I know she is my sister and all but I just can't understand what has made her do what she has done"

"Sometimes our beliefs and values are influenced and changed by others...maybe she believed she really was doing good." He turned to the monitor and then back to her.

Joy sighed "I don't know I wonder if I will ever know for sure. My parents are humans who run a Klingon restrerant in an English town. It's patronised by people of many different races she has not exactly had a sheltered upbringing"

Joy took another sip of her coffee "I know I was away at the Academy when she went missing but well I just can't figure out where this has all come from"

"There can be reasons we barely can understand even if we did know." The image of a middle-aged man appeared on Ebak's display. "Ah...Admiral Delac, I hope I'm not distubing you..." The Admiral stated that it was no problem and asked what this was all about, it was apparent that Ebak knew the Admiral quite well to be able to get directly too him, as he spoke the Earth turned slowly ever rotating in the great circle that everything follows, the sun glinted most of the collectables and clutter that was spread over any visable surface in Ebak's quaters.

Before Ebak could say anything more the face of an Admiral appeared on his screen. Joy was a little surprised that he had got such a high ranking response to his call but now was not the time to go into that. Joy waited to let Ebak speak to the Admiral.

Joy listened intently to Ebak's conversation with the Admiral. It was not clear what their relationship was but he was clearly putting himself on the line for her here. She was deeply moved but also concerned that the Admiral considered her parents such a threat. Joy stood up and moved behind Ebak and into the Admiral's view of Ebak's quaters.

She was about to speak.

Just before Joy came into the admirals view, Ebak had whispered something to the admiral, whatever it was had made the admiral both angry and slightly nervous, But at seeing joy his fear disipated

"..Very well lieutenant Sison...I shall grant the Robinsons permission to see their daughter, Admiral Delac out." With that the screen went dark

Joy was a little shocked and was going to ask what she had said to make him change his mind as Joy had thought there was no chance of her parents seeing Melissa. "I can't thank you enough" she said.

He smiled a little craftily as he turned to his chair. "As my favorite vingate movie has taught me...all you need is the proper leverige and doors just open for you."

Joy smiled "I don't think I want to know any more" she smiled again. Then her thoughts were interrupted by the Captains message. “Captain Ja’arda to all hands, we will be departing from the Starbase in 30 minutes. Please report to your duty stations. A mission briefing for senior officers and acting department heads will follow.” Joy sighed.

"And time has caught up with us."

He smiled and nodded. "Indeed it't time fly when your demanding stuff from higher rank officials."

Joy smiled again despite of her anxieties. She had a feeling she was going to get on well with Ebak.

"Well the Bridge calls"

He chuckled and smiled "Indeed it does...I don't know if its my shift though...I'll check to see if there's another Tactical officer on duty...if so I'll just assume acting head roles...if not...I'll take my station at the bridge...hey...maybe you and I could have lunch some time or...hang out on the holodeck?"

"I would like that and thank you again" Joy felt the colour rise slightly in her cheeks again. Joy usually felt uncomfortable in one on one social situations but somehow Ebak put her at ease. "Well I'll see you at the briefing if not before"

He smiled and nodded "I look forward to it Miss Robinson."

Joy smiled again and left his quaters. As she headed up to the bridge she thought about what had just happened. Before she knew it she was stepping onto the Bridge. As she went over to a science station at the back of the Bridge she listened to the hustle and bustle of activity as the ship prepared to depart.

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Ebak smiled to himself...its not everyday he could encourage a flicker of fear in an admiral, but even the mention of Section 31 did just that..being technically part of them and one of their test subjects had its few perks...he didn't like to exploit them...but he just did for another crew member. He sighed and unzipped the top part of his jacket. He tapped his combadge. "Ebak Sison to all Tactical and Security officers, following the senior meeting there will be a training simulation on the holodeck led by myself, its not on opinion to come along, it doesn't hurt to keep in shape and be a little social sometimes people. Plus more advanced and unorthodox techniques will be taught in this couse...I expect to see you there. Ebak Sison out." He smiled to himself...maybe he was fit to be a department head...only time will tell.

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JP between

Lt Cmdr Joy Robinson
Chief Science Officer


Lt Ebak Sison
Acting Head of Tactical/Security

PostPosted: Tue Mar 25, 2008 11:21 am
by H M Murdock
Murdock sat at his station on the bridge, glancing over his shoulder once to check on Yunisca. She had settled into a chair at a station, preparing for the launch. He gave her one of his big, flashy smiles, almost as if this was like opening presents for the first time at Christmas.

