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A PBEM sim taking place on a Prometheus Class vessel. The cutting edge in Federation technology with a good sized crew and a great deal of excitement.

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Postby Ti'ana » Thu Oct 16, 2008 9:32 am

Ti'ana got nothing but static from the captain's section. She uttered a curse that made the ops officer, Lt. Geller, raise his eyebrow in surprise. Another hit rocked the ship and she felt herself slam into the floor and skid, scraping the side of her face. The power went out. It flickered back to life.
"That's it." she said. Another hit would breach the hull.
She opened shipwide. =/\=This is Cmdr. Sullivan to all hands. Proceed to escape pods and abandon ship. Repeat: Abandon ship.=/\=

"You heard me! Out, all of you!" she barked, and they all began to run to the escape pods.
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Re: Current Log Thread

Postby Ebak Sison » Sat Nov 01, 2008 6:00 pm

Ebak pressed a button opening the channel to all the ship and listened with dred as she gave the command. He knew this would come...didn't know how or why...but...he had a gut was probably why he left his family belongings with his sister on the station they had been at only awhile back.

He was about to move to the escape pods when the captain addressed him and Sirus.
“Stay with me for a moment. The rest of you, get to your escape pods,” once the others had left she continued “We need to set the self-destruct sequence. The ship is damaged, but still salvageable. We don’t want to leave anything that the True Federation can get their hands on, repair, and salvage to aide their efforts.”

She walked up to a console and pressed a button on it, announcing, “Computer, set auto destruct sequence . . .” She verbally gave her command code, followed by confirmation from Sirus. Ebak spoke loud, proud and clearly.
"Computer, this is Lieutenant Junior Grade Ebak Sison, acting head of tactical and security, destruct authorise Ebak, epsilon-theta-32-omega."

After a few seconds of contemplating that which he had doomed this ship to, he heard the captains voice.
“Okay, let’s go. We’re going to head for the yacht.”

The captain, Sirus and Ebak stepped onto the yaght and immediately prepped for launch, the captain beamed some personal belongings over and he approched her.
"Captain..may I?" he asked motioning to the controls. With her approval he proceeded to beam a few things of his over, again, personal stuff, a picture of his...aquintance...Rin, his ancestors rapier and a crate that was old and wooden..and heavy.

He took a seat at the helm controls as the yacht detached just in time, the exposion of the Zealous rocked the yacht gently...but nothing too vigorous. "Set course for Commander Murdock’s position. That’s likely where we’re going to stay camped out until rescue teams arise,” The captain ordered. Ebak gave a weak smile and a hopefully not so weak attempt at humor.
"Aye aye captain...but I warn you...I'm a tactical flying is not won't be the last you know?..."

He watched as she looked at him. "I won't be the last ship to be called Zealous...we all need time to ajust to this the end of the day...we could have lost our own done the right thing." with that, a little embarrassed and prideful at the same time. He turned around and contunued on course to Murdocks position.

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