My characters - for public comment

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My characters - for public comment

Postby cdx » Sat Jan 22, 2011 6:34 pm

OK. So why post this here? In the general fleet forum?

Two reasons:
1. I want ANYONE to be able to comment on my characters and help me make them better.
2. I plan to use these people on more than just one sim, when I have time.

This thread contains the biographies of my four main characters on Star Trek: Into the Darkening Tide. I no longer keep forum versions but instead use the IDT wiki because it offers a more complete picture. I welcome input, criticism, and suggestions from anyone - no matter if it's positive, negative, or other. I've created this thread, and linked it to my signature, to facilitate precisely that.

Tyr, Zisa, Coeus, Boudica

At the moment, you will find some glaring inconsistencies in those pages, because they are work in progress. The info in the sidebar on each wikipage is correct.

Welcome to the world of my characters!
Ensign Tyr, First Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
Senior Chief Petty Officer Zisa, Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade Coeus, Assistant Chief Science Officer
Cadet Boudica, First Assistant Chief Helm Officer

Starship Nightingale - Star Trek: Into the Darkening Tide
I always welcome public comment on my biographies.

I am on hiatus from April 2011.
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