“We’ve been cleared for departure,” one of the operations officers reported.

“Commander Murdock, take us out . . . docking thrusters,” Captain Ja’arda ordered as she leaned forward slightly from her seat.

“Aye, sir,” the Texan responded, his fingers flying across a console . . . a console that had once been alien to him, much like everything within this era, but now had become his home and he learned like the back of his hand.

Slowly, the Prometheus-class ship began to move, inching it’s way out of the spacedock on the starbase and into the starry expanse beyond. It took a bit, but eventually it happened and they were clearly on their way again for yet another mission . . . a mission that the Captain was going to soon tell them about.

After a couple of moments, Murdock checked the console and then reported, “We’re clear of the station. Course and speed, Captain?”

“Set course at the moment for Deep Space 9, Warp 7. We’ll adjust course slightly after the senior staff meeting,” she instructed.

“Aye, sir,” Murdock answered, and then glanced to Yunisca. Somehow, this almost seemed like one of those missions that were on a need to know basis . . . and they were just about to find out how serious it was when the senior staff would assemble. He again tapped his console to make the adjustments, sending the Zealous along the path to it’s new mission.

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Lt Cmdr Murdock
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What is going on?...

PostPosted: Thu Apr 03, 2008 6:58 am
by Ebak Sison
Ebak listened closely to the captain, he couldn't be convinced to sit as he stood leaning on one of the chairs. After the commander and second in command had finished he continued.

"I would have to concure...the Breen aren't exactly our alliance is probably the best term...and the Zealous is still scarred with its problem with the creatures in our last mission. What exactly are we being sent there for?" He asking starring into her eyes with his wide, slitted and slightly sinister eyes, the eyes that were a distinct colour of golden yellow, the colour of danger.

"Rescue? Medical? Negotiation? Or prehaps muscle? The more we know, the more we can prepare...I assume that engineering know what kind of damage the Breen can be to federation ships." He hated to be negative...but the fact still stood. Breen disruptors cut through federations ships hulls like a knife of flame through warm butter.
"The shields have been upgraded...but are they enough?" He said as he motioned around the room, to the ship, his home. His only home now that his parents home was empty with a "For sale" sign outside.

"We are but ignorant in the matter....captain...with all due respect...what is going on?" He wasn't afraid to be so direct to the captain, although he was only a Lieutenant Junior Grade...but he always told he had the balls of an admiral, and he trusted her and was friendly with her. In one way, the people before him weren't his superiors or sub-ordinates...they were his brothers and sisters, the brothers and sisters of the Zealous.

Ebak Sison
Acting Head of Tactical/Security
USS Zealous

Current Log Thread

PostPosted: Thu Apr 24, 2008 11:01 am
by Sirus Velena
OCC: Sorry guys for the lack of posts recently, been on holiday in the states and came back to a very busy couple of weeks, am back and will be posting regularly again now.

Sirus walked out of the meeting having not said a word, he felt like just when he had started thinking maybe he could swim, someone had pushed him in the deep end and it was just too deep. He shook of the feeling as he walked the short distance to the turbolift, "Deck 3" he asked and the lift started moving.

The lift doors opened and he walked out, heading down the corridor to Life Support Control, this would be the first time all of the Operations Officers have been in the same place since he had taken over as Acting Chief and he was looking forward to getting to know them all a bit better. He approached the doors and pressed the controls, walking through as they slid open.

Although he had arrived early to give himself a bit of preperation, Ensign Valentine was already there, sitting at a console waiting. "Josh..." Sirus said as he walked in, "...Hows things buddy? Fancy us both ending up on the same boat, what were the chances?" he added.

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He sat at the console opposite Ensign Valentine, going over a few final detail while waiting on Ensigns James and Tavan.

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 25, 2008 11:29 pm
by josh
SNIP:"Dave..." Sirus said as he walked in, "...Hows things buddy? Fancy us both ending up on the same boat, what were the chances?"

Joshua looked up from his console, he had been going over some data from the last sweep of the life support system. "Sirus.... Im good just trying to get settled in and all." He said looking over towards the console across from him. "I guess we were just lucky to get posted together, how are you and hows the new position?" He looked back to the console in front of him. He picked up a pair of padds and placed them on the console Sirus had sat in front of. "There are the scans from the life support system and some possible minor systems improvements."

