The newbie

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The newbie

Postby Ruben Santos » Thu Mar 09, 2006 8:36 pm

While the USS Zaelous was busy with repairs a shuttle craft approched bringing
abord a new crew member. Inside the pilot opened hailing frequences with the
Zaelous and introduced himself
"USS Zaelous, this is transporter shuttle 5 requesting permission to initiate
docking sequence"
From the other side a woman's voice replied " Affirmative transporter 5. You may
dock on shuttle bay 2. We have been waiting for you. Welcome abord".
The comm whent off and the shuttle turned torwards the direction shuttle bay.
"Initiating docking procedures." the soft femeal computer voice said.
"anh anh. No way. Computer, begin manual landing procedures. I'm landing this
bird all by my self. "Manual procedures not advisable. The odds of a
succesfully manual landing procedures are..." the computer replied back but was
cut by the pilot. "Computer, I'm not going to discuss odds right now. Just want
to land this flying bathtub ok?"
He let a little smille escape from the cornes of his mouth when he saw a few
extra lights blinking in his console. Then he set course to the docking bay and
increased impulse speed. "transporter 5, this is shuttle bay 2, you are
approaching too fast. Please reduce your speed" the officer's voice made it
self be heard through the comm. But the answer never made feedback. In fact the
only thing someone could hear was the computer voice "2 miles to touchdown."
From the Zaelous the officer on control room contacted the shuttle once again
"-transporter 5 is eveything alright? Please reduce your speed.
-I hear you control. Don't worry, I'm not going to crash on my first day.
-Well, if you keep that speed you will... reduce the speed immediately pilot."
the officer behind the control room abord the Zealous was starting to get a
little edgy about the stunt.
"1 mile to final touchdown. Reduce speed." the replicated soft femeale from the
computer warn the pilot. "ok, Control room, get ready. Here I come!" From the
other side of the comm the officer swearing was almost difficult to understand.
When the shuttle entered the docking bay everyone inside thought it was going to
destroy and with it half the Federation ship but that was not the case. The
shuttle made a sudden stop, the nose raised almost a 60 degrees fllowed by a smooth landing.
When the shuttle door opened, a young pilot of about 5'7 feet, dark brown hair, dark eyes and light tan skin pilot behind the shuttle helm, obviously an ensign due to the light grey uniforme he was wearing, steped out side and see the control officer furiously walking torwards him. "-What the hell do you think you're doing newbie?
-Newbie?" the ensign lifted his left eyebrow while thinking to himself
"-I don't know what kind of circus you have been living but in this ship, you leave the stunts for the pro's. You got that newbie?
-Yes Lieutent." the pilot stud up straight before the lieutenent and prepared himself for the worse to come but something strange happend... The Lieutenent put his arm over the ensign and whispered "just between the towo of us... how did you do that?" the ensign sigh in releave and with a smile on his face he said "we all must have our secrets, sir.
"-Alright, now get out of here. There is still many things for me to repair." the Lieutenent said looking at the surroudings.
"- She really took quite a hit. Uh...Sir... I was ordered to report directly to Lieutenent Vaskel as soon as I arrive. Do you know where I can find him?
-Well, try to ask the computer."
The turned around facing the control room after hearing is assistant screaming. Somehow a small fire had ignited in the room. Nothing the tow could not handle. "What have you done now? " he shouted to the man above on the cont. room. "I see you aorund newbie." and walked away leaving the ensign all by himself.
"I hope that newbie thing is not contagious or I will have the intire crew calling me that." he thought while going through the docking bay.
On the other side ot the door people seemed to be so in a hurry that they even seamed not to see the ensign trying to ask for help. So, and with a touch at the board on the wall the young man asked the computer for the location of Lt. Vaskel "computer locate Lt. Vakel. - Lt. Vaskel is currently in Engineering Room" the voice replied. He took a deep breath and started following the directions given from the computer towards the Engineereing Room.
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