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Ensign Joshua David Valentine
USS Zealous

PostPosted: Fri May 02, 2008 8:24 pm
by josh
Joshua listened to his old academy buddy's speech, he fliped through the padd's info on the MVAM postings and other to do items. "Sirus, do you have any idea if the captain will need any one to fly some of those fighters i saw when i boarded?" He mentioned "I'd really like to get behind the controls of a shuttle again....... Sir" He added with a chuckle. He stood and moved towards the door to join Sirus, James and, Taven. "This should be a real work out, just like old times aya?" He threw out to ease the tension as they exited into the hall.

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Ensign Joshua David Valentine
USS Zealous NCC- 59653

PostPosted: Tue May 20, 2008 4:25 pm
by Robinson
(OOC sorry too for my apparent disappearance of the face of the planet. My little Andrew had to have another operation on one of his eyes last Friday as he had some stuff growing in there they had to get rid of. He is recovering well though and was a little star at the hospital. We have a check up tomorrow so fingers crossed he is healing well)

Joy listened to what the others had to say as well as the Captain's comments on the Zealous being the best crew to deal with this mission because of their experience with the True Federation. Joy could not help but shudder at this thought.

As the briefing came to and end Joy headed back onto the Bridge.

She went to the main Science station to the bridge to begin looking at both the Zealous own sensors and how the runabouts could best be used on a recon mission. Then a thought struck her and she quickly composed a quick message home.

"Hi mum, dad, our mission will take us away from Earth again for I don't know how long. Sorry I did not get a chance to say goodbye properly. A friend here has helped arrange for you to see Melissa and you should be contacted about that soon. Take care of yourselves and I hope to see you soon. Love you. Joy"

Joy took a deep breath and went back to the task at hand.

Lt Cmdr Joy Robinson
Chief Science Officer
USS Zealous

PostPosted: Fri May 30, 2008 5:05 pm
by blake
Blake was working in sickbay tending to a new case of acute dispesia "just heart burn" he said to an ensign who was worried he sevear heart failure, when his console began beeping looking over he smiled as he noted that it was from the Captain

"hear, just take this" he said handing the ensign a hypo full of anti heart burn medication "three times a week for two weeks then one time per week until its out" he said "and your cleared to go" he said as the Ensign gave a heavy sigh of relief. turning to the console he read the message about dinner smiling he typed back "you have the cookery in your quarters" he said "your place" he added wondering what it looked like inside the captains quarters "send" he said to the computer which chirped in response

From her seat on the bridge, Zania smiled as she saw the response come through from the doctor. She turned to one of the other officers on the bridge and informed him, “I’m going to head to my quarters for the evening. You have the bridge.”

With that, she got up and started to head to the turbolift. The doors slid open and she stepped inside. “Deck 3,” she announced, watching as the doors closed. She was definitely looking forward to spending the time with Blake, as it would provide a bit of a break within this time of tension.

Blake smiled to himself as he recieved confirmation that the message had been recieved, still smiling he looked around, spotted the acting assistant chief of medical and said "i'm heading for the haystack early, contact me if any medical emergancies arise" he said then adding. "ermm that's any medical emergancies that don't involve heart burn, acid, indigestion, upset stomach, or umm...diarrhea" he said stepping aside to let a running crewman by and tried to hold back a laugh as he turned towards the lavatory to use the toilet "I think I may have to ask that the replicators be checked" he thought to himself as he headed to his quarters to change into something comfortable for the evening

Stepping into a TL he announced "deck 6" and arriving a few moments later to his quarters he took a sonic shower and picked out some vulcan robes and vest both were red with a gold/greenish trim that seemed to match his eyes and hair stepping out of his quarters a few minutes later he walked towards the TL and entering said "deck 3"

After the turbolift stopped on the deck where her quarters was located, she exited the car and quickly made her way to her room. In some ways, she didn’t know how some other Captains did it. They often had time to relax within their quarters, and get a bit of time to themselves . . . but with Captain Ja’arda, she seemed to be constantly on the move. Her crew often needed her, and she was always honored to oblige them. They were very important to her, and meant a lot to her . . . not only as part of the crew, but really as a family in a sense.

After entering inside, she quickly changed out of her uniform into something more relaxing. It was a blue outfit, which accentuated her figure. The garment almost seemed to have a top layer that shimmered with a golden hue, almost making it look like it moved with her. The skirt showed a lot more of this highlight, and hung around her legs like a fine silk.

She started to set the table in anticipation of Blake’s arrival . . . and the romantic dinner they would share tonight.

The turbolift came to a halt on deck three and the doors swooshed open, stepping out he made a right, left, another right and did a left face and came to a stop in front of the captain's quarters cracking his knuckles slightly out of nerves he rang the chime and waited for an answer

She looked up the moment she heard the chime, a bit of a smile appearing upon her lips. “Enter.”

Blake smiled to himself hearing the words and pushed the button again to open the doors "looks, different' he said entering the room and looking around bit "are those new drapes?" he asked noting the difference in color from the standard quarters on a ship "the privliages of a starship captain" he said with a teasing smile

“You have a good eye,” she pointed out with a knowing smile as she walked over to the entryway to greet him. “It’s not much, really, but I did try to add a few personal touches to make the quarters seem a bit more comfortable while I’m on board the Zealous.”

Blake nodded in response and said "well lets hope my sight doesn't fail in age" he said with a small laugh "shall we?" he asked offering her his arm while nodding to the table that she had been setting

“Of course,” she Zania said with a smile, walking over to the table. The candles on it were lit and presented a very soft glow, while a decorative water fountain, on a nearby coffee table, gently bathed the rocks that were part of it within the clear liquid. It added for a very nice, relaxing, and romantic atmosphere.

“So, any preference for a meal choice for tonight? It may not be home made . . . but it’ll be as good as we can get it from the replicator,” she giggled.

"oh nothing so extravegant" he said " i'll have what you're having" he said "after all you made...err replicated the food " he said with a laugh

She grinned when she heard his laugh, and then walked over to the replicator. For a moment, she thought about it, hoping to select a dish that they could share together. When she couldn’t think of one offhand, she decided on one that stood out as a favorite of many cadets at the academy . . . even if it wasn’t very romantic.

“Computer, one large pizza with cheese, sausage, and pepperoni.”

She watched as the light within the open area of the replicator shimmered, and the food appeared on a plate. The smells that started to waft from it practically made her stomach growl. Grabbing the pan, she walked over to the table and set it down in front of the two of them.

“Not very romantic, but at least it’s something we can both share,” she grinned.

Blake gave out a chortle and said "actually its very romantic" he said "why I've haven't had pizza since I attended McGregor Middle School for Medical Advancement" he said "that was...almost 18 years ago" he added letting out a small laugh

Blake’s laughter brought a huge smile to her face as she took a seat across the table from him. She grabbed one of the slices of pizza, which was steaming hot, and quickly put it down on her plate, licking her fingers to try and cool them off.

“I guess I didn’t realize how hot that was,” she laughed slightly.

Blake looked at her and said "let me have a look see" he said after grabbing himself a slice ignoring his own slightly burnt fingers

She reached her hand out to where Blake could take a look at it, smiling at his thoughtfulness and how gentle he was. Her eyes practically sparkled, and a warmth seemed to radiate through her as she watched him.

Blake grabbed hold of her hand inspected it looking at it he declared it a minor burn, then notcing that she had missed some of the sauce from the pizza he placed his mouth on the finger and licked it clean "there?" he said withdrawing from the lick and looking at her, a sudden peace covering him

She watched as he sucked the pizza sauce off of one of her fingers. That was an extremely romantic gesture, and showed just how far their relationship had been proceeding. “Hmmm . . . maybe I should do that more often,” she giggled a bit. “Or, we could always do something else too.”

She wondered if he was picking up what she meant by that, which would involve both of their lips and mouths.

"I think I'd like that" he said chuckling right along with her and smiling even more. "Zania" he said looking at her... "who ever is out there, I thank the heavens they've brought you to me" he said "I feel as if we're the two main characters from the holonovel Helen of Troy" he said

“I feel the same way, almost as if those that I’ve been with before have helped me to grow and love even more, leading me to eventually be with you. I do believe that it was fate, destiny, or some other power that guided us together, and I’m glad that it did,” Azanialix smiled at him.

Blake smiled "well...that something else you mentioned" he said smiling still "what did you have planned?" he asked

She couldn’t help but to smile a bit as she got up from her seat, and walked around the table to where he was sitting. She leaned in and gave him a deep, passionate kiss upon the lips.

Blake looked stunned at first but then quickly gave in to the kiss and returned the passion "I think... thats a wonderful plan" he said smiling

The Betazoid smiled as she felt Blake return the kiss with passion after his initial stun from it. “Why don’t we eat first, and then we can go back to desert,” she suggested after the kiss had broken.

"ermm...sure" he said woundering what desert would be like

She gave him another kiss upon the lips, and then moved back to her seat so they could eat a bit before they’d get into their desert. She really loved being with Blake like this, and every moment she spent with him, she was falling more and more in love with him.

Blake smiled at the kiss and started in on the pizza "interesting" he said savoring the flavors "it tastes different after many years without eating it" he said

She took a slice off her plate and lifted it to her mouth, taking a bite. She closed her eyes as the flavors danced upon her tongue as she began to chew it. “This is actually the first time I’m having this, and it actually tastes wonderful,” she mentioned.

Blake laughed and said "the first time?" "guess each starfleet program is different" he said "of course, there was that one time in starfleet medical when one of the cadets swelled up after eating the pizza...apparently he was allergic to it" he said

The Captain nodded. “Yes, this is the first time,” she grinned, and then listened to what he said about an instance at Starfleet medical with a guy that turned out to be allergic to the pizza. “Well, in case if I swell up, I’m glad there’s a doctor in the house . . . or rather, my quarters,” she smiled gently at him.

Blake grinned glad he hadn't finished the story... "it was a shame too" he said instead and finishing a slice added "who would've though a single slice can fill a man up" he added "guess as we get older, our stomach cannot take out the foods from our youth" he said

Zania finished eating the slice that was on her plate and smiled, “For some, maybe, but I think if we’re conscious of any food allergies or ailments, I think we can enjoy a vast variety of foods for as long as we live . . . even ones from our youth, or remind us of it.”

"mmmm, so true" he said "so...what is for desert" he said "I know of two things that can go well after dinner" he said "and one of them is food" he added

“Why don’t we find out . . . together?” Azanialix suggested as she got up from her seat and walked over to where Blake was sitting.

"I think I might enjoy that" he said looking at her, reaching his arm out to

PostPosted: Fri Jun 13, 2008 2:10 pm
by josh
Joshua walked into the turbolift and leaned up against the wall, it had been a long night. "I see ya slept in again." He said to Sirus as the doors closed,"Deck 5." The turbolift hummed down ward, he stepped off into the hall and toward his modest quarters. He entered his quarters and threw of his unifrom jacket. "Computer, open a secure channel to Star Fleet Academy San Francisco." He order, "O ya and Computer how about some Mac and Cheese and a Dr. Pepper." He turned his console screen to face him as he grabed his meal. His console beeped confirming the secure link to the Academy. He tapped in a few commands to his console, "Computer, direct transmission to Cadet Jack Valentine, please." he said.

A few momments later his younger brothers face appeard. "Cadet, how are you?" he said. "I'm fine sir......" His brother said, with a confused look on his face. "Is there somthing i can do for you sir?" Joshua launghed at that question. "How long has it been sence you've seen your borther?" He asked. "Its been about 4 years, sir." Jack said. "Whoa, so you cant even reconnize your own brother." He laughed. "Josh, for real is that really you?" Jack almosted yelled in pure excitement. "Yes, it is bra, how goes the academy, how is life?" He asked his brother. "Its all good, Josh, speaking of the academy i gota run i have to get to class!" Jack said as he picked up PADDS and other materals. "Okay, get to class, call me back when ya can im on the USS Zealous, and could you do me a favor, please, say hi to mom and dad for me when ya get the chance." He requested sadly. "Okay, will do sir, Jack out." Jack said as he killed the link.

That went well, he taught to him self as he ate, "That went real well, 4 years, better than I expected." He said out loud. "Computer play music from 21st century band Foo Fighters." He requested as he dozed of in to a peacefull sleep for once.

Ensign Joshua David Valentine
USS Zealous

PostPosted: Thu Jul 10, 2008 5:52 pm
by josh
Joshua heard the order to launch the fighters. He engaged his fighters impulse engines and flew out of the shuttle bay at full impulse. He was the first of 6 fighters out of Zealous. He rolled and spun his fighter 180 degrees and headed towards Commander Murdock's positions. He began to hear reports of all hands lost on the Aira. He pushed his fighter as fast as possible and came in to visual range of Commander Murdock's position. He signaled the other fighters to take up defensive positions around the other runabouts as they headed for Zealous. =/\= Zealous this is Valentine, requesting targets?=/\= He said as he covered Commander Murdock.

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Joshua David Valentine
USS Zealous NCC-59653

PostPosted: Sat Sep 06, 2008 10:10 pm
by Bjorn Dragoon
Drass had been monitoring the ongoing battle from the engineering station in Murdock’s runabout. It was obvious that the True Federation ships had the Zealous’ shield frequencies, but that wasn’t a big surprise, since all Federation ships carried that information in their databanks. It would be a simple matter for the assistant security officer to look up the Encaria’s shield frequencies, but he suspected that it wouldn’t do any good. No doubt the TF ships had already altered their shield harmonic modulation frequencies. There was, however, a good chance that they hadn’t changed their sensor window, since they then would have had to realign and recalibrate their entire sensor grid, a process that would have taken days to complete.

Drass quickly looked up the information on the sensor windows for the three TF ships, then opened a channel to the three sections of the Zealous. “Ensign Kebron to the Zealous’, you’ll need to manually reset the shield harmonic modulation algorithms to prevent the TF ships from calculating your shield frequencies. You also might be able to penetrate their shields if you remodulate your weapons to match their sensor windows. I’m transmitting the information on all three ships now…Kebron out.

TAG Zealous

He cut the channel, then typed in some commands and brought a map of the planet’s northern continent up on Murdock’s secondary display. He then highlighted a mountain range and zoomed in on it. “This mountain range appears to be laced with large deposits of Selenium isotopes, which will mask us from the TF sensors. The area also appears to be covered with dense forest that will make it very difficult to locate the runabout visually. If we enter at the mouth of the canyon here,” he highlighted a spot at the bottom of the map, “We should be able to slip in under the tree canopy and follow the river to a safe landing site undetected by the TF’s sensors.

TAG Murdock, anyone else on the runabout

Ensign Drass Kebron
Assistant Security Officer
USS Zealous

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Give them hell

PostPosted: Fri Oct 10, 2008 5:25 am
by Ebak Sison
Ebak was starting to sweat...badly.
"I'm trying captain! But it's 3 fully sized ships between 1 ship split into 3 pieces....shields down to 20%" a loud explosion sounds just below the bridge, abit of deckplating dents. "That had to have been the second warp nacelle...this isn't good..." he contined to fire, concentrating on one of the 3 ships, if they stood any chance at all...he'd have to divert all weapons on one ship at a time to do maximum damage. Another explosion.
"There go the port inpulse engine and the dampeners! We have to get out of the planets gravity well! If they hit the starboard impulse engine and we're still in the planets gravity field..chances are we're going to have to crash land." he continued to fire on the ships. "Science, can you get me information on the other 3 ships, class, varient, anything you can." he orded, he needed to find that softspot that every ship had.
"Permission to give them hell captain?..."

Ebak Sison
Acting Head of Tactical/Security
USS Zealous.

PostPosted: Fri Oct 10, 2008 3:16 pm
by josh
The ship rocked and bucked under Joshua. Joshua groaned as his head slammed into the edge of the biobed. "Screw this all to hell..." He rolled off the biobed and fell to the floor. His head contacted the deck first some how and just added to his already blazing headache and other wounds from his exploding fighter. He pulled himself up off the deck and stumbled for the door. A nurse walked out of the back room of the secondary sickbay. "Ensign get back here you can't..." Another explosion rocked the ship.

Joshua ran to the turbolift, "BRIDGE, NOW!" The turbolift seemed to take its sweet time getting to the bridge. The ship rocked a third time as he stumbled onto the bridge the OPS station was open, Joshua mad a beeline for it and slide into the seat bring the console on line. He was already scanning the three ships for the class and varient. His console brought up three ship classes one Excelsesior, a Miranda, and what looked to be a kitbash of multipal ships. Joshua keyed his console to send an incripted data burst to the other two sections. "Tactical were up against extremly modified ships one Excelsesior, one Miranda and a kitbash ship of some type."

Ensign Joshua Valentine
Ast. Chief of Operations
USS Zealous

PostPosted: Fri Oct 10, 2008 5:17 pm
by Ebak Sison
"Captain! The other sections of the Zealous have called for an abandon ship..they are wrecked pretty bad..." he started to think, he eventually turned to her. "Captain, I recomend a tactical retreat, get help from the nearest starbase to save the rest of the crew. IF we stay here..well..three shipts against one third of a ship does not look good in the odds." He hated himself for saying this...but it was true...he noticed all the crew looking at him and he turned away, ashamed of himself....coward...that's probably what they were thinking, he went back to at least attempting to soften up the other ships.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Ebak Sison

Acting Head of Tactical and Secuirty

USS Zealous